How To Get Back At A Cheater Effectively Without Any Bloodshed? Effective Ways Of Getting Even!!

how to get back at a cheater

Look me in the eyes, tell me what you see, do you realize that you have broken me? But I’m not hopeless. I’ll layer your deceit and come back stronger! Stronger to tear you and that other person APART!

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The screams of a broken heart can not be heard by a person who hasn’t been shattered before. People often say, “Forgive, Forget and Move on”. Ideally, that’s what you should do, but do you? Would you let go that easily? Don’t you want to leave your claw marks on that cheater’s heart? Don’t you want to make your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend realize that he has left camellias for artificial flowers? I know you do! So walk on this journey to unravel the case of infidelity and know how to become whole again. A walk to unravel the ways on how to get back at a cheater! 

The cheater that hides from our eyes tends to think that the world has been outsmarted by its ugly mask. How smart did they think they were or maybe, they were taking you like a fool! Yet you knew, damn these instincts! But don’t act on instincts alone! Get evidence and shove it down their throat to make them realize, “Cheating on me, think again who you’re dealing with!” Now if you don’t want to make it ugly? Keep reading!

Ways on how to get back at a cheater don’t always have to be bloody! You can handle the job amicably and let me tell you! It ticks them more than you lashing out in public! Screaming and shouting will make you feel hopeless and it will only embarrass you. So walk with class and tear them with sass! Seeing you so calm will definitely get on their nerves making them second think about their cheating selves. So deal with these cheating bastards with a smile and don’t let them see the creases on your heart and head! Don’t let them see the weak you!

Cheaters hide under thin layers of deceit and lies and our instincts make us realize those hidden layers before we even get to the bottom of things! So once you get a hint of something fishy, get to the bottom of it! And just like Steve said, “Don’t get in the habit of collecting red flags!” You wouldn’t want to layer yourself in the layers of heartbreak, lies, and hopelessness!

Ways To Get Even With A Cheating Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Or Wife!

Tips on How To Get Back At A Cheater Effectively Without Any Bloodshed
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Life is unpredictable and the love you put your hopes in can be shattered in a matter of seconds! Cheating, these seven alphabets pronounced together, have broken so many happy homes and cheerful smiles that I can’t even count. As I write, I don’t know how many people are going through the aftermath of infidelity. More power to you! 

Cheaters are easy to identify, especially if you’re living with them. Your cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, or husband might think they have fooled you but I know, they haven’t! I mean that’s why you’re here, right?  Now, foremost, it’s great to see you here! It’s really smart of you to think before doing anything irrational. Especially if you have built a family together with this cheater.

To make sure that the debris of the hope and home you built doesn’t weigh you down, it’s better to act carefully and think rationally! 

The most basic thing that you need to do if you find yourself in a relationship with a cheater is to question yourself! What is it that you want? Do you want revenge? Do you want to get even? Or do you just want to make them feel bad as you did?

Now, if it’s the former, forget it! In the fit of anger, revenge and getting even will be the only options revolving around in your head. But remember the advice of Confucius here-

“ Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Don’t get blinded by your anger. Don’t let anything get into your head and make you do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do! Don’t make these cheaters make you a criminal in this life! Don’t do anything that will hurt you in the process. That’s not what our purpose is! Let’s heal you while making your cheating boyfriend or girlfriend realize that they’ve chosen the wrong person to cheat on! Make them realize that YOU ARE A DIAMOND! And what do we say about diamonds? “They cut, not break!”

One more important thing, don’t second guess the decisions of your heart! If your husband is a cheater and you can’t stand the sight of him, LEAVE HIM! Don’t think about societal pressures and values! They’ll do you no good!

To give you the strength of moving on and leaving the cheater behind, here’s a piece of news. Back in 2011, a 99-year-old man divorced his 96-year-old wife when he discovered her affair some 60 years ago! For people, it was something like, “oh, you should forgive this, it happened a long time ago!” But NO, infidelity is infidelity! He was living in lies and hence he broke away from it! 

Years don’t matter, truth does! So if you’re in a relationship and think “Oh! I have lived 20 years with them, I should forgive them” Don’t be fooled by numbers! If they can cheat once, it’s enough a reason for you to bid adieu and find someone else for who, “YOU MEAN THE WORLD!”

Now that you’ve gotten yourself comfortable, let’s learn more about how to deal with such cases of infidelity and what’s the best thing that you should do!

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Effective Ways On How To Get Back At A Cheater!!

Do you want to heal your broken heart while making your cheating partner realize the grave sin they have committed? Keep reading to find all the answers! Juvenile tendencies like getting even or revenge cheating will do you no good! 

Here’s a step-by-step process that will guide you in dealing with cases of cheating partners and how to make them feel as bad as you did!

1. Acceptance

how to get back at a cheater
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The first and foremost thing that you need to do if you’re caught up in a relationship with a cheating partner, is to accept that they are a CHEATER! However, don’t be reckless enough to believe anything! Get yourself the evidence of infidelity and then act! 

Now, do not count your jealous tendencies and insecurities as a part of infidelity. However, if these are driven by your partner’s lies and unfaithfulness, then go ahead and discover proper evidence that will bring out the truth! But do not count cheerful conversations of your partner with the opposite sex as “Cheating”. If it’s inappropriate in any way, then go ahead and confront but be smart and think carefully!

  • Don’t Be In Denial: After you have collected all the red flags in your relationship and have definite evidence that your girl or guy is a “Cheater”, don’t be in denial! Accept that this shit has transpired behind your back and now, you have to deal with it! It will take time but accept the truth as it is!
  • Confront: Now is the moment of truth! I know that some people will tell you to wait till you confront your cheating partner but I won’t do that! This guy or girl has already had his dinner outside and is getting ready to get into your bed and heart AGAIN! Please! Don’t give them more time to cheat while you’re still waiting for them to come around! 

Go ahead and confront your cheating partner and ask every little detail that you want to know! Why she cheated on you? What was the reason? The answers will definitely tear you apart but let it bleed today. Let it bleed so that you can heal better!

Also, don’t forget to call the person with whom your partner cheated! There may be a case that they are as clueless as you were about everything and might be a victim of your cheating partner’s lies!

  • Let Go: Letting go or sticking around, it all depends on our personal choices! If you have it in you to forgive and forget the infidelity of your partner and still stick around with them, then go ahead. But what would that make you? Does that make you strong, or foolish? A writer’s bias prompts me towards the latter but I’ll let you decide for yourself! But I would suggest, TAKE A BREAK! 

Rethink your relationship and see how events unfold afterward! Don’t forgive just yet, even if you verbally pronounce the word “forgive”, I know it’s not that easy and fast! It’s a slow process so take your time!

2. Self Reflection

Tips on How To Get Back At A Cheater Effectively Without Any Bloodshed
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Once you have taken a break from your relationship, think about what it is that you want? It’s the time of self-reflection and many things will pop into your head. There will be innumerable questions left unanswered, many red flags unnoticed, and so on! Take your sweet time and come to a definite conclusion on what you want to do with this cheating partner!

  • What Do You Want? So? What was the conclusion that you arrived at? Was it revenge? Forgiveness? Moving on? Divorce? Getting even? What is it? Now if it is revenge and getting even, please reconsider as these juvenile tendencies of getting back at someone has never helped anyone! Choose a path to heal your broken heart! Don’t carry the wounds from your previous relationship to affect your life ahead. Never destroy your peace just because you encountered a cheating bastard on your way. However, a little torture is good! We want to make them feel bad about what they did, right? So let’s plan!
  • Plan: Once you have identified that you want to make the cheater realize the grave sin they have committed by cheating on you, the next step is to plan it out! Now again, do not commit the foolish activities of “revenge cheating”. That would be like eating the poison and aiming to kill the killer! You’d only destroy your dignity by doing something so petty! 

Make a full-blown plan for your next steps! It can be legal actions if you’re under the contract of marriage or emotional torture, or making them an outcast by ratting their shit out! Do anything that will help you in the journey to move on.

  • Take Action: So you decided what you’re going to do? Let’s take action then! But first, don’t forget to tell your story! Don’t forget that you are never alone. One cheater must never destroy the trust that you put in others like your friends and family! Seek the company of your family to find comfort while planning your next move!

3. Tell Your Story

how to get back at a cheater
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Why suffer alone? Why would you want to drown in nothingness if you can row the boat to peace! The question is, why alone? Tell your story to your friends, family, and whoever to share the pain with and make that cheater lose face! It will be killing two birds with one stone! 

You will have your gang of friends backing you up in any decision you take while making the cheater lose his dignity and respect in the masses! And that’s the best thing! A person can live without food for a second, but they can’t live without dignity!

  • Let Your Emotions Flow: One thing people often tend to do is run! Run from their cheating partners, their own hidden feelings, and their own wounds! But if you want to live a peaceful life ahead, I would suggest that you call that cheater again after your first confrontation! The only change now would be – you’ll be less angry and more disappointed! This time, it would be your heart that will do the talking and not your angry mind!

Let them know that you tried your best to stick around but it was them who destroyed it all! Play your favorite song and make them listen to it over and over again! Make them feel guilty when you speak with your broken heart! Cry if you must, it is acceptable as you just realized something so major! Mourn the death of your relationship and vow to never meet them again! Let them drown in their own guilt!

  • Rat Them Out: One thing about sneaky cheating partner is that they think they are very smart! And that’s what we are going to attack! Destroy their narcissism and egoistic tendencies by ratting them out to the public! If they think your emotional encounter was it all, well, BOY! It was just the beginning! 

Broadcast their infidelity in the public and let me tell you, it will only make you stronger! Hiding the hurt that you have felt will only eat you from inside. So do your heart a favor and let your story be known! Having affairs is a sin and there’s no denying that! Take Karma in your own hands and do what you can!

  • Make Them A Laughing Stock: Don’t stop at just telling your story to people verbally! Tell the whole world about the cheater’s infidelity by posting the evidence of their conversations and pictures online! Social media is a heaven for people who want to get back at their cheating boyfriends or girlfriends so you may as well take advantage of technology!

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4. Getting Revenge On A Cheater

revenge on a cheating partner
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Once you’ve done the bare minimum of emotionally putting your cheating partner on a guilt trip and have let the world know about who they really are, now comes the real deal! Don’t let them be happy at the expense of your happiness! 

  • Revenge Cheating Psychology: Revenge is sweet but only initially. It is a poison that you need to stay away from! A little ratting out and getting even is good but don’t destroy yourself on the way! People think that “revenge cheating” will help them deal with the infidelity of their partners and help them to ease the pain of heartbreak, but do you know what? It will only increase your worries!

Revenge cheating psychology has never really helped people and our psychiatrists have evidence showing that these tendencies of “getting even by cheating” will only further the destruction of your already destroyed relation and your own dignity!

  • Getting Back At A Cheater Legally: If you are in a marital relationship and your husband or wife cheats, then you can definitely file a lawsuit asking for compensation for damages! The world knows that people who have suffered from the aftermath of infidelity usually carry the burden of “low mental” and “physical” health. People who have suffered by way of their cheating partners have high cases of PTSD and hence, filing a lawsuit becomes easier if you have all the evidence! 
  • Taking Action Against Cheater’s Partner: Don’t even leave the person who your partner cheated with! Make them suffer as you did! Let them know what is the cost of destroying the love and hopes of other people!

In states like Hawaii, Illinois, South Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, Mississippi, and North Carolina, a married person can sue the person with whom their partner cheated and ask for damages!

5. Keep Marching

How To Get Back At A Cheater Effectively Without Any Bloodshed?
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It was a bad experience for you and you might never be able to forget what happened for the rest of your life! But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy! Be happy as this was a lesson learned! 

There are chances that you might never be able to trust and love freely as you did before. But let me tell you, it will take time! It can be months or years, but don’t lose hope! You will definitely find love again but this time around, let that love find you first till you heal completely! 

Here are a few steps that you should follow on your healing journey from this broken relationship. Be happy as we are never too late to move on!

  • Take Your Time
  • Move On
  • Do What You Love
  • Never Let A Person Destroy Your Peace Again

Once you find happiness again, this will ultimately tick your cheating partner! Seeing you happy will make them regret their decisions to the world’s end and that’s what the best thing is! Regret is the best revenge that you can take on your cheating partner!

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Summing Up:

Humans are fickle and we never know what will lead them into the path of infidelity! We can’t control a person’s actions but what we can do is administer our own! If you have been cheated on, don’t let things slide! 

Don’t let those red flags pile up! Take action and move on to a new happy journey without petty acts of revenge like “revenge cheating” as that will only destroy you on the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to deal with a cheating boyfriend that you still love?

We get hurt by people we love and if you have been cheated on by your boyfriend, the first thing you need to do is get evidence! Once you have the piece of information that will decide your partner’s infidelity, TAKE ACTION! Take action by confronting him first and then get to know the reasons he did the same! Once you know what his reason was, then decide what you want to do next!

Q. How to get back at a cheating girlfriend?

If you have encountered that your girlfriend has been cheating behind your back, confront her and catch her red-handed! Make her feel sorry for her actions and then move on in your own life!

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