How to Handle When Someone Ignores you

how to handle when someone ignores you

I know and can understand very well that it feels terrible to be ignored. It is even more difficult to not get consumed by it. However, it is just a matter of your time and how gracefully you accept the situation as it unfolds. While, it may seem like the world is crashing in front of you, but the sooner you learn to live with it, the easier it gets and you’ll know how to handle it when someone ignores you. You hold the power to direct your emotions and reactions, do not let anyone control you with a teeny-tiny control button.

The silent treatment is the worst thing that one can do to you. While you might refrain from the act while there is no possible way for you to dictate how someone else behaves. This surely can drain you emotionally when a person is not aware of the fact of what’s going on around them. No matter what kind of relationship you share with someone, be it romantic, friendship, coworker relationship, familial or even a normal interaction with a stranger, the spectrum of emotions rarely varies.

This kind of treatment gives insecurity, confusion, and also uncertainty. Maybe you continue to contact those who are not replying to your text. And if they block you on WhatsApp, you try to reach them on instagram, and if they block you on insta, then you drop a mail, and if it continues then you try to find the other way to contact them. It feels disgusting and frustrating and you feel so low that you think you are just living a useful life and should end this cycle. 

I know it gives us intense anger when we feel ignored by someone and it’s totally okay to get angry in this kind of situation as it is a natural process. While most of us are being ignored at that point of our lives when we can’t handle silent treatment and it’s extremely painful to handle that. I guess it is considered a form of psychological and emotional abuse. 

What to do and how to handle when someone ignores you?

I can understand you don’t always get the reason why someone is ignoring you and you can’t even get the full picture of what has happened. Well, here I want to mention that you are strong enough to tackle any kind of situation in your life and you can very well handle this kind of situation or anything serious that happens around you. Self Reflection is important throughout the process and it will create an impact on the other person too. So you can follow these steps when someone ignores you

Ask Questions

how to handle when someone ignores you: Ask questions
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Before you start to punish yourself or create scenarios in your mind you should ask the person and understand their perspective about the situation. Like you can ask them haven’t you noticed the message i dropped on your WhatsApp and could you explain the reason behind that? What you will hear after that may calm you or astonish you. 

Don’t Judge

Don’t Judge; how to handle when someone ignores you
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Like you can feel whatever you want but you have no right to judge anyone and especially when you don’t know about the full scenario. Don’t make up your own situations. You need to start to validate your emotions as denying them will keep you away from real situations and will land you in inappropriate situations. 

Validate your feelings

Validate your feelings; how to handle when someone ignores you
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Like before you jump to any conclusion just try to figure out what’s going on inside your own mind. What you actually want and need. People have a different way to handle their emotions and it’s totally acceptable. You can reach an advisor for this situation and if you don’t want to do this then you can write that stuff on paper and figure out what’s happening.

Work on a solution

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you
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You can focus on solving a problem instead of focusing on the problem. It will benefit both sides and you can finally jump to a conclusion. Because talking about the person may not get the cause of the problem or it’s kinda difficult for him/her to figure out the problem. The right way to this is to figure out the problem and it may work well for one person and may not work well for the other person. 

Give space to a person

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you
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If you’re done with the questions and answers then you should give time to that person. If you continue to send messages, keep calling them, and try to meet them without their consent it will make them more annoyed and without helping this will make the situation worse. Here you can take a deep breath like inhale for 6 sec and exhale for 6 sec and continue to do till the person cool off. 

Plan a Meetup

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you

If you think that someone is not talking to you over a phone call, via text or online you can plan a meetup with that person as over texting more misunderstandings will create and will make you realize that they are angrier than you think. However in this case you can plan a face to face conversation and it will clear out everything. 

Assure that the person is really ignoring you

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you

It is quite surprising how many times people just assume that someone is ignoring them and create many pictures in their head. But the fact is they are not! So this can be true for you too. The main reason that you think that someone is ignoring you is that you’ve been in the past and every time you think it that way. 

Think about the reason why someone could be mad at you

Think about the reason why someone could be mad at you; how to handle when someone ignores you
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So that you have concluded that someone is ignoring you figure the reason behind that and think about what can really cause anger or why they are angry at you? In that case, the answer may come to your mind immediately. Like you can guess from the recent conversation or you can also guess if you gossiped about them behind their back. 

Don’t overthink and overreact

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you
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When you know that someone is ignoring you for some reasons it’s very natural to shift to all dramatic conclusions. For example, you will think that your partner will replace you with someone else, you will never speak to your friend in the future, your boss is going the transfer you out of your department or going to replace your position. You have to stop thinking this way.

Apologize if necessary

How to Handle When Someone Ignores you
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If you think that someone is ignoring you and you’ve hurt them in any way or done something that they are angry about it then you should apologize for it. It is the easiest thing you can do. You can offer them a sincere and explicit apology. This will make them realize that you are not taking this casually and taking this as a serious matter. 


It was everything you can do when someone ignores you. It’s natural to feel hurt and disappointed by the way people treat you but it’s not always your fault and not always you have to waste your energy trying to figure it out. You can also read books by Franz Kafka it will make you feel a little better. So if you think the other person is not gonna listen to whatever you do avoid that person and live your life. There are many things you can do and make yourself happy.

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