Get Crazy! Know How To Host A Masquerade Party

how to throw a masquerade party

We all enjoy partying, don’t we? But the fun is doubled when it’s a masquerade PARTY! You don’t know who’s hiding behind that mask and thus it only adds to the thrill. But the thrill is on a whole another level when you are the one hosting it! It’s a roller coaster of emotions. The excitement coupled with anxiety just makes one’s nerves go whoo whoo! We spend hours planning and analyzing stuff but just at the last moment, always forget something important! So as to help your sorry self to organize a blast of a masquerade party, I’m writing this one for YOU! Read more to find out “how to host a masquerade party!”

People dress in lavish and sometimes funny costumes in a masquerade party and leave their worries out of the door. Once you enter, it’s only the night of endless dancing and obviously for some of you, FLIRTING! Everyone enjoys a party but the host is always on alert so nothing gets out of hand. Thus, to make sure our host enjoys himself at his masquerade party, keep reading!

Thus, to make sure you don’t forget anything while throwing a masquerade party and obviously enjoy yourself; I’ll be listing the most important dos and don’ts. Make sure you keep reading to find more. Otherwise, it’ll be one like that of my friend Tina! What a flop.

From wonderful costumes to some funny masks, we enjoy every second of a Masquerade party. From handling your drunk friend’s sorry ass to avoiding some cheesy clowns, we have to make sure everything turns out well. To make sure that your hosted Masquerade is the talk of the town, know certain things. Scroll to find out!

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How To Throw A Masquerade Party:

how to host a masquerade party?
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Throwing a masquerade party is pretty easy than it may actually seem. You just have to have a clear mindset on what you want. There are many ways to make your masquerade party seem interesting as well as funny at the same time. However, a person must know how to begin. Let’s see if you know the process!

  1. Have a Clear Mindset:

Before jumping to any conclusions, the first and foremost thing a person should do is clear his/her mind. Having clarity of what you want is a blessing while planning to hold any event. It provides you a clear understanding and also helps you to move further in a smooth manner.

  1. Decide on a Theme:

Deciding on a theme is the next step one must follow. Have you decided on how you want your party to look? No? Then close your eyes and imagine what it looks like! Whether you want a beach masquerade party, a Halloween-style masquerade, pool masquerade, or some special theme. There can be multiple themes ranging from a welcoming party, coming of the age, birthday, and even a wedding masquerade! Decide on a theme and decorate accordingly!

  1. Costume:

What does your ideal masquerade look like apart from the obvious masks? Do you have a certain color or a design in your mind? Is it filled with ball gowns? If you’re throwing a masquerade party for your friend who simply loves the medieval setting. Then such a party will obviously involve- “BALLGOWNS!”. Anything is acceptable if you know who you’re hosting a masquerade for! Make it a theme party and let your inhibitions be loose.

  1. Dance and Music:
how to host a Masquerade party
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Now call that favorite DJ! If not, play the top music and let yourself groove. Dancing is the next most important part of any masquerade after obviously, masks and costumes! Don’t be a spoilsport and search well for what all is topping the charts weeks before. And if your friends are always attached to Instagram knowing all the famous reel trends and steps as well! Then twerk it OUT!

  1. Invitees

So everything is decided and all, but who is actually coming to the PARTY! Don’t tell me you were planning to hit them with a call a day before and invite them. Wow seriously? Such a loser! Invite them in a traditional way and hand them those beautifully decorated cards. You can go crazy while hosting. Why? Because you are the HOST! However, this doesn’t mean you’re going to publicly broadcast your masquerade. Oh, wait! Maybe you can. As I said, GO CRAZY!

  1. Drinks and Food:

Now that all your friends have entered those gates, had their fun but now, they’ve lost all that vigor! Seriously, replenish those lazy butts! Give them booze and let them groove. The real party animal only comes out when a few shots are in! Let them eat and get their energy back to go crazy all over again!

  1. Games:

Now that the booze is in, it’s time to let those well-kept secrets out! Play those games! I would really recommend playing truth or dare in such a setup! See if they find you behind that mask. Oh, man! If your invitees forget you while playing the games, you have the wrong invitation list!

Food Ideas For A Masquerade Party:

how to host a masquerade party?
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Now as mentioned earlier, food is a must to replenish those lazy asses! But my lord! Were you planning to serve sandwiches the whole night? Wow! Good thing you jumped into this article. Otherwise what a disaster would it be? Be lavish and serve them to their heart’s content! But don’t make it out to be an easter!

  1. Serve multiple snacks with rich flavors: try to be as creative as you can be and serve multiple snacks with drinks. Make your guests occupied and don’t let their bellies go soft! It can be anything. Starting from slices of cheese to well hot chili potatoes to stuffed garlic bread! You can do anything! If you want olives, add olives. But do keep in mind that your drinks go well with your appetizers!
  2. Mealtime: don’t go extra heavy on the main course! It’s a party and not your usual lunch at grandma’s. Go light but full of flavors! Go wild and order that full-size lobster too!
  3. Deserts: Now go all out! After booze, a sweet pie always does the job! What job do you say? Obviously luring your date! But on a serious note, if it’s an all-girls masquerade then you know what a sweet tooth they have. Even if it’s all girls or not! Variety is above anything. Give them cream puffs and even macarons. It’s your party, do whatever you want!

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You can go all out while hosting a masquerade party and there’s no one stopping you. However, if you want it to be a success, then it’s a whole different case altogether. You need to plan well and execute it so that you don’t forget anything. Starting from theme to the food, try to plan beforehand so you’re not completely clueless on the day of the masquerade!

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