10 Tips On How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails

How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails

We love our usual manicure sessions, they’re all about peace and luxury. It’s a treat we give to ourselves once in a while. We love flaunting our beautiful nails and not only that! We can stab our annoying ex with them! Isn’t that wonderful? But the only problem is, they don’t last long! Especially our shellac nails which chip too soon unlike the gel ones. And that’s why we MUST know the tips on how to keep long-lasting shellac nails!

Shellac nails are a combination of gel and polish giving your nails a shellac look. Creative nail designs patent the special nail polish used for these nails. Why? Obviously the first mover advantage here! But that’s not important. What’s important are the obvious results that are super mind-blowing! They are easy to dry, super glossy, and easy to remove as well! And you can also add one more feature of -“long-lasting nails”, only if you know how? Thus, keep reading to find out!

Your shellac nails can last up to two weeks time. However, this two weeks time is somewhat controversial. Want to know why? There have been cases when it didn’t even last up to two days! How mortifying is that!

How To Take Care Of Your Nails
How To Take Care Of Your Nails

But you need not worry about that! For those who couldn’t even make them last two days, there must have been a serious lack of post manicure aftercare! Thus, to make sure you don’t join the race of fools, Keep reading to know how to keep your shellac nails long-lasting!

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Why Shellac Nails?

How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails
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The idea of shellac came when Creative Nail Design (CND) came up with a HYBRID! Oh, not your usual scientific creature but NAIL POLISH! Nail lacquer developed by CND is specially used while getting shellac finishes. They are a hybrid of UV gel and nail polish giving you smooth and glossy nails. Also, there is much more goodness associated with them! Do you want to know what that is? Keep on reading!

Why Are Shellac Nails A Better Choice?

  • Easy Application: These nails are very easy to apply and thus, their application time is quite less. Although the application process is similar to any other manicure session, it is less hectic due to the products used. It makes it easier not only for you who has been sitting on that chair for a while but also for your nail artist. She doesn’t have to handle your complaining ass for long! Isn’t that wonderful?
  • Easy Removal: It takes 15 minutes or maybe less to get your shellac nails removed. And for us impatient peeps, it’s a MUST! Who wants to sit long in that boring chair?
  • Dries Easily: Another heavenly feature! It takes less time to dry. As you know how troublesome it is when your lacquer isn’t fast drying. You can’t do anything else until it’s completely dry to touch! Thus an easy drying formula is always appreciated.
  • Gives Smooth Results: Now talking about another heavenly feature, the main RESULT! Shellac nails give a natural texture to your nails with added smooth glossy texture! Unlike your gel ones, they’re thin and easy to handle. You don’t even feel there is something extra sitting on your nails! That’s how smooth and natural they are, especially for your day-to-day activities.

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How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails?

How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails
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  • Everything Healthy: As we all know, all beauty starts within. Thus, for your beauty regimes, it’s always advised you opt only for healthy habits as they leave REFLECTION! You reflect and mirror what you eat. It reflects not only on your skin but also on your nails! 

To keep your nails strong and resilient, eating protein-rich foods is a must! You need to have poultry, meat, fish, etc in your diet as they are rich in proteins. But if you’re a non-vegetarian, don’t worry! We have alternatives. You can eat legumes, soy sauce, whole grains, nuts, etc as they’re also protein-rich foods.

  • Stay Hydrated: For those who are obsessed with shiny nails, do you know how to get them? Not by going for some extra salon session but by drinking plenty of WATER! You need to stay healthy and well-hydrated for your nails to have a smooth and shiny texture.
  • Stop Your Unconsciousness: This is very important! You have to say no to your unconscious mind who compels you to follow through with those unhealthy habits. Say no to your usual nail-biting and picking. Don’t follow through with the habits you’re going to regret later!
  • Stay Extra Protected: Now although our fathers have treated us like princesses, that doesn’t mean we lie in bed the whole day! We have some tasks to perform in our daily lives like simply washing dishes! Now don’t go all berserk on the dishes and rub the shit out of them. Be extra gentle with your daily routine and try to avoid a harsh environment. Try wearing gloves whenever you do your natural daily tasks. It’ll help you avoid getting your nails shipped and from losing that shellac effect.
  • Moisturizing Is A Must: Try to moisturize your nails more often with some hand creams and cuticle oils. This is because they help your nails not to appear too dry and make them healthy.
How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails
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  • Go All UV Alert: This is high time you start adopting the UV alert mantra in your day-to-day life. UV rays in general are bad for our health and thus we should avoid them. Choose your products wisely and buy only those which are high in SPF! But that doesn’t mean you go all paranoid. It is important to note that some shellac nails get strengthened when in light. But this is a DILEMMA! Do you want your health better or your shellac?
  • Avoid HOT!: You should avoid hot water in general altogether as it’ll start your two weeks later chipping process appear faster. Hot water will make your nails look dull and the color of your nail paint might also start fading.

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  • Don’t Go Paranoid: Don’t go all OCD on your nails i.e. don’t wash your hand too often. This will obviously make you lose your shellac nails too soon. Instead of washing your hands, you’ll be simply washing that shellac!
  • Extra Touches!: Extra touches of your usual nail paint on top of your shellac ones is never a waste. It’s a kind of protective measure that will help you not lose your shellac nails too soon. Thus, you should generously apply any nail paint of your choice on top.
How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails
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  • They’re Only NAILS!: Now you shouldn’t complain your shellac got chipped when all you’ve been doing was using your nails as some garage TOOL! Don’t go using your nail to open tightly sealed jars as that will obviously chip your nails.

Don’t Remove Your Shellac Nails By Yourself!

It is important to leave the job of professionals, to PROFESSIONALS! Don’t go and search for ways to manhandle your nails by yourself! Why? Because you are seriously up for trouble then. If you forcefully try to remove your shellac by yourself, then it’ll cause some obvious damage to your natural nails. For example, it’ll make your nails weak and rid them of their natural oils!

It’s important you recall your manicure procedure here! They were UV light-cured and thus they’re deeply attached to your nails. You can’t just peel them off!

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How To Keep Long-lasting Shellac Nails
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Shellac nails are smooth, glossy, and easy to handle (only if you know how!). But does that make them immortal? Obviously not! Your natural nails will grow at some point and the time will come when you’ll have to get them removed. Thus, enjoy them till they last and try to make them last IF YOU CAN!

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