How To Layer Necklaces Without Getting Them Tangled? 8 Pro Tips For A Perfect Look!!

How To Layer Necklaces

Layering your jewelry is one of the easiest ways to personalize your style. No two jewelry stacks will ever be the same! Pairing the right item with the right outfit makes a huge difference! Wondering how to layer necklaces without them getting tangled? Well, you landed on the right page!!

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It almost happens every time we try to pair necklaces with an outfit that the tangled look of the necklaces becomes a source of distraction. Ahhh! It’s probably because you are not teaming the right pair of jewelry together! Whether you are wearing earrings or necklaces, necklaces, and rings, or bracelets, everyone has individual pieces in their collection.

What to do then? How to layer necklaces like a pro so that they stay right in place? First things first, look for the areas that need improvement like are you wearing the right outfit to pair up a jewelry piece with? Once you are done inspecting, move to the next step which is considering your neckline! Not just these, there are several other ways to style your necklaces so that they don’t tangle! 

Even if you are wearing the most expensive chain in the world, it will tangle? Why???? Well, These are not the rules to perfect fashion, but these are pointers that might make it a little easier for you to navigate your styling!! Ready? Let’s go then!!

How To Layer Necklaces Like A Pro?

Wearing even the lightest jewelry with an outfit adds a huge difference to the appearance. Agree?

It looks like a person is concerned about his/her looks. He/she has good taste in fashion. Also, it reflects a class!!

Well, there’s nothing that a pro can do and you can’t when it comes to stying necklaces. The only thing that makes difference is the methods they use to choose the right clothing with the right accessories.

You can be a pro too!! Just keep a few things in mind. What are these few basic tips? Read along and find out!!

1. Consider The Neckline

How To Layer Necklaces: Consider The Neckline
Source: Raymond lee Jewelers

The first thing you should be particular about while pairing a piece of jewelry is to consider the neckline and fill it accordingly.

When wearing a v-neck, try to pair something elegant and eye-catchy. You can easily pair double chains with a nice locket hanging downwards with a smaller chain resting above that.

When wearing a crude neck, try not to wear your necklace too close to the t-shirt crease. You can wear something like a choker, or you can wear a long chain that sways over your t-shirt.

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2. Maintain A Visual Balance

How To Layer Necklaces: Maintain A Visual Balance
Source: WhoWhatWear

The first tip is to make sure that all the necklaces you are wearing are visual to the eyes. This is especially when you are wearing more than two necklaces together. You should always wear a heavy necklace at the bottom. Then following that wear a medium-length necklace with a smaller pendant.

At last wear the smallest one that’ll rest at the inner portion of your neck. This way the jewelry looks visible to the eyes and does not mess up with each other.

3. Be Selective With The Necklace Length

Be Selective With The Necklace Length
Source: Martha Stewart

When wearing more than one necklace together, be sure to take care of the lengths. If you need a clean, detangles look then choose necklaces of different lengths. 

This will give enough space and room for the chains to be in place. You can pair different length necklaces with a turtle neck, with a v-neck, u-shaped neck, a shirt, or any other neckline!

4. Choose Different Shapes

How To Layer Necklaces: Choose Different Shapes
Source: Better Homes And Gardens

Another thing to keep in mind while layering necklaces is to choose different shapes instead of similar shapes. 

For example, if the smallest chain has a heart-shaped locket, then choose the middle-length necklace with a round or a square shape. Then the third necklace with a different pattern. This way you get to flaunt all three shapes beautifully, and it looks so attractive.

This type of jewelry hack usually looks best with deep v-necks!! Try it now!!

5. Wear A Lariat Necklace Alone

Wear A Lariat Necklace Alone
Source: Refinery29

Lariat necklaces are the most elegant pair of jewelry to style with any outfit. This single necklace is enough to create a huge difference to your whole look!!

You can pair it up with any top, especially crop tops. The way the tassel hangs down the chain looks so beautiful. 

Wear these types of necklaces only when wearing a full neck top. If you’re pairing it up with a deep neck top then make sure that your tassel is visible and doesn’t get hidden under your shirt.

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6. Keep Your Metals Unified

Stacking necklaces: Keep Your Metals Unified
Source: Pinterest

You might have noticed one thing that when a light jewelry piece is paired up with thick metals, its grace is somewhat hidden.

That’s why it’s good to wear jewelry with the same metal and thickness like a light with light and thick with thick.

You can pair a thick necklace chain with thick earrings. This gives you a bold look. If you like to keep it simple then go for a thin chain with small earrings. This completes the perfect subtle look!!

7. Don’t Aim For Perfection

Don’t Aim For Perfection
Source: J Albrecht Designs

One thing that you should keep in mind while styling your outfit and jewelry is that don’t run for perfection always. Sometimes a messed-up look with some tangled jewelry may also look attractive when you carry it with grace and confidence.

How you look is totally dependent on how you feel carrying an outfit or a piece of jewelry. So, make sure to be you. No need to copy anyone. Style yourself the way you want to. Let that chain overlap the other one. It’s alright. It still looks perfectly fine!!!

8. Double An Oversized Chain

How To Layer Necklaces: Double An Oversized Chain
Source: Pinterest

Another, best way to prevent the overcrowding of the necklaces is to take a long, oversized chain and double it around your neck. Make sure to keep one fold slightly shorter than the other to get a two-chain effect.

This way you get to flaunt two chains at once without them getting tangled!! Easy, right?

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Wrapping Up:

No doubt everyone loves attention, be it for them or for their outfit, jewelry, and the makeup they are putting on!! Especially when you are wearing nice statement jewelry pieces, craving for some attention is never considered wrong!

When it comes to stacking necklaces together, many people feel like it’s tacky. But, no, it’s not tacky at all, it’s easy!!

If you carefully take care of the factors mentioned above, you can never be wrong at styling or layering your necklaces like a pro!!

Liked the post? Do share it with your buddies!! Stay tuned as we bring up more styling hacks for you!! Until then Happy Layering!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Stacking A Necklace:

Q. How Many Necklaces Should I Layer Together?

You can layer as many necklaces as you want. Be sure to maintain a perfect balance between each necklace gap. The ideal gap recommends to layer a necklace is 1-2 inches in between the two pieces. This way each necklace gets equally noticed and gives you a cleaner look!

Q. How Do You Stack A Necklace?

Suppose you want to stack 3 or five necklaces together. The very first thing to keep in mind is the length variation so that the necklaces don’t tangle with each other. At the top, you can wear a choker of about 14 inches (close to the neck). Then wear a chain of 16 inches, the other one at 18 inches.

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