How To Make Your Own Lush Lip Scrub? 100% Natural Homemade Lip Scrubs!!

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Lush Lip Scrub

Say goodbye to chapped and dry lips! Try this amazing Lush Lip Scrub formula and get smoother baby lips with ease. Plus, they are yummy!! Quit using chemical-infused products and switch to something organic and handmade. Here’s a complete guide to help you make your own Lush Lip Scrub at home with just a few basic ingredients.

Many times you might have noticed that your lips start turning black or there’s some kind of discoloration on your lips. This is due to the build-up of dead skin cells on the lips which if not treated on time, might end up damaging your lips. Also, the regular use of cosmetics like lipsticks, gloss, or any other lip pencils also results in dry and stained lips. To ensure that the natural texture of your lips is preserved over time, try this DIY hack and learn How to make your own Lush Lip Scrub at home!

Markets are full of lip balm scrubs, but a homemade scrub with the goodness of natural ingredients works the best. To make a homemade lip scrub, you need granulated sugar acting as a scrub. To add moisture you can use some oil in it like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil. Mix these two ingredients properly. To know what to add next, you should read the article ahead.

You can choose the flavors, colors, and fragrance of the lush lip scrub on your own. Most people prefer light fragrances like vanilla, but you can also try sweet lavender or rose fragrances. Follow this step-by-step tutorial guide to make your own lush sugar scrub.

What Is A Lush Lip Scrub?

Lush Lip Scrub; What Is A Lush Lip Scrub
Source: Kylie Cosmetics

Just like our face and body, our lips also need scrubbing from time to time. Lip scrub is a great way to remove the dead skin cells from the lips making them look softer and smoother. 

Lush Lip Scrubs are basically a sweet gentle scrub formula to sand your lips with the goodness of fruit essence and granulated beads to remove dirt from your lips. 

It’s available in so many flavors and fragrances. You can also make this Lip Lush scrub at home with simple ingredients. Read on to know more!

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Ingredients Needed For Making Homemade Lush Lip Scrub

  1. Vanilla extract
  2. Granulated sugar
  3. Food colorant or Fruit Extracts.
  4. Olive oil/ jojoba oil/ coconut oil
  5. Empty container

DIY Lush Lip Scrub Recipe

Lush Lip Scrub; DIY Lush Lip Scrub Recipe
Source: YouTube

Who said you can make a lush lip scrub at home? Here is an easy good-to-go guide to making lip scrubs easily. Keep the quantity of the ingredients according to your need. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Take a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar and mix it well with ½ teaspoon of olive oil. Mix well until you get a wet sand texture. 

Step 2: To add Fragrance and flavor add 2-3 drops of vanilla extract. Mix the mixture well. If you want to add natural color to your scrub then use beetroot. Add a few drops of beetroot juice in the mixture and get that amazing pinkish red shade instantly.

Step 3: You surely don’t want your lip blush to be dull, right? To add little colors, add 2-3 drops of food colorants and mix it well. Do check the expiry of the food coolant before adding it. Also, do not use the color agent in access as it may make your lips chapped and stained. You can use any color of your choice, pink, red, blue, purple, orange, or yellow.

Step 4: Mix all the ingredients nicely and add the mixture to an empty container.

Step 5: Congrats!! Your lip balm scrub is ready! You can use it on lips and cheeks as well.

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Hope you enjoyed making this sweet creamy textured lip lush scrub with us. The ingredients are natural and easily available at home. Plus, you can eat some of the scrubs from your lips if you like. LOL! 

To give a recap, in this post we talked about What is a lush lip scrub and how to make your own lip scrub at home with natural ingredients. 

There are different flavors for this lip balm scrub that you should try like chocolate butter lip scrub, pineapple, and kiwi scrub, coconut with lime, honey, and the regular lush pink. 

Enjoy these fruitful delicious flavors and fragrances and get that perfect pink pout!! Happy Pouting!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Homemade Lip Scrub:

How to make homemade lip scrub?

To make a DIY lip scrub, add one tablespoon of honey in 2 big spoons of granulated sugar. Mix it well. Use food coloring to add the colors. Apply the scrub on your lips and massage it gently. Let it rest on your lips for a while and wash off with tap water.

What is lush lip scrub made of?

Almost all lip scrubs are made from castor sugar with added flavors. It’s perfect for getting rid of dry, chapped, and dark lips.

How can you make flavored lip scrubs at home?

To make a flavored lip scrub, you will need castor sugar, olive oil, candy flavoring, and food colorants.
1. Take 4-5 tablespoons of castor sugar in a bowl.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to it and mix them well.
3. Now add your favorite cotton candy flavoring to the mixture and mix it. 
4. To add color, use food coloring or you can use beetroot juice.
5. Your flavored lip scrub is ready for use. Enjoy the fruity candy flavors!

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