How To Not Get Friend-zoned By a Girl

How To Not Get Friendzoned By a Girl

“I Love You BUT As a Friend”. Tired of listening to this from every girl you like. Team Deasilex cares for you and your feelings. That’s why here, we have disclosed the best ways that will help you in not getting a friend-zoned by a girl.

When you like a girl and have feelings for her, you probably don’t want to lose her. Most men also make this mistake, they don’t know how to approach the girl in the right way. This results in getting friend-zoned. If you are stuck in a friend zone and want to get out of it, then I recommend you to go through the below-listed steps.

In order to not get friend-zoned by a girl, the first and foremost thing you should do is make sure that you express your feelings correctly, make them feel special, don’t pretend too nice, and last but not least, don’t agree to her friendship offer.

These tips are really helpful for everyone who is stuck in a friendzone. If you read the article further, you will find more about the tips and tricks to not get friend-zoned by a girl.

How To Not Get Friend-Zoned By A Girl

The main reason why most boys get friend-zoned is that they pretend to be the girl’s boyfriend. Instead of pretending like the boyfriend, you should show how much you like her.

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How To Not Get Friendzoned By a Girl
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Don’t Pretend To Be Her Boyfriend or Try To Please Her All The Time.

This happens every time when a girl calls a boy a “nice person”. She thinks of you just as a “friend”. However, it only depends on you. If you let her treat you as a best friend or temporary boyfriend, then there are chances that you won’t get in a relationship with her and remain single. Now, most boys make this mistake, they think they’ll lose her and due to this, they try to convince her early to go on a date or please her to be their partner. This method will definitely not work if you want a serious and long-term relationship.

Don’t Pretend Needy

The second reason for being stuck in a friend zone is because of pretending needy in front of your crush. You should make her realize that there are plenty of girls other than her. Most of the time, girls get attracted to a boy who is always surrounded by girls around him. Instead of pretending needy, you should make her realize that you have other options available.

Ask Her To Go On Date

When you have a crush on someone, make her your best friend and then ask her to go on a date. First, you should take her to watch movies, do shopping, and after that convince her to go on a date. Make sure that you won’t please and pretend needy in front of her.

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Make Her Realize Your Importance and Give Her Some Space

Women are also emotional beings and they too have feelings. When you stay available every time for her, you won’t be appreciated for too long. As it is rightly said, “A continuous guest is never welcomed”. So, you should try to stay away from her for some time so that she should know your importance. Apart from it, you should never ask a girl about her personal life unless and until you get in a serious relationship.

Express Your Feelings Correctly

If you like a girl, you should express your emotions to her. Sometimes, girls know what a boy has to say but they don’t pretend it. However, in order to get out of friend-zoned, you should tell her how much you like her. Remember to say it with confidence so that your crush won’t take your words lightly.

Make Her Feel Special

In order to make your crush addicted to you, you should know how to communicate properly with a girl. You can check out this article by deasilex, which shows “interesting questions to ask a girl you like“. When you ask open-ended questions to a girl, she will respond to you more and feel special if you also take an interest while talking.

Don’t Agree To Her Friendship Offer

Instead of approaching a girl with a victim mindset, you should try to increase your love qualities. It means that some boys think they are not smart enough to impress a girl and hence, results in the conversion of their relationship into “just as friends”.

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We know that it hurts being in a friend zone but if you follow these ways properly, you’ll be able to get out of friend-zoned by a girl.

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