How To Plan An RTW Trip

Who does not want to take a round-the-world trip and witness the different landscapes the world has to offer? Many people would not think twice about embarking on a journey of an RTW trip if they ever get a chance. People assume that the expense is the only hurdle and if they had the kind of money the around-the-world trip requires, nothing would stop them from taking that journey. The truth is the cost may be a significant factor, but not the only aspect that one must consider while thinking about the RTW trip. Different elements need your attention and consideration to plan such an extensive trip.

With proper planning and preparation, people can make their dream of taking an RTW trip a reality. The modern world offers many technical tools to assist you in putting the pieces together for your adventurous trip. You can use a spreadsheet to jot down all the details, shop through different websites, or book train or air tickets or accommodation beforehand. People who love taking trips and are eager to explore the world say that as much as doing activities on a trip is fun, planning for a tour is equally enjoyable. 

Nonetheless, planning for an RTW trip is far from a piece of cake. Below we are listing some pointers which will help you in preparing an RTW trip:

  1. Create an Itinerary Bucket List

The initial step is to prepare a list and put all the activities you want to enjoy. You might already have some inspirations and have some places that you want to tick off your bucket list. Some of your acquaintances may have sung praises for some activities. Or you might have watched some travel Vlogs that have inspired you to explore some places. Gathering all the activities will automatically prepare a list in front of you. Once you have a list, you can easily pick 4 to 5 destinations that are your absolute favorite. An RTW itinerary for two people can be completely different based on their priorities. Perhaps you want to try the stinky but toothsome Époisses de Bourgogne cheese in Paris. Or want to hike on the Great Smoky Mountains and stay in gatlinburg luxury cabins or have a desire to fly in a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia. Creating an itinerary list will give you a clear picture, and you can plan accordingly. 

  1. Set a Realistic Budget

No trip is possible without spending money, and when you have multiple places on the list, your budget will be higher. People need to be realistic while putting money aside for their travel. They must consider all expenses, including accommodation, food, transport, activities, and other expenses. Experts suggest that people should keep some money extra for the safe side, as they might run into unforeseen troubles in foreign lands. Setting a budget will only be possible after you have prepared a list. Traveling on a budget is possible; many people do it as they do not have money to splurge on luxuries. The key is to research and read about the places to know about the kind of money you will require. 

  1. Pick a Direction

An RTW trip is not possible without diving into geography. When you visit more than one country, you have to pick a direction to go about your trip. It is better to explore places in one region and then move to another side of the world. From your home country, you must go in one direction and avoid backtracking as it will be heavy on your pocket and may require you to spend more time traveling. Besides, backtracking and changing direction will more likely cause more jet lag. Another critical point to consider is checking the weather and picking the places where the weather is not harsh. 

  1. Book Tickets and Accommodation

We live in a technologically advanced world, where booking air tickets or hotel rooms is only a matter of a few clicks. Once you have set an itinerary, the following things should be to book the tickets and rooms for yourself. Book tickets for air travel if you want to save time, and train if you’re going to enjoy the landscapes. Similarly, you will have multiple options for accommodation too. Hotels, houses on rent, dorms, or hostels, you can search and book one in your preferred area. Some people might not consider booking and think that they will book as they go. Although it is all about preferences, booking in advance will give you peace of mind that your accommodation and transport are already sorted. 

  1. Research to-do Things in Destinations

You must have picked up your destinations after some thought and consideration. Still, when you embark on the journey, you should research to-do things in your selected places. There might be some festivals or events happening on the dates that can interest you. Furthermore, research will help you learn more about the place and the activities it can offer. There is nothing worse than learning about some events or must-to-do things you might have missed due to your negligence. 

  1. Learn about Language and Culture

People often think that they are going for a few days, and they do not need to get an insight into the lifestyle, customs, or language of the area. While it is not possible to learn the language and details of the culture, people must make an effort to learn everyday phrases. Similarly, different places have different customs. One thing that is acceptable and celebrated in one culture might be considered offensive in others. Tourists must have the basic information and try their best to respect the place’s customs. Learning common phrases like thank you, please sorry will help in everyday conversations. 

  1. Packing 

Packing is the most crucial aspect of a trip. Some people are habitual of overpacking, which may become a problem for them. Likewise, underpacking can also become a cause of hassle. Besides, it would help if you considered the weather and packed it accordingly. Have some regular medicines handy, keep a water bottle to avoid dehydration, and basic toiletries. People say that packing an umbrella is always a good idea. The weather in some places is unpredictable and can rain anytime without any signs. 


RTW trip sounds fun and all games, but the reality is a lot different. People need to look after many things while planning. Nonetheless, they should be prepared for the roadblocks as it is doubtful that everything goes as per plan. Taking an RTW trip is not for the faint-hearted, and people need to have nerves of steel for that. Searching about the places you plan to visit gives an idea about what to expect and helps you pack.

Moreover, you must also learn about cuisines and have your options sorted before setting your foot out on the journey. Insurance is another necessary thing. In addition, you must also learn about the rules and laws of the places you intend to visit to avoid landing in hot waters. Thorough planning and setting aside an appropriate fund are the key ingredients of making an RTW trip memorable. 

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