Boom! Slap! How To Play Boom Cup Drinking Game?

How to play boom cup drinking game

Do you want to break the ice and add more fun to the party? Why not play the classic! THE BOOM CUP GAME! This game will not only loosen up your bones when you chug onto that cup of beer but will also add loads of fun and craziness to your boring party! Do you know why I personally prefer Boom Cup other than any other drinking game? It has RULES! you can’t cheat my dear friend! If you don’t want to pass out drunk in the middle of the game, then keep reading on how to play the boom cup drinking game!

This game will surely lighten up the atmosphere and you might get some of those long-held secrets out from your friend’s mouth! 

The boom cup game or the slap cup game is the life of every party! Whether it’s your friend’s birthday party or your uncle’s wedding, you can play this game anywhere! But make sure you have trustworthy friends cause you’ll be playing more than a game here! You’ll be betting on your life with all your secrets at stake!

Beer Pong Rules
Beer Pong Rules

Now get your cups and beer out and join in with the fun! Let’s Boom Boom with the Boom cup game!

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What Is A Boom Cup Game?

Boom cup drinking game
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If your friends are getting bored at your party, then this is the most fun and crazy game that you can get them. It’s a pretty simple game but fast-paced! You need to have real good reflexes to slap the cup out of the person to your right! And you know the interesting part? Many people can play this game! You just have to make sure that you have a big enough table! No, we aren’t putting anyone on death bed here! You don’t understand? Let me start from the very beginning!

How To Play Boom Cup Drinking Game?

You need not make any arrangements for setting up the Boom cup arena! All you need are empty drinking cups, two ping-pong balls, a table, and BEER! Or it can be any drink of your choice! But choose wisely as you’ll have to get gallons of it here! Hehe! JK! But you have to get lots of drinks to fill those empty cups! Once you have the whole setup ready, let’s start with a GO!

Setting Up The Boom Cup Table!

Before starting on with the game, know how you have to set up the boom cup arena! 

  1. Set your empty table out.
  2. Place all the empty cuts in the center of the table. Make sure the number of cups matches the participants in the game.
  3. Fill the empty cups with 1/3 rd beer or any drink of your choice BUT, place a cup that is fully loaded in the center! This will be your KILL CUP!
  4. Once all the cups are filled with a drink of your choice, get two more empty cups and place them on the edges of the table with two ping balls!
  5. Once you’ve done all the required, it’s time to know all the rules!

Don’t worry, as your good friend, I’ll tell you all the rules clearly so that you don’t have to chug all that beer on your own! Now let’s get started! Also, don’t forget to put on some music to distract your friend! Hoho! It’s not cheating, it’s planning! Don’t blame me if you lose!

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Boom Cup Rules

how to play boom cup drinking game
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  1. First things first, all the players should gather around the table making a circle! Don’t worry if you don’t have a circular table, any shapes of the table will do! You just have to focus on the game!
  2. Once everyone is gathered, decide on two players who will go first! They’ll both start at the same time but make sure they’re not side-by-side with each other! At least one person should be placed between the two who will put the game into motion!
  3. Now that you’ve decided which two will go first, hand them empty cups with ping-pong balls!
  4. Now all these two players have to do is try to bounce that ball into their empty cups! Once they do that, on their first try, then they can pass the ball and cup to any person of their choice in the game! If not, then they have to pass it on to the person on their right.
  5. The two starting players have to keep trying until one of them succeeds and can pass on the ball and the cup to the next player!
  6. This is where things get interesting! If a person placed on your left bounces the ball first in his cup than you, then he can slap the cup away from you while you’re still wondering why this shitty ball isn’t getting into your empty cup.
  7. The person who has his/her cup slapped has to chug the beer from the cups that are placed in the center of the table!
  8. Are you wondering what that full cup was all about? That’s the cup that remains at the end of the game! Once all the other cups are empty, the person who is last to bounce his/her ball into the empty cup has to drink from that full cup! How exciting! That’s why I said a person should have fast reflexes to play this game!

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Why Should You Play The Boom Cup Drinking Game?

drinking game
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Now, this is the moment of the great reveal! Why should you play this game in the first place? Obviously, because it’s fun, thrilling, and is super-fast! Also, as we say, the more, the merrier, the same is the case with this game! You can add as many people as you want that must be four or more. 

If you’re looking for a bunch of laughter and possible chugs of beer, this is the perfect game for you! Especially if you’re bored from the usual beer pong game! 

Other Drinking Games! 

other drinking games
Source: WikiHow
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drinking games
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Drinking games are a super fun way to rock the party. The slapping of your cup acts as a sudden adrenaline shot to your lazy bones. The boom cup drinking game offers you all the thrill that a normal teenage party requires and thus you should always include it in your party checklist! When have a few cups of beer and a ping-pong ball ever hurt anyone? Not me I guess! So get those empty cups out on the table!

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