How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | A Comprehensive Guide

How to play creator camp in Mobile legends: Bang Bang

Heard of the game Creator Camp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Have you ever wanted to know how to play Creator Camp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Well, we are for you to offer you a stepwise guide on how to play creator camp in Mobile legends: Bang Bang. 

The Mobile Legends Creator Camp is a program aimed at assisting MLBB content developers in generating high-quality content. The benefits include receiving support from the official MLBB social media accounts, communicating and cooperating with other popular ML content creators, and receiving exclusive member prizes, among others.

More than just gamers make up the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community. Pro gamers, streamers, cosplayers, instructional masters, and more may all be found. Moonton has set aside funds to help cultivate these members of the community. Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) Creator Camp will be used to do this. If you want to write about MLBB, you must have this knowledge. This might simply be a game with tutorial videos or live-streaming.

If you have a creative mind and are passionate to create content for Mobile Legends, this camp is for you. Here is a complete guide on Mobile Legends creator camp and How to play creator camp in Mobile legends: Bang Bang. 

What Is Creator Camp In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

How to play creator camp in mobile legends: Bang bang

The widely played action role-playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang creator has designed a special platform for all content creators interested in creating high-quality MLBB content. Moonton created the Mobile Legends Creator Camp to assist content developers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in producing high-quality content. 

The Creator Camp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang accomplishes this by giving resources, materials, and advice from top ML content creators such as Akosi Dogie and ChooxTV. Benefits include receiving help from the official Mobile Legends social media accounts, communicating and collaborating with other popular ML content creators, and receiving exclusive member prices. With memes, comics, cosplay, and other creative works, MLBB are more than welcome to invite you into a community of like-minded people spanning from all around the globe. If this sounds like you, then you should consider joining their Creator Camp.

How To Play Creator Camp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 

There are two ways or say two parts through which you play creator camp in mobile legends: Bang Bang.

Part 1. Creating and Starting a Mode

Step 1: Select Custom.

You will see a button saying “Create New Gameplay”. Click on it

Step 2: Adjust the Winning Condition and map.

In this section, you can select the mode/map of the mode (Classic, Necrokeep/Brawl, Minoan Labyrinth/Survival, and Chess-TD), and determine the number of teams on one side and the winning condition.

  • Destroy Base means the game will end if players manage to destroy the base turret.
  • Takedowns require a specific number (maximum 50) of kills before the game ends. The game can also end if the base turret is destroyed.

Step 3: Choose the selection of heroes and battle spells.

In this section, you have the choice of being selective to a certain hero, changing battle spells, and determining if you want to allow emblems to enhance the hero. One of the crucial steps of How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends.

Step 4: Automate creeps and minions.

This section can change minion size and damage, the minimap avatar, creep size, and toggle equipment.

Step 5 Configure Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Damage, and Cooldown.

In this step, you will be on the battlefield in the game. This is that step where you have to adjust the mode according to your preference in order to keep the fair of the game.

Step 6 Fix the Max HP and Healing. 

This is the stage where the heroes are immune to the dangers incoming. Precisely, they are immune to death, using their HP, depending on the settings. 

Step 7 Adjust the Energy/Mana Regen.

These stats can quickly up the dose on regenerating skill costs on mana/energy. You can put it up to the maximum amount for quick modes, or lower it for an interesting challenge. This is yet one important step of How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends.

Step 8 Determine if you need the Basic Attack.

In most cases, you will need this, but if your mode requires the usage of skills/battle spells, you can toggle it off.

Step 9 Change the Controlled Time duration.

Controlled Time is the usage of Crowd Control and the duration of its effect. You can increase it to 1000 percent for easy kills when the mode needs it, but keep it 100 percent for a fair mode.

Step 10 Configure Gold Gain.

You can adjust the initial gold cost to 10000 gold to quickly get equipment, and you can also adjust the gold gain.

Step 11 Determine where players start via their initial level. 

By default, all heroes start at Level 1, but you can adjust their initial level up to Level 15 if you desire. The max level can be put to Level 99 (as in Overdrive mode) as well.

Step 12 Determine the Respawn Time.

The Respawn Time is where players have to wait before respawning. You can either keep it as 100 percent for normal times, 1 percent for quick respawns, or 200 percent for longer wait times.

Step 13 Fix the hero’s damage and skills

This may not be adjusted, but if the hero is overpowered, you can adjust the hero’s damage taken, dealt, and skills (if needed). To quickly access heroes, click on Hero List.

Step 14 Save your settings. 

Before you can save, you can adjust the lobby’s title, description, and picture. Once completed, click on confirm and the gameplay will be set.

Step 15 Create the lobby. 

When the lobby is created, you will have a lobby preset set. You can adjust the lobby name and password.

Step 16 Have a Creation Camp Ticket handy. 

This ticket costs 50 diamonds and is the only way you will be able to start your creation to life.

Part 2. Joining A Mode 

There’s another way you can play this game. Hence, we have the steps on How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends. Keep reading if you want to learn more.

Step 1 Go to the lobby list. 

You will most likely see a list of available lobbies. You can see the winning condition, the user that created the lobby, and the number of people available to join the mode.

  • If you need to find your friend’s lobby, check the Friends Only button.

Step 2 Press the Plus (+) symbol to join a custom mode. 

Once you join in, you will be able to start playing for free!

  • In some cases, you may need to type in the four-digit passcode for private servers.
  • To quickly join a lobby, click on Quick Play to find a public server

These were the steps on How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends which were further divided into two parts. we hope this must have helped you in playing your game.

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Wrapping Up 

Hence, this was a complete guide on How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. What are you waiting for? Now that you know How To Play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends. Go play Creator Camp In Mobile Legends, and experience the virtual escapade by yourself. We hope this was a useful guide for you. Furthermore, if you have any related queries feel free to drop your doubts in the comment section below. We assure to revert back as soon as we can. 

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