How To Reduce Broad Shoulders In Females | 8 Effective Ways To Reduce Shoulder Width At Home!

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how to reduce broad shoulders in females

Do your broad shoulders put you off? Are you looking for ways to reduce them? Welcome to this humble adobe ladies! You’re going to find all your answers here when it comes to broad shoulders! In our guide on “how to reduce broad shoulders in females”, we have covered each and every way by which you can successfully reduce your shoulder width at home! So let’s get started!!

36-24-36, the hourglass body figure has added to the headache of ladies where they want to match their proportions to these ideals! Although I do not believe in these ideals myself, however, if you do, I’m not judging! The same is the case with shoulders now! Men are referring to girls with broad shoulders as masculine and there’s nothing laughable than the fact that a set of shoulders is now defining our existence! But let’s pay no heed to such comments! 

Such beauty standards affect our personal perceptions of beauty which makes us look for alternatives SUBCONSCIOUSLY! The same goes for broad shoulders! Ladies are repeatedly doing exercises that claim to reduce shoulder width but to no avail. These exercises, in turn, make them broader! So if you’re stone set to reduce your broad shoulders, here are ways in which you can make your shoulders appear slimmer with some additional styling tips for ladies with broad shoulders!

So let’s get on with the tips and make your shoulders slimmer if that’s what you want! But on a side note, let me add, THEY ARE GOOD!! So if you’re looking for ways just because some idiotic Joshua made a nasty comment about your broad shoulders, it would’ve been better to punch him in the face rather than looking for ways to actually reduce them! Now if it’s not the case and your desire to reduce your shoulder width stems from within, then let’s make them slimmer happily!!

What Are Broad Shoulders?

how to reduce broad shoulders in females
Source: Go Crazy Fitness

Our shoulders are made of bones, muscles, and joints! Some people have narrow while some have broader and there are reasons for the same! However, when it comes to the explanation of the former, there’s no specific definition available!

There’s no specific definition when it comes to defining broad shoulders! However, a simple explanation of what these are would be, if your physique is built up in a V shape. This means that your shoulders are wider than your hips. 

If your shoulders are set at a right angle rather than being rounded at the ends, then it means you have broad shoulders. However, that’s not always the case! Obesity and higher fat density in shoulders can also make them appear broader than they actually are! 

Now that we have a certain idea about broad shoulders, let’s look at the science behind them!

What Causes Broad Shoulders In Females?

The journey to slim broad shoulders first starts with finding the reason they are the way they are! To be precise, find the reasons why your shoulders are broad in the first place! For men here, they crave broad shoulders to have that perfect V physique, however for women, not so much!

The major reason behind broad shoulders is always GENETICS! Genetic skeletal structure leads us to have broad shoulders! So, if your broad shoulders are broad because of your natural bone structure, then there’s no helping to it as they can’t be reduced! However, you can make them appear slimmer by dressing right!

Another reason for broad shoulders would be obesity! Obese people’s shoulders sometimes appear broad due to fat accumulation but genetically speaking, these aren’t broad in the first place! These are not actual or real “broad shoulders” and they just appear to be broad and can be reduced in no time!

Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts have broad shoulders but not all of them have what we call real “broad shoulders”. These people work out in a way that makes their upper body healthy with a lean lower body that gives off an illusion of perfect broad shoulders! 

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How To Reduce Broad Shoulders In Females At Home?

exercises to reduce shoulder width
source: workout plan

Now that we know what causes broad shoulders in the first place, we can now successfully get rid of them at home (or at least try to). There are many exercises and other ways by which females can reduce broad shoulders at home, so let’s know what these are!

Exercises To Reduce Broad Shoulders In Females

The most common mistake committed by ladies desiring slim shoulders is doing exercises that focus on shoulders alone! That’s what you should avoid first! Do not do exercises that are meant for shoulders alone and opt for a full-body workout instead!

Aerobic exercises are best to reduce shoulder width and thus, you should do them on a regular basis! Focusing on shoulders alone will make your shoulder muscles that will, in turn, make them look border! Thus, you should substitute heavy lifting exercises with cardio. 

Here’s a list of exercises you should opt for when it comes to reducing shoulder width!

1. Cardio

Tone down your body by doing cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling, burpees, jumping, etc! These will tone down your muscle mass and help in melting your full body fat rather than concentrating on shoulders alone!

2. Lower Body Exercise

Sometimes our shoulders appear broad even if they aren’t and sometimes these are genetically broad. In such cases, regularly training your lower body helps a lot! A lean body with broad shoulders stands out too much and that’s why you need to train your lower body too in order to maintain an equilibrium! Lunges, step-ups, squats are some of the lower body exercises that you can try at home to get rid of broad shoulders!

3. Exercises You Should Avoid

Besides knowing what exercises to do, you should also know what exercises you shouldn’t do if you want slim shoulders! Here is a list of exercises that you should absolutely avoid if you’re going for a reduction in shoulder width!

  • Lifting heavyweights
  • Shoulder press
  • Bench press
  • Pull-ups
  • Rowing 
  • Pulldowns

Monitoring Diet To Reduce Shoulder Width

diet for slim shoulders
Source: ABC News

Diet has a big hand when it comes to broad shoulders! If only you monitor your diet well, then you will never face the problem of broad shoulders EVER! To do that, you need to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet only!

We all know (and if you don’t, you should) that there’s nothing called “spot reduction”. We reduce fat from all over the body and not in one place. Thus, if you’re going to reduce your shoulder weight by weight loss, then you should know that it’s a process that will work on all of your body! Meaning, bye-bye all hidden fat!

To achieve that, you should do the following!

1. Eat Healthy Fats

There are two kinds of fats – “healthy and unhealthy”.

Healthy fats are unsaturated and are found in avocado, fish, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil, etc. Unhealthy fats are saturated, trans-fats that you should avoid, and it’s found in butter, margarine, beef, or pork, etc! Thus, you should keep this in mind and only eat healthy fats! 

2. Eat Healthy Food Like Veggies And Fruits

A good Body comes from good food. Thus, you should make sure that you’re eating healthy food like green vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy body mass. The purpose of weight loss is never to starve oneself to death but to eat what’s healthy! 

3. Say No To Fast-Food And Sugar

Your weight loss and shoulder reduction journey starts with bidding adieu to your cravings for fast food and sugar! Your sweetened drinks and other processed food are loaded with calories and hence, you should avoid them if you want your shoulder slim!

4. Calorie Reduction

It is vital to reduce your calorie intake if you want your shoulder width reduced! 1 fat = 3500 calories and thus, you should monitor your fat intake to in turn reduce your calorie count! The normal rule of thumb when it comes to calorie intake for women is 2000 calories per day.

Keeping this in mind, you should maintain a calorie deficit of 500 or less to successfully complete your weight loss. However, do keep in mind that you monitor your calories well and do not overdo it and lesser calorie consumption also leads to health problems! 

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Other Tips To Make Broad Shoulder Slim For Ladies

styling tips for broad shoulders
Source: YouTube

Just like I mentioned earlier, broad shoulders aren’t only due to obesity and no matter what kind of exercise or diet plan you follow, there’s no way you’re going to completely get rid of them. Our bones are structured in a way and therefore, no helping it! 

But it doesn’t have to stay that way! You can follow these dos and don’ts if you want your shoulders to appear slimmer than they actually are! 

Here are a few styling tips for ladies with broad shoulders! 


  • Wear V-neck clothes
  • Wear wide-leg pants and other flowy skirts
  • Wear oversize jackets or blazers
  • Wear dark tops and light bottoms
  • Choose thicker strap dresses instead of narrow ones
  • Go for tops with dolman sleeves
  • Kimono tops are good for girls with broad shoulders


  • Do not wear strapless dresses
  • Avoid tops with detailed shoulder designs 
  • Avoid wearing structured or padded shoulder dresses
  • Do not wear tops with puffed sleeves

Summing Up

Broad shoulders are good but distorted beauty standards and false perceptions of beauty lead women into looking for ways to make them slimmer. This reason is certainly bad but if you want your shoulders slim due to a desire that comes from within, then there’s nothing wrong with it! 

The first step to making your broad shoulders slim is by doing the right exercise if you’re overweight! However, if your shoulders are broad due to genetics, then follow the above-mentioned styling tips and create a perfect illusion of slim shoulders! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Reduce Shoulder Broadness At Home?

Shoulder broadness can be reduced by following cardio exercises at home and by monitoring diet. Running and other leg exercises that do not involve heavy lifting are good to make your shoulders slim rather than making them broader! 

Q. Do Your Shoulders Get Narrower When You Lose Weight?

If your shoulders are broad due to being overweight, then losing weight will obviously make them slimmer. Fat accumulates in our shoulders which makes them appear more buff than they usually are. Following a good diet plan and full-body exercise helps in reducing shoulder broadness! 

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