How to Retire in Italy

how to retire in italy

You have given your precious time to the job for years and now it’s time for retirement. Many people have a dream to settle in places where they can enjoy their whole life after retirement. One of the best places where you can go after retirement is Italy.

It is a famous vacation place in Europe which is especially famous for the delicious food and good weather conditions. Apart from it, if you want to live in a country with less crime, then Italy is the best option as this country has a moderate crime rate which is still decreasing year by year.

In order to retire to Italy, you should check various things like Housing in Italy, lifestyle in Italy, language spoken in Italy, health care, Religion in Italy, and more.

We have mentioned more information related to retirement to Italy. To know more about it, you should go through the whole article.

How To Retire In Italy

You can check this table below to get lump sum information about the cost of living in Italy. This includes the cost of various things including housing and rent costs for one-bedroom and three-bedrooms, internet, milk and dairy, gas, vehicle, and wine costs.

how to retire in italy





Rent (one-bedroom apartment in city center)




Rent (three-bedroom apartment in city center)




Utilities (for 915 sq ft apartment)




House (three-bedroom)












Meal for two (mid-range restaurant)




Gas (one gallon)




Bottle of wine (mid-range)




Car (Volkswagen Golf)




One-way ticket (city transit)




One pair of jeans (mid-range)




Housing in Italy

As already mentioned, the average monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment is €959 and for a three-bedroom apartment, it can cost €2004. This price is common in almost most of the cities but it can still vary from city to city. However, Most people live in charming old buildings in Italy. The cost of living in Italy can be affordable and high because it totally depends on you which area you prefer the most.

Lifestyle in Italy

If we talk about the rankings, then Italy ranks above average in terms of social connections and income, and wealth. People are more friendly in Italy and thus, the crime rate is also very less. People of Italy are rich especially those living in Milan because their average yearly income is more than €35,000.

Language Spoken in Italy

As we all know that Italian is the official language of Italy, thus the majority of people living there, speak Italian. However, 50% of Italian people speak in their mother tongue and 29% speak in the English language. You’ll gradually learn Italian if you live there after retirement.

Healthcare in Italy

According to the World Health Organisation, Italy spends 9.3% of its GDP, especially on Health Care. So, there is no doubt that health care in Italy is also good. A mixed public-private system in Italy ensures the health care of all the residents. Apart from it, Italy ranks on number 4 in the world healthcare ranking.

Religion in Italy

Almost 90% of Italians identify themselves as Roman Catholic which is an unofficial religion and is not on paper but still plays an important role in Italian culture. However, if you want to know about other people living in Italy, you should join your local parish. Apart from it, if you live in Italy after retirement, you should also take part in Italian festivals as it will increase your engagement with Italian people.


This was the whole information about the food, lifestyle, housing, etc that you should know before you retire to Italy. The major advantage of living in Italy after retirement is, there are fewer crime rates and health care is also affordable.

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