How To Sell Old Or Non-Running Cars?

How To Sell Old Or Non-Running Cars

In the modern world, it sometimes happens that a car is in such bad condition that it will not be profitable to repair it for resale. In this case, the owners are looking for an opportunity to sell such a car. You can sell such a car to an individual or get cash for non-running cars from services like JunkcarsUs. By choosing the second option, you can get rid of your car without doing any work.

However, when selling a machine to an individual, you must guarantee its performance. This means that the responsibility of the seller is in no way waived in the event of a problem after the sale of the car between individuals. Likewise, the list of defects attached to the registration certificate is not legally binding, even if it is signed by both parties.

Therefore, the question arises of how to sell the car as is without risking. In this article, we will look at some solutions for selling a car safely, as well as talk about some aspects that are important to consider.

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Selling Solutions For Old Cars 

First, you can pass technical control. Such a decision to sell the vehicle in any condition, without risk, is quite simple and complies with legal obligations. You just need to pass technical control. In any case, such a procedure is mandatory before handing over a car older than 4 years. To be valid, it must be less than 6 months old at the time of sale.

It is possible to sell an old car or even a car that is not running without a past technical inspection.  But this check will have the advantage of officially listing non-conforming items, so the buyer can no longer claim ignorance of problems.

Please note that the fact of passing technical control does not shift all responsibilities to the control body. In the event of a subsequent discovery of a latent defect, the technical inspector cannot be held liable if the defect is not subject to control or cannot be visually detected.

The technical controller is no longer obligated to give advice and cannot be blamed for not warning you about something that is outside his area of ​​expertise. Thus, in the event of a hidden defect in the vehicle, the buyer can take action against the seller to the extent of the liability associated with this type of defect.

Often a great option for cars in poor condition is to sell it to professional services.

If you want to sell the car as is, without going through an inspection, the easy solution is to sell it to a professional or trusted car dismantler like JunkcarsUS. As professionals, it is they who undertake the restoration of the car in any condition, in any case, you can get cash for non-running cars. Thus, buying a new car to replace an old one is a great opportunity for you to sell your car profitably.

How To Choose The Right Time For Selling? 

In case of selling your old car to an individual, you have to understand several aspects: 

  • If your car is replaced with another model from the brand’s range, the discount increases.
  • If the annual mileage is below average, the discount on the car is usually lower.
  • If this is a popular model, you can count on resale above the quotation.

In recent years, many used car buyers have also taken the environmental aspect into account.

There is no doubt that the Less Polluting Vehicle will be all the more privileged when local elected officials take concrete action to restrict traffic.

Reselling a diesel car that is several years old can be difficult due to anti-pollution standards, even if it is in very good condition. However, this car, offered more in rural areas, can easily find a buyer. Therefore, geographic targeting is more important than in the past for used car sales.

Some cars are also easier to sell than others due to their inherent quality image. Indeed, two cars bought at the same price, with the same theoretical specifications and the same mileage, will be resold at completely different prices depending on their reputation.

Finally, the used car buyer’s decision will be influenced by:

  •  consumption;
  •  maintenance costs;
  •  car insurance;
  •  model reliability.

Preparation Before Selling 

To resell your used car, you need to transform it a little. Indeed, your buyer will care about its condition, because he/she wants to use this car. Here are some moments of that should not be forgotten:

Thorough cleaning of the cabin and trunk: lift the rear seats, vacuum all the nooks and crannies, try to remove stains with a dry stain remover. If you usually smoke in the car, get rid of the smell of tobacco. Special products work very well, and if the seat fabric or flooring is impregnated, the shampoo will get rid of these unpleasant odors. Don’t forget to empty the ashtrays, both front and back.

Body check: if there are scratches or traces of resin, try to eliminate them. There are effective products for both situations.

Restoration of part of the equipment: missing protective strip, lost steering wheel cap or worn pedal pads are not serious, but emphasize some negligence.

If the mats are damaged, you can also replace them, it doesn’t seem like something big, but it can make a big difference!

Remove as much as possible the signs of personalization that a potential buyer will not like. 

It is necessary to recover the vehicle before sale, but be careful if you overdo it, you can create a negative image of a potential buyer.

For example, dressing damaged seats with beautiful brand new cases is not a good idea. This will not fail to attract the attention of the buyer, who will quickly notice the real condition of the seats. Too thorough cleaning of the engine also risks giving the impression that it has not been cleaned before or that it is aimed at eliminating traces of leakage. This is all the more relevant when the car is relatively old. Dusty but authentic appearance is often preferable.

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