How To Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media?

How To Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media

“My Favorite Fairytale Is Our Love Story!!
If you are reading this post right now, you are probably looking for ways to show off your girlfriend on social media. What we eat, what we wear, our likes-dislikes, the places we visit, and even our relationship status, social media plays an important part in all of this. So, it’s not so surprising if you are looking for ways to show off your girlfriend on social media, as it’s the new normal! Rejoice!! Because this is a featured post for all the love-stricken couples who wish to spread the message of love in the air. 

There can be so many reasons why you want to show off your girlfriend on social media like to make an ex jealous, to show off your partner’s beauty, to show that you are committed in a relationship, to support your partner, and many other things. If the first two points are the real reasons why you want to show off your relationship, then you need to stop. Because that makes you nothing less than a desperate crack head. 

If you genuinely feel for her, or got into a relationship recently and want it to work longer, then make sure to have pure intentions about it. Do you know why most relationships fail? Because people take each other for granted in a relationship. If you are making the same mistake, then you probably should stop it ASAP! Learn how to show off your girlfriend on social media without affecting her self-esteem, and the bond you share. The first step is to start appreciating whatever she does for you. Go tell her that you feel loved. 

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Wouldn’t you like to find the right way to do so? If you have a caring, loving partner, never let them go. Make them feel special every time. Make them know what you feel about them by sharing your feelings publicly. Uh-huh!! Make sure your partner is okay with this whole public thing. 

9 Ways To Show Off Your Girlfriend on  Social Media!

Diamonds can be compared to the feeling of love. Sometimes the tiniest of your efforts is worth more than any expensive gift you can give to your partner. 

For all the gentlemen out there looking out for ways to show off your girlfriend on social media, there are plenty of ideas to make the right move.

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1.Show Off The Efforts Of Your Girlfriend

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Show Off The Efforts Of Your Girlfriend
Source: Adobe Stock

You woke up this morning and saw your girlfriend preparing breakfast for you. 

Hey what’s in the breakfast, you asked?

I am making your favorite pancakes baby!!

Aww!! Don’t you feel lucky enough? 

Well her efforts to make you happy are worth showing off on social media. Posting a lovey-dovey picture with your partner is so old-school kinda stuff. Go for an appreciation post this time.

Yeah, I know you must be thinking “ Hey, But I am bad with words. I’ll screw this up for sure.” Relax!!

Who said you need the perfect poetic lines of Keat? Just express what you feel. And what can be better than posting those pancakes or cookies or even that early morning coffee your girlfriend prepared for you? 

Don’t think much. Just post with “Damn! Feeling so lucky to have you in my life”. Or “Can ask for more. Thank you for these cute little surprises. I LOVE YOU”.

See, Not that hard. I told you!!

2. Cute Couple Posts

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; cute couple posts
Source: Pinterest

Aren’t those cute cuddly couple photos on social media so crushing? Damn!! I always wanted to have one like those with my partner. It may sound like a show-off but that’s what we are here for right? 

To show off your girlfriend on social media you don’t need a #PerfectCouple portfolio shoot with your partner. 

Posting random couple stuff is more lively I guess. It can be anything like a cuddly morning selfie, her preparing meal face, some ugly without makeup beach holiday pictures, or anything you feel like posting.

Don’t hold on to perfection. Be real. Show her off the way she is. No need for filters or coverage. It’s alright to be in love with her flaws and her beauty.

3. Show Your Romantic Side To The World

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Show Your Romantic Side To The World
Source: Verywell Mind

Okay, this one’s a bit cheesy. But who doesn’t love extra cheese, right? LOL!

Not just on birthdays and anniversaries but you can surprise your girlfriend by posting a romantic post about you and her.

Let your friends and family see how much you guys are in love and how much you are willing to do for her. 

Compile your pics together, make a slideshow, and play a nice romantic song in the background. These kinds of gestures are heartwarming and sweet while you show off the chemistry with your girlfriend to the world on social media.

Ahem!! Feeling proud of yourself for doing all these? Well, you should be!

Also, this cheesy slideshow idea can save all those who lack poetic skills. Right?

4. Create A “ThankYou” Post For Her

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Create A “ThankYou” Post For Her
Source: St.Peter Claver Catholic Church

“Thank you For Being The Love Of My Life”.

“You are my lady luck”.

I know when it comes to expressing your love to your partner, boys are less creative and expressive. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love your girlfriend enough.

Here’s a simple tip: small gestures like a thank you post are more than enough!!

Just like you frame a Mother’s Day post or a Father’s day post or even a Merry Christmas post, the same goes with a thankyou post for your girlfriend.

What most of the relationships are lacking is the appreciation part. Your partner does something for you and you are like ok, she’s my girlfriend, not a big deal if she did so and vice versa.

But NOO!!
Sometimes appreciating small things means a lot. And when it comes to making a relationship work, dude, do not ever try to skip this part. A thankyou post every now and then can work wonders. And what’s even more wonderful is to show it publicly.

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Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; WomenCrushWednesday
Source: Pinterest

You might have seen this hashtag trending over social media, #WomanCrushWednesday.

Let me tell you that it’s the most effective and easiest way to use this hashtag and show off your girlfriend on social media.

Do you find it hard to come up with ideas to show your love? Then, try this one.
Start with something simple like by sharing anything you love about her. Or go with a simple “Cheers to my #WomanCrushWednesday for every week”.
If you are a guy who likes to keep your relationship private rather than showing it off on social media then keeping it simple like this is the best thing to do.

It’s like you’re happily showing off your girlfriend on social media but are also keeping it brief and secretive too.

6. Don’t Forget To Keep The Fun Alive

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Don’t Forget To Keep The Fun Alive
Source: Good Housekeeping

Woah! Ryan Reynolds just posted another fun clip with his girlfriend Blake Lively.

Don’t you feel like doing something similar for your partner? If yes, then what’s holding you back? 

See, it’s a fact that every relationship needs time, space, romance, appreciation, and fun. If you feel like the fun part is missing in your relationship then work it out. Not for the sake of showing it to the world but for yourself.

If your busy work schedule isn’t letting you spend much time with your partners, don’t worry. Here’s a tip for you. In spite of spending your weekend holiday lying on your bed like a panda, go out for a drive or a walk to the nearby park maybe. 

If you don’t wanna go out, then hang out in your backyard with your partner. Go live while splashing water on each other and let everyone know how much fun you are having despite time clashes. More than anyone, you’ll feel happy to make these fun memories with your partner. 

Or another way to have fun is by sharing memes. Post a screenshot of a meme having some hilarious jokes about your girlfriend and tag your girlfriend in it. In this way, you get to show off the fun chemistry between you and your partner while enjoying the whole process.

7. Small Gestures of Love

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Small Gestures of Love
Source: Pinterest

You need to understand that not all relationships are the same. Just because you saw a couple posting intimate pictures with their partner, doesn’t mean you have to do the same just for the sake of popularity or a few likes on social media.

It’s good to understand what your partner wants. Most of the time, you might notice that your partner feels happy when you put in small efforts to make them smile. That’s what you need to polish. 

For showing off your partner on social media, you don’t need to portray huge gestures. Sometimes, small and subtle gestures can do the truck for you.

Wondering what?
Post a picture of your girlfriend styling your hair or a picture of you holding hands in the theatre. Add a cute little caption saying “Home is wherever I’m with you.”

Your partner will surely blush and appreciate these lovely subtle gestures of showing your love for them.

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8. Take Pride In Your Partner’s Work and Show All The Love And Support

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Take Pride In Your Partner’s Work and Show All The Love And Support
Source: Jordon Grey Consulting

When you support somebody, they automatically feel that connection and warmth of your love for them. Support your girlfriend in whatever she does. She’s going for a marathon, cheer her up. She’s having an interview tomorrow, posting a story saying, “You’ll rock it I know, All my love and best wishes.” She got promoted at a job, and posted a picture saying “I am super proud of you, my pretty warrior.”

This not just keeps your relationship alive but also boosts your partner’s confidence. Sometimes simple things work more effectively than anything.

9. Let Her Show Everyone How Much You Care

Show Off Your Girlfriend On Social Media; Let Her Show, Everyone, How Much You Care
Source: BP Guide India

Ah-Ha!! It’s time for you to let her take the lead. You already have done your part by organizing a surprise party for her promotion at work. Now it’s her turn to show the world what you did for her. 

Yeah, it sounds creepy but that’s how relationships work. You should be sure about what your partner feels about you. If you guys are comfortable sharing the bond with each other, then there’s no bad in flaunting it on social media as well. 

After all, it’s always a two-way road. 

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Wrapping Up:

Hope you are filled with ideas to show off your girlfriend on social media. Never let miscommunication hamper your relationship. When you feel like things are getting stressed up in your relationship, take a break and go out for a walk or take a day off from work and spend time with your partner. 

At the end of the day, all you want is this to last forever. You are making these efforts to make your partner happy, right? So what’s the fun if she’s not happy. Better keep aside your ego and make it work together. I just want to conclude this post on a positive note that “Be yourself, there’s no better way.”

You can share this post with your friends who find it hard to express their love to their partners. Spread Smiles!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Relationships:

Is it good to post pictures of your girlfriend on social media?

Well, it’s all a personal choice whether you want to post pictures of your partner on social media or not. Some like to keep it public while some enjoy a private life. Unless and until your partner is okay with your posting their pictures publicly, it’s all right. 
Some research shows that sharing your information on social media sites can harm your private information as it can be accessed by a large audience out there.

What does it mean when your girlfriend doesn’t post any pictures of you two together on social media?

It’s better to talk and know what your partner feels. Also, this can be a case if your partner likes to keep things personal. Maybe she’s not comfortable enough to share her private life publicly. Or maybe she doesn’t feel the need to showcase her personal life with anyone but her close ones. 
That doesn’t mean she’s not into you. It’s just a matter of choices and you should respect that. 

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