How To Spot Instagram Bots? A Complete Guide!

how to spot instagram bots

You may have found Instagram bots annoying and wished to eliminate them by identifying them as soon as possible. Well, we have got you covered and in this article, we will teach you how to spot Instagram bots. 

Are you exhausted from seeing bot accounts increase your following count? You are not alone. Unfortunately, bots are invading the Instagram community and undermining the platform’s credibility. Let’s see how to identify Instagram bots.

To spot Instagram bots, look at their username, profile picture, comment section, engagement with the users and check whether they have added reposts. 

Continue reading further to understand in detail how to spot Instagram bots and what procedure is involved in it. 

How To Spot Instagram Bots?

To spot Instagram bots, have a look at their following and followers count, check the bio of the account to see whether it is replicated, check the content on the feed and stories. 

Your Instagram interactions are automated by Instagram bots. They have the ability to act on your behalf and send direct messages, like posts, leave comments, follow and unfollow users, and more. You no longer need to manually communicate with other profiles on the app when Instagram bots are at your disposal. Simply describe your target market, and the bot will attempt to improve your interaction as naturally as possible.

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An estimated 95 million Instagram accounts are bots and the goal of these accounts can vary depending on the platform, but one of the ways they are most frequently used on Instagram is to unnaturally increase follower counts. There are some quick ways to identify Instagram bots and we have listed them below:

  1. The bot accounts have randomly chosen letters and digits as their username. Example: @Diva34&*
  2. The bot accounts have no profile picture at all or they might have a photograph of a famous person, an image of an animal, or a stock image.
  3. They have an odd following-to-followers ratio: These accounts frequently have thousands of following counts but not enough followers.
  4. The bot accounts have typically Low engagement rates. Depending on the niche and size of the audience, the normal ER on Instagram ranges from 1.5 to 3%. Ghost followers and bot ER are often less than 1%.
  5. The bot account has a bio that is void, generic, or replicated.
  6. They have useless emoji comments that are spam.
  7. These bot accounts post, comment, like ,and follow a lot in the early days until they have the quantity of followers they appear legitimate. Afterwards, they post very little activity. Real followers are consistently active at all times.
  8. There is no content on Instagram Stories or the feed, no bio data, and no “Tagged” photographs on bot accounts. 
  9. The bot accounts frequently add reposts to the page to keep it from looking suspicious and to prevent it from being empty.

By carefully looking at the above-mentioned points you can easily find Instagram bots and remove them.

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Instagram Bot Checker

There are many reliable Instagram audit tools available, ranging from free ones that can help you to know how to check bots on Instagram and inform you of the percentage of false followers to paid ones that will even get rid of them for you. Using efficient Instagram auditing tools, you may check any account and get information about how many followers and how much engagement each one has.

1. FakeCheck

How To Spot Instagram Bots - fake check

A service like FakeCheck, uses your engagement rates to calculate the number of bot followers you have. It is not free, however it can be used on accounts with fewer than 1,000 followers. To use it, you must purchase $1 in credits.

2. Social Audit Pro

How To Spot Instagram Bots - social audit pro

Each of your followers will be examined by Social Audit Pro, who will categorize them into good, inactive, slightly suspicious, and extremely suspicious grades. It will also provide you with a ton of additional information on your followers, such as the proportion of businesses to regular users and the gender split of your followers. After that, you can ban or remove the shady or ghost followers using their follower cleanup tool.

3. IG Audit

How To Spot Instagram Bots - IG Audit

When given an Instagram handle, it scans 200 randomly chosen followers of that handle and assigns a percentage score out of 100 to the account, along with average likes, comments, and an estimated actual to fake follower ratio. The use of this tool is free.

4. HypeAuditor

How To Spot Instagram Bots - HypeAuditor

After scanning an account, HypeAuditor delivers a report comprising analytics including follower count, account rank, interaction figures, demographics information etc. It is accessible for use by any Instagram account with more than 1000 followers and costs $2 each token.

5. pfluence

Upfluence provides a follower analysis (% of actual vs. false) and follower demographic information for each account you examine, assisting you in your search for influencers who have authentic social media followings. This Instagram bot checker tool is reliable and the Chrome Extension is completely free, which is the best part.

By using these Instagram bot checker tools, you can easily spot Instagram bots and get rid of the bots

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How To Remove Bots On Instagram?

Launch Instagram > Identify the bot profile > Click the three dots > Click delete or report

Once you spot Instagram bots, the next step is to remove them. Reporting or removing bots from your list of followers is the most effective technique to purge your Instagram account of fraudulent followers. Simple steps to accomplish this are as follows:

Step 1: Launch Instagram and identify the bot profile.

Step 2: At the top right of their profile, click the three dots.

Step 3: Click Delete or Report.

With these methods, you can remove bots on Instagram.

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Wrapping up

We have come to the end of the post and we hope this article has given you a clear explanation on how to spot Instagram bots. Bots may harm the reputation of your account and it is of utmost importance to remove them. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Bots Message You On Instagram?

Ans. Instagram bots can be used to communicate with the platform and communicate with new followers. This makes perfect sense given that visitors respond favorably to a personalized welcome message by becoming more interactive.

Q2. How Do I Stop Instagram Bots?

  • Create a rule for automatic moderation.
  • Tell us about your automated rule.
  • Decide what action on social media you wish to take.
  • To make this even simpler, use a premade template.

Q3. Are Bots Harmful On Instagram?

Ans. While Instagram bots can be quite useful, the social media site itself discourages users from relying entirely on it. Also, if your bot violate Instagram’s rules of service, your account could be shadow-banned.

Q4. Do Bots Watch Instagram Stories?

Ans. Those who have reported having bots like their Instagram stories on Reddit claim that this can happen when users who you may have blocked or who you simply don’t want to be visible want to visit your stories without your knowledge. They can accomplish this with the aid of websites, which establish bot accounts for them.

Q5. Do Instagram Bots Have Private Accounts?

Ans. These accounts have their accounts set to private mode so you cannot examine the content or (lack of) genuine engagements on their profile, but they nevertheless adhere to the same patterns as the mass followers.

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