How To Start Couponing – A Guide For Beginners


Tired of spending on Groceries!!! Don’t worry we are here with an idea that would help you save a lot on your Groceries and daily expenses. The idea is to start Couponing, here is a complete guide that tells you how to start it.

Many of us are unaware of the term Couponing. To begin with what is couponing? Couponing is the technique in which we collect coupons on a specific item, combine them, and get the product at a discounted rate. Sounds interesting!! does it? below is a complete guide for the beginners who have just started couponing or are willing to start it soon.

The points to remember while starting couponing are places to find Coupons, Known the Goal you are using coupons for, Types of coupons and how can they be used, How to find a perfect deal, Consider using Cashback Apps, and finally how to get maximum savings.

The steps given above are explained below in full detail. Follow them to save the maximum from couponing.

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A Guide For Beginners to Start Couponing

Following are the steps that should be followed to start couponing for beginners. If these steps are followed perfectly then you can save a lot from these.

Where to Find Coupons

The first and foremost thing for starting couponing is you need a coupon. Where to find them? No need to panic there are three ways through which we can access these coupons.

Sunday Newspapers- You can find these discount coupons in the Sunday newspapers. Many companies and stores offer these coupons to increase their sale and attract customers.

Store Shopping- Many stores offer discount coupons to their regular or new customers to attract them and create goodwill among the customers.

Online- There are various apps that offer coupons to the customers you can take a printout of these coupons or just show the retailers the coupons on the mobile phone to get the discount.

Understand The Goal

You need to understand the goal of couponing. The goal is to get an item at a low price, suggestion is to wait for the item to go on sale and collecting the coupons till then and after the sale has started, use the coupons and get it at lower prices. Let’s understand this with the example, you need to buy a shirt and it is quite expensive or your budget is low. Wait for the shirt to go on a sale and start collecting the coupons. After the sale has started the price of the shirt will go down and you can also use the coupons to get it at a lower price than the sale.

Understanding The Types Of Coupons and Using Them 

There are two types of coupons Manufacturer coupons and store coupons.

A manufacturer coupon is a coupon that is offered by a company such as Bertolli which is an oil and sauce manufacturing company. The coupon will have the company’s name written on it and the coupon’s expiry date.

A store coupon on the other hand is the coupon that is offered by the store. The name of the store will be written on it along with the expiry date.

You can use both the manufacturer and the store coupon at a time to avail yourself of the maximum discount. Let’s understand this with an example, you have got $10 off on the manufacturer coupon and $7 off on the store coupon. The item costs $20, combine both the coupons and pay $3 to get a discount of $17.

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Find a Perfect Deal

Before going shopping on coupons you must find the thing you need to buy. The perfect thing to find the deal is to look for the products that are offered in the weekly coupons. Don’t just spend the money just because you have coupons. Collect the coupons wait for the sale or see for the product you are actually in need of then go shopping. But waiting doesn’t mean you wait so long that your coupons got expired. Make their use before expiration.

Consider Cashbacks to Save More

Along with the couponing try to save more using the cashback apps. You can download various money wallet or finance apps that offers cashback on various transactions. So, now you can save more using these apps. You will get a discount using the coupons and after paying through these finance apps you avail yourself of the cashback that will help you save more.

How To Get The Maximum Save

Now that you are aware of all the types of coupons and methods to save money. There is a way we can make the maximum out of the opportunities provided to us. We can use the manufacturer coupon and the store coupon at the same time and wait for the sale in the store. Not only this we should use the cashback apps to get more benefits. let’s get this with the example, A product costs $40

Manufacturer Coupon$10
Store Coupon$7
Total Discount$25

So, the item costing $40 will be available to you at $15

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coupon Stacking?

Using both the manufacturer and the store coupon at a time to avail yourself of the maximum discount is called the Coupon Stacking.

Can we use Manufacturer and the Store Coupon on the same product?

Yes, You can use both the manufacturer and the store coupons at the same time but, it totally depends on the policies of the store whether they allow coupon stacking or not.


What are you waiting for now!! go grab your first deal and get for favorite products at great deals. Do let us know your couponing experience in the Comments Section.

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