How To Style Your Bangs Effortlessly | Style Highlighted Bangs Like A Pro!!

How To Style Your Bangs

Okay, so you got a pimple on your forehead just a day before your special day? Don’t worry, your bangs can save you!! Ahh!! Such a relief! Styling bangs can be easy and tricky and messy at the same time. If you think you need hours to get those perfect baby bangs styled right away, then you are wrong. Learn how to style your bangs within minutes using these simple tips. 

Easy Tips for fading Kids Hair
Easy Tips for fading Kids Hair

So ladies, even if you’re running late for a meeting, have to rush to the market or your date is waiting outside your apartment to pick you up, try these quick and effective hacks to style your messy highlighted bangs with ease in just 5 minutes. Hey honey, I’ll be there in 5 minutes!! You can probably use this statement with true intentions now. Lol!! 

There are so many products in the market that can be used to keep your bangs volumized and all set in place. To create those WOW, celebrity looks without much heck, we got you covered with the five best ways to style your bangs. Bangs give you a fuller and cute look instantly. You don’t have to do much, just style your highlighted bangs whichever way you want and you’re ready to flaunt a fresh bold look. 

Get those effortless bangs, with these simple styling tips inspired by your favorite celebrities and famous hairstylists. These styles are suitable for all hair types. Take out your blow driers and start styling.

How To Style Your Bangs

Before we jump to various styling hacks for your bangs, let’s undercover the different types of bangs and how to style each one of them. 

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Five Types Of Bangs

  1. Side Swept Bangs
  2. Straight Across Bangs
  3. Long Bangs
  4. Baby Bangs
  5. Curly or Wavy Bangs

How To Style Side Swept Bangs? 

How To Style Your Bangs; How To Style Side Swept Bangs
Source: Hair Advisor

It’s always good to use the expert’s advice when styling your hair. Jeff Chastain, a popular hairstylist recommends the best styling tips to style side-swept bangs. To do so, part your hair to either side, left or right. Now using a curler, or a round brush, move the hair towards the back and apply the hot air blow dryer on them. This world is best on slightly wet hair. To make your bangs stay in place for longer, use a hair spray. 

How To Style Straight-Across Bangs

How To Style Your Bangs; How To Style Straight-Across Bangs
Source: All Things Hair

Unlike the previous technique, this one requires a reverse version. Comb slightly wet bangs downwards and blow dry them. Hold the comb downwards and keep your bangs pushed downwards with slight pressure while blow-drying. Or you can even use a dry shampoo to make your highlighted bangs look stunning and fresh.

How To Style Long Blonde Bangs

How To Style Your Bangs; How To Style Long Blonde Bangs
Source: The Right Hairstyles

Long blonde bangs are so adorable. It gives you the perfect feminine vibes along with multiple styling options. To style your long bangs, tie your hair in a high ponytail. Let your bangs hang outside the pony. You can either cover your forehead with straight bangs or move them sideways. Another way to style them is by doing a half updo with a messy top knot. This way, bangs looks perfectly covered around your face to give you a cute girly look.

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How to Style Baby Bangs?

How To Style Your Bangs; How to Style Baby Bangs?
Source: HelloGiggles

Baby bangs are very much in style. The 90’s dramas have witnessed women with baby hair cuts, looking aesthetic and adorable. Inspired by the 90’s style, many people try these baby bangs. To style baby bangs into the perfect silky fringe,  you can use a flat iron. To maintain the shine, you can try various shine boosters like Toni&Guy. Use a ceramic-coated flat iron so that your hair doesn’t get damaged.

How To Style Wavy and Curly Bangs?

How To Style Your Bangs; How To Style Wavy and Curly Bangs
Source: Pinterest

Curls are nerve out of trend. Just like straight hair, many people face problems styling their curly and wavy hair, especially the bangs. Here’s a way inspired by Taylor Swift’s styling, to get the perfect wavy bangs. You can use a hair curler if you have straight hair. Using a round comb, take your hair sideways and blow-dry for a while. Repeat this a few times, and your curly bangs will be ready to flaunt. For people with short hair, you can use this trick to curl the rest of your hair as well.

Other Ways To Style Your Highlighted Bangs

How To Style Your Bangs; Other Ways To Style Y
Source: Elle

Some people like their highlighted bangs open, while some tie them up. Here’s another option to style your bangs, suitable for the summer season. Since it’s all hot out there and sweaty, you can simply pin up your bangs. This will keep your highlighted bangs to show up completely and it’s easy to create this style.

Types Of Highlighted Bangs

  1. Ash Bangs
  2. Golden Blonde Highlights
  3. Long blonde bangs
  4. Short bob with bangs
  5. Medium bob with magenta highlights
  6. Highlighted side-swept bangs
  7. Bangs with strawberry highlights

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Make sure you wash your hair two-three times a week. This will allow better and fuller-looking bangs. Also, never use a blow dryer on oily hair, as it can damage the hair. Hope you got your answer on how to style your bangs effortlessly.

There are five ways to do so, either style your bangs sideways, keep them straight, curl them to the side, or pin them up. Hope you found this article informative. Do share it with your friends. 

For more styling hacks, stay tuned. Until then, keep styling, keep smiling!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Styling Your Bangs:

How do you make your bangs look pretty?

1. Blow dry them sideways.
2. Brush forward not under.
3. Pin them back.
4. Blow Dry them downward.
5. Use minimal products.
6. Use your fingers for a piece-y look.
7. Wash them frequently.

How do I keep my bangs look good all the time?

1. Use an anti-humidity spray.
2. Use dry shampoo.
3. Tri your hair timely.
4. Use hydrating hair products.
5. Pump up the volume using a blow dryer.

Should I wash my bangs daily?

Since bangs cover most of your forehead, if you do not clean them regularly, they’ll get greasy. It increases the chances of getting acne and pimples due to trapped oil and dirt. So, it is good to wash them regularly.

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