How to Take Care of Toddler’s Ears?

Your ears are not only responsible for hearing but they also controlled several functions in your body. That’s why you cannot ignore your ears. Similarly, parents are very much concerned about their children’s ears. They always ask a question like how to take care of a toddler’s ear? How to remove wax from a child’s ear? How often should we remove the wax? Etc.

Hearing is a basic need in our life. And you should take care of this blessing from childhood. Usually children especially toddlers can’t understand and tell clearly about the problems related to the ear. Whether they feel pain or irritation, they can’t express it in words. That’s why it’s important to have regular checkups of your ears from ear doctors. ENT specialists are the doctors who can diagnose and treat problems related to ears, nose, and throat. You can find and consult with the best ENT specialists in Karachi through Marham.

Here are a few important tips that help can help you in taking care of your toddler’s ears;

Clean External Ear:

Use a soft cloth or tissue to clean the outer part of the ears. You can also remove the wax that has migrated out in the ear canal.

Dry Ears After Bath:

Let your child’s ears dry after giving a bath. Ask your child to tilt the head to one side against the towel and then on another side. This will help the water to come out if it entered into the ears during the bath.

Don’t Expose To Loud Music:

 Your child’s ears are very sensitive. Don’t allow them to listen to loud music or any noisy thing that may damage your eardrum.

Use Ear Wax Solution:

To clean the toddler’s ears it is important to use ear wax solution. It helps in softening the ear wax. And allows softened ear wax to easily come out from the ear canal.

Avoid Cotton Buds:

Cotton swabs or cotton buds should not be used to clean ears. And in the case of toddler’s they are very dangerous. They push the ear wax deeper inside the ear canal and may damage the eardrum of the child. That’s why using cotton buds is not recommended for children and toddlers.

Don’t do Self-medication:

Never pour any medicine into your child’s ear without consulting your doctor. If your child has any symptoms or problems in the ear, always consult the ENT specialist for this. And then use the prescribed medicine.

Get Regular Checkups:

Regular checkups with the health professional are very important. You should visit your child’s doctor once a year, who can examine the ears properly from inside as well. This helps in diagnosing any problem related to the ear at early stages.

Don’t Let Your Child Put Anything In-Ear:

Children and toddlers have this habit of putting things in their mouth, nose, or ears. Always keep an eye on your toddler and never allow them to put anything in their ear. Sometimes children copy their elders and put earphones or earbuds in their ears, this may also be dangerous for them. So try to avoid such incidents.

Don’t Ignore Potential Warning Signs:

If you notice irritability in your kid, redness, heaviness, or any other issue in your ear/s, you should not ignore these symptoms. These potential signs may refer to some serious infection or problem of the ears. You must visit the ENT specialist for consultation.

Always ask your doctor to guide you about your child’s inner ear condition and how to remove ear wax from it. Ear wax is not a pleasant thing to see, but it is necessary to stay in the ear unless it causes any problem. So it is important to know the normal condition of the ears of your child.

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