How To Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid? No Monomer, No Drill, Only Beautiful Acrylics!!

How To Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid

“How To Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid?” if this is the query that you bought you here, then we got you covered with the best nail hacks!!

Nail Guns
Nail Guns

The acrylic liquid is like a shield for your acrylic nails. To ensure that your nails last long with a natural-looking texture, nail artists use this gluey liquid formula and mix it with powder to form the acrylic nail film.

The trick of how to use acrylic powder without acrylic liquid seems a bit offbeat, I know! How will you get the perfect acrylic nails then, right? But if there’s a query, there’s a solution too!! Here in this post, you’ll find the best acrylic liquid substitutes.

Get an amazing acrylic nail fill without monomer using some easy swaps for the products!! Feeling excited you know what’s in there waiting for you? Well! Well! Well! Let’s get started then!!

Why Is Acrylic Liquid Used With Acrylic Powder?

Why Is Acrylic Liquid Used With Acrylic Powder
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Acrylic liquid or monomer is used with acrylic powder to give a hard texture to the nails. Water is not used with acrylic powder as it lacks the gluey consistency to hold together the powder and the nail.

Also, many people have this doubt about acrylic liquid and monomer being the same or different. Well, the monomer is the chemical name for the liquid acrylics just like polymer is the correct chemical name for acrylic powder. Also, Monomers have a strong smell. 

Another query that may stick in your mind while going for acrylics is “Can I use acrylic powder without monomer?”

The acrylic powder alone is not suggested as it may chip off easily or the nails may appear rough. But these are alternate ways to form acrylic nails.

Want to know what it is? If yes, then keep reading the under-mentioned step-by-step guide on how to use acrylic powder without acrylic liquid and find out the substitute for the same!!

How To Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid?

Manicure and Pedicure are so damn relaxing!! After an all-week busy work schedule, and a 9 to 5 stressful life, I deeply needed a detoxifying session. I was dreaming of a pampering session that was about to be fulfilled, but only if my relatives didn’t show up this weekend and spoiled all my salon appointment plans.

Urg!! I felt so frustrated that I literally watched over 20 videos on gel and acrylic manicures and cried like babies!! LOL!! And, then an idea hit my mind that really helped lighten my mood. Now, I feel thankful to my relatives for the surprise visit. HEHEHE!!

I know, I know I may sound crazy right now, but I feel happy sharing my at-home manicure session idea with you guys.

Who said you can’t have salon-like nails at home? Be it gel or acrylics, everything is possible at home. You just need the right products and a beginner’s guide to perfect nails and you are good to go!!

Here is all that you need to do to ace salon-pro acrylic nails at home. Also, don’t worry if you do not have products like monomers for nail filling, as we got you some alternate ways!!

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

Buff Your Nail Plate
Source: SXC Cosmetics

The first and foremost thing you need to do is prep your nails before applying any product to them. Make sure your nails are clean and do not have any leftover nail paint from your last manicure. You can use an acetone solution to clean them.

Step 2: Shape Your Nails Or Apply Fake Nail Tips

Shape Your Nails Or Apply Fake Nail Tips
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Now that your nails are ready for further experimentation, shape them with the desired shape you want for your nails. Use any good quality nail shaper/nail file to shape them. 

If you want to use fake nails then you do not need to do anything with your natural nails. Just paste the correct sized fake nails and jump to the next step.

Step 3: Buff Your Nail Plate

How To Use Acrylic Powder Without Acrylic Liquid? No Monomer, No Drill, Only Beautiful Acrylics!!
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You must be wondering why do I need to buff my nails when I already have cleaned them nicely? Well, buffing is basically removing the shiny texture from the nails so that nail paint can stay longer and look better. 

Use any nail buffer or you can buff your nails using a nail file as well. Once done, move on to the next step…

Step 4: It’s Time For Some Primer Coating

It’s Time For Some Primer Coating
Source: BlueSky

Why primer? It’s used to even the nail surface so that whatever product or nail polish you are going to use on your nails blends easily and properly. Use a primer coating over all your nails. 

Step 5: Substitute Acrylic Liquid With Dip Powder

Substitute Acrylic Liquid With Dip Powder
Source: Wellness Trends

Oh!! That’s something new to the regular procedure!

Well, if you were looking for ways to use acrylic powder without using acrylic liquid then the best way to do so is to substitute the liquid with Dip Powder!

Why dip powder, why not water or any other thing?

Firstly, water does not have that gluey consistency to hold the product together, that’s why it’s not used with acrylic powder.

Secondly, acrylic dipping powder has an inbuilt gluey consistency due to cyanoacrylate present in them. It’s odorless and easy to use.

Step 6:  Apply Acrylic Dip Powder On Nail Plates

Apply Acrylic Dip Powder On Nail Plates
Source: Manicure Watford

Your nails are ready, you have the right product, now all that you need to do is apply this dipping powder to the nail plate. Fill your nail surface properly until it forms a nice film. Once done, allow it to dry properly.

Step 7: File Out The Excess Product

File Out The Excess Product
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As the powder layer dries on your nails, remove the excess product from the cuticles. Use a nail filer to shape the uneven edges. Now using a buffer, buff the top surface of the acrylic nails. 

Step 8: It’s Time For Some Colorful Mush!

It’s Time For Some Colorful Mush!

Once you are done buffing your nails, just like you did before, apply a primer coating on your nails. Now your nails are all ready to paint with desired nail color and nail design!!

Wuhu!! You got the perfect acrylic nails!! Enjoy the final results!!

7 Best Dip Powder Nail Kits For Long-Lasting Shiny Manicure At Home!!

Best Dip Powder Nail Kits

Now that you know a suitable alternative for acrylic powder, you must be looking for the best dip powder nail kits in the market. Here are the top 7 suggestions as per nail technicians:

  1. Red Carpet Manicure Dip Color Kit
  2. Honey Joy Dipping Powder Kits
  3. Kiss Dip Color System Kit
  4. Le Chat Professional French Dip Kit
  5. Kiara Sky Dipping Powder Starter Kit
  6. Dipwell Acrylic Kit
  7. Nailboo Essentials Dip Kit

To Wrap Up:

So, who said acrylics are hard to get? See, we got you the easiest tips and tricks to do a professional acrylic manicure at home and that too without using any acrylic liquid.

If you liked this post, do pass it on to your friends and family and let them enjoy it more in less!! I know many of you have already taken out your nail tools and are all ready to use this hack.

Well, let’s take your leave then. Keep visiting our site for more fun, easy and trending nail and beauty tips! Until then, Happy Acrylics!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Acrylics:

Q. Is there a substitute for acrylic liquid?

Yes, Polyester Resin is often used as a substitute for acrylic liquid or monomer. But it’s not always preferred. You can also use dipping powder that ends the need of using any liquid with acrylic powder.

Q. Is dip powder the same as acrylic powder?

While dip powder and acrylic powder are often mistaken as one, there are differences between the two. As, the acrylic powder needs a monomer mix to form acrylic nails, whereas, dip powder is already activated and does not need any mix of monomer or any other liquid.

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