How to Use the Hair Mask at Home 

How to Use the Hair Mask at Home 

Keratin hair nutrition with the help of hair mask is a temporary change in the structure of the hair with specialized formulations with a high content of keratin protein fibers. Keratin treatment restores damaged, weak hair, and not only makes styling easier for many months. This advanced method corrects, nourishes and smoothes hair, as well as restores hair damaged by various chemical treatments.

Keratin hair mask is necessary to restore their structure from the inside. Molecules of the substance are able to penetrate deep into the hairline, filling the intercellular space and microcracks, restoring its elasticity, strength and shine. It also moisturizes the hair and retains moisture, preventing the split ends of the hair. The instruction on how to use the mask:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and gently dry it with a soft absorbent towel.
  • Evenly apply the mask to the hair, retreating 2-3 centimeters from the roots, then gently comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth to even better distribute the product. 
  • Keep the mask on your hair for as long as indicated in the instructions, then rinse it thoroughly and dry your hair in the usual way. Some masks enhance their effect if the hair is heated with a hairdryer. 

The process of washing with sulfate-free cosmetics is a mandatory criterion, since the use of conventional cosmetics will lead to washing out of keratin from the structure. Conditioner, mask or balm will not be able to prevent this. 

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What to Do After the Use of the Best Keratin Hair Mask?

You may need to slightly change the technology of washing your hair. So, you need to try to keep the hair constantly in an even position, and especially for this, align it with your palms along the entire length. In addition, it is important to remember 3 important rules for washing your hair:

  • Apply the product on the palm of our hand and lather, and then apply the foam to the skin and hair along the entire length.
  • Pay special attention to the skin, because due to the smoothness of the hair, quite a lot of dirt accumulates at the roots, in particular, on the temples and forehead.
  • Wash hair from roots to ends, repeat the procedure, and each time thoroughly rinse it under a warm shower, trying to stroke the hair lengthwise from top to bottom. 

To maintain the presence of keratin, modern cosmetic companies produce a variety of therapeutic and preventive shampoos, balms, gels. There are three types of this component —  hydrolyzed keratin, amino acids, vegetable protein complexes (for example, prokeratin).  There is an opinion that collagen wins them alone, but in fact this protein shows itself better in working with the cuticle and as part of the diet, and best keratin hair masks have a much deeper effect in the hair itself.

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