How To Wear A Floral Shirt? 12+ Amazing Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men And Women!!

How To Wear A Floral Shirt? 12+ Amazing Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men And Women!!

We all have that one floral shirt resting in our wardrobe that never gets a turn to be styled with any outfit. Sometimes it looks overdressed, something a bit bland! Whatever the reason is behind not wearing that beautiful shirt lying over there, it’s time to bring it out!! Only if you knew different styles of How to wear a floral shirt, you would have worn it every single day!! What if you don’t know? We have got you covered in this post.

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There are so many occasions that these floral shirts look just amazing to be worn at like wedding attire, for beach parties, and many other places! And, if you feel that florals are out of trend, then a big NOOO!! Florals were never out of trend. In fact, they are back to creating a style statement again!! Haven’t you seen famous celebrities wearing Hawaiian floral shirts casually and formally too?

This just opened up room for another query that is “How to wear a floral shirt formally?” Well, wear it the same as your regular plain shirts tucked neatly inside your pants! Isn’t it amazing to have little experimenting with your regular formal styling? Not just that you can pull over a floral shirt to casual outings, as your Thanksgiving outfit, to your dates, college, and even disco parties!!

Want to know how to style a floral shirt so that you do not look too offbeat or too overdressed? If yes, then that’s what this post is specialized for!! We have got a number of styling tips and ideas so that you get to flaunt your perfect personality in that underrated floral shirt!!

How To Wear A Floral Shirt? – Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men!

How To Wear A Floral Shirt; Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas For Men
Source: YouTube

This time we are letting men take the lead to explore various trending floral outfit ideas for them!! Be it your regular hanging out with pals, a day out with your partner, or a formal business meeting, you can never go wrong with a floral shirt outfit if you know how to style ut the right way!!

When it comes to styling, there’s nothing like rules for perfection, but choosing the right outfit for the right occasion and mood makes a huge difference. 

Imagine you wearing a floral shirt at your first job interview! You are getting rejected by!! Be careful when and where to wear what!

Have a look at these amazing floral shirt outfit ideas for men and pick the right one for yourself!

1. Floral Shirt Outfit For College

How to wear a afloral shirt: Floral Shirt Outfit For College
Source: Outfit

Okay, so it’s your freshman year and of course, you want to look good!! After a charming first expression will keep you entertained throughout the year!! HeHe!!

Here’s a simple and stylish floral shirt outfit idea for your daily college wear. You can wear any Hawaiian floral shirt with jeans and a pair of flat sneakers. This looks just amazing, and gives you a perfect casual-cool vibe to hang around!

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2. Floral Shirt With Tees For Movie Date

Floral shirt outfits for men: Floral Shirt With Tees For Movie Date
Source: Dmarge

Wuhu!! Someone is up for a movie date tonight!! This calls for a cute outfit that goes with the mood! If you do not wish to be overdressed but want to look attractive even in casual clothing, then this idea is meant for you!

Yeah! A floral shirt over a plain white t-shirt looks perfect for a movie date or a casual outing with your friends! Not too much, not too less, just on pint!!

3. Floral Shirt With Leather Jacket

Floral Shirt With Leather Jacket

Winters are around the corner! Or, I must say, winters have already started! The leather jacket is one such item that we all have in our wardrobe. 

This winter, be stylish with your leather jacket look by teaming it up with a nice floral shirt. Isn’t it cool? Yeah! It surely is!

You can wear this outfit for a casual outing or bike ride or for attending parties and pubs!

4. Rolled Up Sleeves

Rolled Up Sleeves
Source: Dmarge

Ahh! The rolled-up sleeves. Want to try a cool dapper look using your regular floral skirt? Do try this hack then!! 

Wear your shirt as usual. Tucking it inside your pants or leaving it out, that’s completely up to you. Roll up your sleeves for an instant classy look. And you are good to flaunt it throughout the day!! 

5. With Denim Jacket And Sneakers

With Denim Jacket And Sneakers
Source: The Modest

A denim jacket is an ultimate go for every occasion, be it boys or girls! You don’t need to make extra efforts styling a denim jacket. 

This time go a little carefree and funky by wearing a sexy floral shirt under your denim jacket!!! 

Wuhu!! Someone is looking hot!! Pair it up with white pants and white sneakers! Or you can try a dark combination by pairing it up with dark blue denim jeans and leather boots. Either way, you are going to look dashing!! 

6. Open Buttoned Beachy Look

Open Buttoned Beachy Look

Out on a beach? Look that girl’s staring at you!! Want this feel for real? 

You should try something playful and carefree with your regular beach styling. Instead of wearing tees to the beach, pick up a nice floral shirt, Hawaiian style, and pair it up with Jean shorts!! 

Ahm!! You look super cute! You can either wear Sandoz under your unbuttoned floral shirt or can skip wearing anything under your shirt. Just the shirt, opened-up buttons, bare chest, and a muscular body to flaunt!! 

Yeah! Now that’s what we call a hunk!

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How To Wear Floral Shirt – Floral Outfit Ideas For Women!

Floral Outfit Ideas For Women
Source: GOXIP

So, ladies!!! Be ready to flaunt your charm with these cute floral outfit ideas!! From casual, funky to formal, we have so many ideas to try!

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe! Take out the old outfits and turn them into brand new ones by using some of the below-mentioned shirt styling hacks.

1. Wear Floral Shirt Like A Shrug

Floral Outfit Ideas For Women; Wear Floral Shirt Like A Shrug

Having a cute floral shirt can be your ultimate savior when you are running out of new outfits. Want to know how? 

Well, wear any of your regular tees with shorts or jeans. Now, pick up that floral shirt and wear it like a shrug over your outfit. See, you got an instant new outfit look!! 

You can also wear this floral shirt like a shrug over your midi dress! It adds an extra element to the whole look! 

2. Under A Sweater With Collar Out

Under A Sweater With Collar Out

Ahh!! Wearing a shirt under the sweater is such an aesthetic outfit styling! 

Do try this 90’s inspired shirt under the sweater styling and flaunt the vintage look! 

Take out any of your plain or feathery sweaters and wear them over a floral shirt nicely tucked inside your pants. Leave the collars out for added effect! 

You can also pair it up with a mini shirt!! Either way, it looks great! 

3. Floral Shirt With Crop Top

Floral Outfit Ideas For Women; Floral Shirt With Crop Top
Source: Storenvy

Pairing shirts over crop tops have always been in trend. Especially among teenagers, college students, and even corporate workers! 

This styling gives room for experimentation!! You can wear a floral shirt over a cropped bralette top, over a camisole, over a loose crop top, or a t-shirt!! 

Pair it up with tattered shorts and you are good to rock the vibe!! Wear white shoes, or simply go for flat slippers for a cool casual look! 

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4. Floral Shirt With A Jean Jacket

Floral Shirt With A Jean Jacket
Source: I Do DeClaire

Want something adorable to wear for outings and office? Well, denim jackets are a good choice then!!

Yes, you can wear a denim jacket as everyday office wear, as they give both formal and casual looks! Also, try pairing it up with a nice floral shirt underneath! You’ll look adorable!

While many people go all denim, but you can wear white jeans instead of blue to create a catchy outfit look! It looks sober and elegant!!

5. Team It Up With Blazer And Boots

Team It Up With Blazer And Boots
Source: 1 News. com

Going out for a corporate meeting? Well, florals make a way to your formal meeting outfits too!! 

Yes, you can absolutely wear a floral shirt with a fitted blazer and formal boots for a classic corporate look! 

Tuck in the shirt in your pants, button-up, for a clean formal look. If you want to wear a blazer for a party then you do not necessarily have to tuck in the shirt.

A pair of heels will also look great with this outfit!

6. Floral Shirt With Pencil Skirt

Floral Shirt With Pencil Skirt
Source: YesStyle

Another formal styling hack using a floral shirt is to pair it up with a pencil skirt and heels!! Looks super classy!!

I know floral is a little too loud for corporate meets, but a subtle floral printed shirt does no harm!

You can wear stockings underneath the skirt for an added element of charm! It looks great! Try not to wear flat boots, wear heels instead! This makes your legs look taller and your outfit feels more enhanced!

7. Knot In Out!!!

Floral shirt Outfits for women: Knot In Out!!!
Source: Pinterest

Last but not the least, we have this amazing casual styling tip for you! Floral shirts look great with everything, be it pajamas, jeans, bell-bottoms, shorts, shirts, or even over swimsuits!

The best way to carry a shirt outfit is to knot it at the front. It looks so chic!! You can either tie a knot at the base or tie it up a little higher for a cropped top look.

Looks great right? Accessorize a little for a popped-up look and you are good to go!!

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Wrapping Up:

Wow!! All these floral shirt outfit ideas were really fun to explore. It’s time to implement these styling hacks for real.

I love the floral shrug outfit as it looks super cute and amazing!! You can wear it with a crop top, with swimwear, with a t-shirt, cami, and over a dress too! So much with just a single shirt!!

Which one is your favorite style, do comments down below! If you loved the ideas, don’t forget to share them further!!

Stay tuned for more styling updates. Until then Keep Dressing, Keep Impressing!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Styling A Floral Shirt:

Q. Can A floral Shirt Be Formal?

Floral shirts are very versatile when it comes to styling, but do they go around well for every occasion? While many of you feel that floral prints are not for formal wear, but that’s not completely true! Yes, wearing floral shirts for your formal purposes is never a bad idea, just make sure you dress them up neatly by properly tucking them in or pairing them up with a formal blazer!

Q. Can Men Wear Floral Shirts?

It’s totally up to you what type of styling do you prefer for yourself. It’s nothing bad with wearing florals at all both for men and women. In fact, guys rock the floral outfits more confidently than women. It’s a perfect holiday outfit, a perfect formal suit, and a perfect macho man look!!

Q. How Do You Wear Floral Prints?

There are a number of ways to wear floral prints like:
1. Sticking to one print is always good.
2. Less is more!.
3. Don’t wear oversized clothing with big floral prints.

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