How To Wear Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan| Styling Your Winter Outfit

how to wear men's shawl collar cardigan

Fashion is pretty simple, it’s the style that will make you look handsome or a beggar! We’re always told, Oh you can’t carry it well! Know what? It doesn’t matter! You can master the art of fashion and look cool and trendy, only if you know how to style a clothing piece! It can be anything from plastic to paper, if you know how it can be styled, You can be on the cover of Vogue! And here, we’re going to show you how to wear men’s shawl collar cardigan flawlessly! These simple rules and tricks will make you look effortlessly handsome!

Sometimes we deny some outfits just because we think it doesn’t go well with me! But remember the thumb rule of fashion, “it’s not you but your STYLE!” everything begins and ends with it! Some men deny buying shawl collar cardigans because they think it will make them look older and not so cool! Well, listen up Joshua! If you’ve been styling that cardigan like your Uncle from Texas then yeah, you’re NO GOOD!

Do you think you can’t look like Daniel Craig while wearing a buttoned Shawl Collar Cardigan? Well, that’s where you are WRONG! You just have to follow through with some basic styling tips and you’re all good to rock that ramp!! Walk down that aisle Daniel…oops! Joshua!!!

Men’s Fashion Tips and Tricks For...
Men’s Fashion Tips and Tricks For a Sharper Winter Look

Let’s dorn our woolen masterpiece and embrace fashion with warmth as we don’t want our Joshuas out there freezing in cold! Thus style, fashion, and comfort! You will learn these three things as you move ahead while trying to get your old cardigans out of the box!

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Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan: How To Wear Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan?

how to wear men's shawl collar cardigan
Source: Effortless Gent

Believe it or not, we’ve always made fun of that chemistry professor who used to wear that long and baggy sweater! The way he styled his sweater was simply HORRIBLE! So if you don’t want to fall in the books of your Chemistry Professor’s styling tips, then change your old styling tips!

In just a few months, winters will arrive and we’ll be reshuffling our clothes! But this time, things will be different! This particular winter, you’re going to actually dorn your long-forgotten woolen sweater without any doubts! Let’s see how!

Styling Men’s Shawl Collar Cardigan

styling men's shawl collar cardigan
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Styling a men’s shawl collar cardigan actually takes less time than any woman’s daily makeup routine! So rest assured, you’re saving time here! But before jumping onto how you will do the styling, let’s get you acquainted with all the #RULES!

#Rules Of Styling A Collared Cardigan For Men

Well, don’t get overwhelmed hearing RULES here! They’re nothing like your Chemistry or Physics laws like that Ohms one! These are simple styling tips that are very vital for your everyday fashion routine! They are more like the questions you need to ask yourself before you jump straight ahead and wear a cardigan! But if you don’t want to know? Your loss! Anyway, It’s up to you if you want to look like your Texas Uncles, GO AHEAD! But know that I warned you!

styling a collared cardigan

#RULE 1: What kind of a shawl collar cardigan is it?

#RULE 2: What are you planning to wear underneath it?

#RULE 3: Do your brown pants go with your brown cardigan?

#RULE 4: What is the length of your cardigan?

#RULE 5: Is your cardigan baggy?

What Do These Questions Signify?

Once you’re done asking these questions to yourself, the next step is answering? NO! Before that, we have to know why we asked them in the first place! We have to do a proper analysis and control check before jumping to conclusions! Well, yeah! Although I said, it would be pretty simple, it’s NOT! (that simple) just a tiny bit of more effort and VOILA! Everything is on fleek and picture-perfect!

rules for styling a cardigan
  1. Kind Matters: There are different kinds of Shawl Collar cardigans available in the market. The texture, the size, the color, everything about your cardigan matters as it will help you in your styling! If the collar of your cardigan has furry wool, then some T-shirts or shirts may not go well with it! Knowing what kind of cardigan you own is very important!
  1. Color Matters: This is pretty simple! You are not planning to look like a kid wearing a onesie! So it absolutely matters that the color of your pants does not match your cardigan, as in not “100%”, slight variations in the same colors can still make your styling better but that too doesn’t work all the time! Thus, be wise and choose a different pair of pants than your cardigan!
  1. Length Matters: Well, you’re not a grandma giving out treats on a holiday morning! A knee-length cardigan might suit her well but you will look a disaster wearing the same length! Thus, select a cardigan that does not go past your waist! 
  1. Size Matters: Let’s face the truth, not all men can dorn that baggy cardigan well! Although some of you can make it look good on you, it doesn’t work for all men! Thus, it’s wise enough to choose a cardigan that fits you well!
  1. Underneath Matters: What you are planning to wear underneath your cardigan also matters because you don’t want your oversized shirt showing out of your cardigan! Thus wearing a tee or a shirt that fits well is perfect to make your cardigan look good!

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Let’s Rock The Styling!

Once you know these basics, styling a shawl collar cardigan is no big deal! You can wear a fitted shawl collar cardigan in multiple ways to give it a more casual or formal look! Let’s see how you can do that!

  • Styling Casually
casually styling a men's shawl collar cardigan
Source: Planet SPA

To get a casual look while wearing a shawl cardigan, all you need to do is take care of what you are wearing underneath it. A t-shirt underneath a cardigan can give you a cool look! You can also wear a jacket over it if the winters are too cold and it certainly won’t destroy your style provided you know how? You drape your cardigan’s collar over your jacket’s lapels or simply hide them underneath! It all depends on how well it goes with the kind of jacket you’re wearing! 

But make sure you follow all the thumb rules mentioned above!

  • Styling Formally 
formally styling a collared cardigan for men
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For a formal look, you can style your cardigan with a buttoned-up shirt and a tie. It will surely give you a classy and gentlemen kind of look! You can also wear a jacket or a coat over your cardigan but as I said before, it all depends on the coat or jacket you have chosen!

Buying A Shawl Collar Cardigan For Men:


Once you’ve mastered the art of draping a shawl collar cardigan, now, let’s see where you can get one!

  • Amazon
  • The Banana Republic
  • GAP
  • Macy’s 
  • Target
  • H&M

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How you style your Shawl collar cardigan matters! The way you drape that chunk of cloth can make you look like a king or a beggar in a matter of seconds! Thus, it’s very important that you know the ways you can style the cardigan while keeping in mind the dos and don’ts!


How can you wear a shawl collar cardigan?

You can wear a shawl collar cardigan casually and formally too. It all depends on what you are wearing underneath it!

Can you wear a tie with a shawl collar cardigan?

Yes! You can definitely wear a tie with a shawl collar cardigan and give it a formal look!

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