How to write thesis faster: The fast typing online games

Writing a thesis is one of the biggest academic challenges you may face. It requires huge effort and a big amount of time. Typically, students spend 3-5 months on this task. However, it’s possible to complete it much faster. Some people manage to finish their thesis in just a month. How can they do it? Let’s find out!

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Tips to write a thesis in a month

How to write thesis faster: The fast typing online games

Tips to write a thesis in a month

Set the right objectives

Some students have too high expectations for their work. They think that they must break new grounds to make their work acceptable. But it’s not really true. In reality, you just need to demonstrate mastery of the literature review. Set a goal of synthesizing knowledge and presenting someone’s i1deas in a persuasive way. Don’t waste your time trying to come up with something new because it’s impossible to do in 30 days. 

Stop being a perfectionist

If you want to submit a perfect thesis, you’ll never finish writing it. It’s impossible to reach perfection in anything we do and your thesis is no exception. So you should stop fixing things day in and day out to make some progress. 

Use journal articles 

Journal articles can provide you with much evidence on a thesis topic. The good thing is that they are succinct and usually do not exceed 25 pages. That means you can find the necessary arguments for your academic work without spending much time on reading. 

Thesis writing help for students 

If the tips listed above are not enough for you to speed up the writing process, you should turn for outside help. There are a lot of companies that complete papers for students at affordable prices. As you might know, Edubirdie helps with thesis, research papers and essays in almost any discipline. To get your work done, you just need to sign in to your account on their official website and fill in an order form. After giving detailed instructions to a writer and setting deadline requirements for your paper, you can track the progress in your virtual account. However, if you still want to write a thesis on your own, you can check online games aimed at developing your typing speed. 

Typing apps


This is a fun keyboard game developed to improve your typing skills. Combined with a virtual keyboard, it’s fast and entertaining. With this action game, you can learn to type faster and have fun at the same time. In Ztype, you need to type letters that shoot off plasma bullets into the enemy’s ship, so it’s a kind of competition. Note that Ztype app is completely free to download, so you can save your money. 


Epistory is a typing video game that is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, Stadia and OS X. It immerses players in atmospheric adventures where they explore a beautiful papercraft world. Epistory is not just about typing, you can solve mysterious puzzles, get magic powers and defeat enemies in this game. All the actions, including movements and combats, must be controlled with a keyboard. Epistory helps also with writer’s block. If you feel stuck with your thesis on a complex topic and don’t know where to move next, you can get inspiration in this game. By collecting text fragments, you’ll unfold an exciting story that may boost your creativity.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

With this web application, you will have to write as fast as possible. It looks like a simple editor but there is something different about it. If you don’t type anything in 5 seconds, The Most Dangerous Writing App will delete all the progress you’ve made. The text will just disappear if you stop pressing buttons on your keyboard. Sounds like a good motivation to beat your writer’s block, doesn’t it? Although it’s a slightly cruel way to master your skills, it’s quite effective. The app has various features and modes that help you start typing faster, so feel free to explore them!

Final thoughts

As you see, there are a few tricks that can help you complete your thesis within the tight deadlines. If you set the right goals, get rid of perfectionism, use science journals and turn for expert help, you’ll be able to finish your work on time. Besides, online games that improve your typing speed may also come in handy. Hopefully, this article will contribute to your academic success! 

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