Hulu’s The Orville Series Returns for Season 3

The Orville is an American drama series majoring in the comedy and science fiction genre. The series graced screens with its first season in 2017, followed by the second season in 2018, and now will have another season. The first two seasons premiered on Century fox, while the third season will air on Hulu. Unlike the prior seasons, season 3, directors include Seth MacFarlane and Jon Cassar. Seth MacFarlane, along with creation and direction, stars in the series as well. The inspiration for the series is Star Trek; its next-generation successor is also a part.

The Orville Season 3: Release Date

Accordingly, season 3 was to grace screens in the autumn of 2020. But unfortunately, the current situation of the world delayed the release. The ongoing pandemic resulted in postponing the release date. Production for season 3 of The Orville is on halt since March 13, 2020. Bad news for fans, production has not begun yet, and we have no news as to when it will. The makers have no confirmation regarding a specific date for premier. But according to some, five episodes of the season are over with filming. Therefore, only 6 out of eleven are left, giving us some hope. Even the sneak peeks and teasers are ready. Thus, season 3 will soon be up for premier. The makers are aiming for the end of 2020.

The Orville Season 3: Cast

Until now, there are no confirmations regarding the cast of The Orville Season 3. But fans would like to see their favorite actors returning as the previous characters. And they just might.

The cast and characters from season 1 include:

  • Seth MacFarlane as the character of Captain Ed Mercer
  • Adrianne Palicki in the role of Commander Kelly Grayson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald in the role of Doctor Claire
  • Scott Grimes as the character of Lieutenant Gordon Malloy
  • Peter Macon in the role of Lieutenant Commander Bortus
  • Halston Sage as the character of Lieutenant Alara Kitan
  • Lee as Lieutenant in the role of John LaMarr

Along with the old cast, we’re expecting some additional new faces as well. The actors from other science fiction films might make a guest appearance or join the full cast time, but we’re only guessing. According to some sources, Charly Burke will be an additional character in the series, played by Anna Winters.

The Orville Season 3: Plot

Seth MacFarlane stated recently that the upcoming season would be the most surprising and exciting than the previous seasons. Season 3 of The Orville will consist of 11 episodes and will have dramatic storytelling and action-based narratives. According to fans, “Identity” part 1 and 2 were the best episodes in the entire series. And the makers are set to create the whole season 3 similarly, and we find the news exciting. The storylines might continue in the upcoming season. Furthermore, the consequence of Isaac’s decision and his decision might have an emphasis on the next episodes. Season 3 might also show details of Kaylon’s’s attack on the Planetary Union, and it’s after-effects. Moreover, fans believe that the Planet Xelaya will have explorations. The Krill species might also have widened. Season 3 will air on Hulu every week.

The Orville Season 3: Storyline

The premise of the Orville follows the life of Captain Ed and his group. The story begins in the future, 400 years later, in an explanatory space vessel, Captain Ed and his team set out on a journey. The adventure has chaos but also includes fun and experience.

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