Hunter Season 7: Gon and Company all Set to Begin With their New Adventure

Hunter X Hunter is one of the anime which exists with the widest and craziest fan base in the world. It is no more confusing that it comes in the top 10 anime creations ever done in history. This is one of those epic anime series that is loved across every country present on the map besides Japan of course.

The anime has gained a wide number of viewers while coming all through its 6 seasons journey. And why not,  When the show is so much appreciated by the critics and holds fans of almost all age? With a spectacular rating of 8.9/10 on IMDb and 9.1 on MyAnimelist, the show has an overall rating of 4.9. This is enough for fans to explain its haters, why they love this anime so much.

Arguably, some fans even feel that Hunter X Hunter is the best anime they have seen ever. This show was gifted to fans with its 1st ever animation n 1999 and later Crazy Home’s action Hunter X Hunter was released back in 2011 till 2014. And with the span of these 3 years, the show wrapped with its 6 seasons, and hence the fans are awaited for the news of its renewal and its new season’s release date.


It has been so long when the 1st episode of this show was premiered, but Hunter X HUNTER enthusiasts still think it was just released some time back. The first season of Hunter X Hunter was released back on 2nd October 2011 and lasted till 24th September 2014. In these consecutive 3 years, the journey had been of 148 episodes with every episode showing and pleasing its enthusiastic fans with the utmost thrill.

However, since the last episode has been premiered, there has been no official statement about the next continuation element so far yet. Meanwhile, the writer of the manga, Togashi Mangaka. He has ensured fans that he is working where the story has been left for the anime as the manga too ends there. He further believes in completing the continuation as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, he has never been consistently taking brakes during his manga creation for Hunter X Hunter.

But took an off after his completion If his 328 chapters. In conclusion, we can only claim that the new series will take next year too for coming on the screens. As the COVID 19 have already created a halt for various studio house and Madhouse might be facing some economic issues too during this pandemic.


In his show, the central character and protagonist of the whole anime is named Gon Freecss, who is a 12-year-old little boy. His father’s name is Ging, who is known to be a great and legend hunter who is dead. However, Gon finds that his father still in existence and owes to meet him. Gon, on the other hand, is left at his relative’s house by his father Ging when he was small. He wanted Gon to become a great man by accomplishing his dreams rather than becoming a hunter. While Gon, who recently finds that his father is alive, wants to follow his father’s legacy and to become a great hunter.

For this, he has to pass the ‘Hunter Examination’, which he wants excitingly to overcome through. While his quest to find his father also begins with this. The other main roles that are included in the series are of Leorio who Is a working specialist by his profession, Kurapika, and Killua, who were highly skilled professional killers previously, and some others who help him in his journey.


The characters of the Hunter X Hunter have been the main reason for the fascination of fans. And some characters are already as the particularly famous of their fans. These comprise of:

Gon Freecss’s voice by Eric Mendez, Killu Zoldyck ‘s voice played by Mariya Ise, Kurapica’s voice by Erika Harlacher, Zepile’s voice by Greg Chun, Biscuit Krueger voice by Chisa Yokohama. By some sources, it has been confirmed that 6 of the major voice sectors will have the same voice while some of them may require similar voice artists. As voice plays an important role especially in an anime series, it will be fascinating to see if they find a change and replacements for someone, or else the next season will surely become more popular if they continue to use the same artists further too.


This critically acclaimed anime series is present on various websites because of its craze among fans. Nevertheless, all 148 episodes are available on Netflix and Crunchyroll too, with English dubbed or also with the precise English subtitles with original Japanese Soundtrack and theme songs.

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