Will There Be A Hunter X Hunter Season 7? Hopefully Soon!!

Hunter X Hunter Season 7

Anime series are everywhere in demand! Anime fans wait for their favorite anime shows for over years like crazy. And after all, it’s all worth it when you are waiting for amazing adventurous shows like Hunter X Hunter to come up with yet another season. Fans thoroughly enjoyed watching the previous 6 seasons for this anime series and now since the news about an upcoming season has already been the favorite part of gossip among the fans, when is it coming? This post is all about to give you Hunter X Hunter Season 6 details! 

For the newbies who don’t know about this series (you guys are missing a lot), the characters and posters of Hunter X Hunter may look funny and childish on the internet but don’t get fooled by them. The series is much darker, adventurous, and jaw-dropping. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series out there that totally draws you in for its storyline and great action-adventure. It’s more than half a decade now since we have heard any official news about the Hunter X Hunter season 7. Why is the series taking so long to resume with a new season? 

Hunter X Hunter has an IMDb rating of 9/10 which is just amazing! Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga series adapted into anime with 36 volumes up till now. Irrespective of performing so well in both anime and manga series, what’s taking so long for the makers to put forth a new season? Is the manga running out of content or Tangoshi’s health issues are the reason behind this? What we do know is that there’s still hope for a new season and if the speculations go right then fans will be enjoying Hunter X Hunter Season 7 anytime soon! 

Fans look quite disappointed with the sudden disappearance of this anime show after 6 wonderful seasons. No update, no news, no hope, nothing! But some of the hints that we got from the sources it’s still not a bad idea to expect a new season for Hunter X Hunter. Want to know more about the series, do read ahead! 

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When is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Releasing? 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7; When is Hunter X Hunter Season 7 releasing
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Ahh!! It’s so hard to wait! 

Is it worth waiting for a new season when there are no official announcements about it? 

Over the last decade, Hunter X Hunter has seen significant growth, being in the top 3 best anime series for 5 years being one of the reasons behind its popularity. 

The reason that looks to hold up a new season is the lack of content from the “Hunter X Hunter” Manga. The manga has performed well until the last few years up till when creator Yoshiro Togashi’s health was not that critical. 

Where the health news of the creator takes away the chances for renewal of the anime series, the social media messages from Megumi Han and Mariya Ise throw the light of hope. 

Also, the production house for the previous 6 seasons has also demonstrated that content for season 7 can be put out real soon! 

If all these hints are enough to expect the release of a new season, then rejoice! Since there had already been a long gap as the last season premiered in 2014, if the work is underway then we can expect a new season to be premiered by the end of 2021. If speculations go right then fans will soon be receiving an English version for the same by 2022! 

Hurrah!! But these remain pure assumptions until there’s an official announcement for the same. 

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What Will Be The Plot For Hunter X Hunter Season 7? 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7; What will be the Plot for Hunter X Hunter Season 7
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Yeah, there is particular information regarding season 7 and since the manga “Hunter X Hunter” Is also unfinished yet so it’s hard to tell what will happen next if the series ever comes up. 

However, having speculative assumptions about Hunter X Hunter Season 7 plot, it will likely be the endgame for the Hunters and Gon Freecss’s story. 

Lastly, it was in 2018 when we read the last chapter of the manga, after which it went off for a long time. There has been a report about Togashi’s words with Weekly Shonen Jump in which he said that either he’ll complete the series first or will die first. 

But he intends to complete the Hunter X Hunter series ASAP! 

Does this mean that it will be the end of the epic series? 

It’s hard to bid your favorite, the most heroic and adventurous series a final goodbye. But season 7 marks the end of this manga series and anime both. Better be prepared for it. Ah-ha!! And don’t expect the final season to be any less than epic! Now that’s what keeps our excitement alive! 

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Official Trailer!!

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Cute posters, super-cool story, and great fights!! Hunter X Hunter has always been the most thrilling anime experience ever. Hopefully, the ending slays! Want any other updates regarding new anime release dates? Stay tuned to deasilex. And don’t forget to share this post with all the Hunter X Hunter fans! Expect the unexpected!! 

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