5 Most Interesting Illuminati Celebrity Theories

Celebrity fame has been a controversial topic for ages. With fame comes the blame too. It’s not just the Lights Camera and Action that we see on screen, it’s much more than that, interesting and scary too. This is what you’ll find all over social media nowadays. These pretty misconceptions are what we call, conspiracy theories. With the conspiracy comes the term Illuminati.

Do you believe a lizard man can exist or a dead person can be replaced by some identical clone? As much as these conspiracies have remained a matter of curiosity for many, others may just enjoy their daily fun dose reading about these.

What do we know about the Illuminati? Everyone from the BBC to Beyonce has been accused of the Illuminati. Even if you haven’t heard of the Illuminati, chances are you probably have seen one of the symbols associated with them. Symbols like pentagrams, the owl, goats, pyramids, or the all-seeing eye are found on the US banknotes. We have come up with the top 5 Illuminati celebrity theories that couldn’t be true but are hyped so damn much.

The question is why do the artists and musicians are often in reference to the Illuminati? Do they have any connection with the Illuminati world? Or they simply enjoy being hyped about it? Let’s find out what’s the secret behind this secret society.

Who is the Illuminati?

While everyone can have a different opinion on this question, what is it actually about? The best we know about this term is that it is a Bavarian secret society formed in the 18th century. This secret society opposed superstitions, religious influence, and state authority. This society worked according to a rule book. The ancient Illuminati although differs from the modern concepts of the Illuminati.

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What was the purpose of these Illuminaties? 

The real aim was to influence the world with something unusual and much stronger. It is still a conspiracy till date that whether Illuminati successfully overpowered the world? 

To be precise, Illuminati influence depends on our thoughts what we believe about them and how do we take their theory.

5 Most Interesting Illuminati Celebrity Theories

Here we’ll talk about famous personalities that are often rumored to be part of high-powered society. There are so many celebrity names associated with Illuminati. It has always remained a fact of curiosity since ancient times about the existence of the Illuminati.

From time to time celebrities have been associated with Illuminati. How much is just the myth and how much comes out to be the truth, here we revealed everything you need to know.

Beyonce & Jay-Z

Illuminati Celebrity Theories; Beyonce & Jay-Z
Source: Dazed

A sensational singing icon for many, Beyonce has always won hearts with her charm and magnificent voice. Another thing that made her to the limelight is the Illuminati. The elite conspiracy theory that says that elites run the world having a secret section of the society takes renowned names like Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z being the King and Queen of this secret society.

What are Beyonce’s thoughts on that? Beyonce simply said haters have so much to say. Let them do their job. This clears the fact that she denies the fact. 

How and When did this Conspiracy start? As of the ‘90s when Jay-Z rose to tremendous success with a couple of platinum albums, his critics started to spread the words that his success stands in hands of some higher power. They claimed that Jay-Z was a member of the Illuminati.

The signature hand sign from Jay-Z, which is holding the hands up together making a triangle symbol that symbolizes the Illuminati.  

Not only Jay-Z but Beyonce too remained in conspiracy for her music videos. The real conspiracy on Beyonce became the hot topic for the world in 2013 when she performed live super energetically making the same triangle symbol, giving her a clearer link with the Illuminati.

Katy Perry

Illuminati Celebrity Theories; Katy Perry
Source: Biography

It is often claimed that Katy Perry’s musical career is influenced by higher powers. This can be proved from her music videos like Dark Horse that is choreographed in a complete Egyptian theme. It involved pyramids and the Eye of the Horse both of which are Illuminati signs.

American radio personality once openly called her an Illuminati priestess for the witchcraft theme she uses in her live performances. What’s the truth? Is she really an Illuminati member? Just an unsolved conspiracy.

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Justin Bieber

Illuminati Celebrity Theories; Justin Bieber
Source: Times of India

The conspiracy theory that claims Justin Bieber to be an Illuminati starts from his owl tattoo that looks like the Canaanite deity Moloch. Few others believe that Justin died in a car accident and has been replaced.

Not only this, Justin Bieber is seen changing colors resembling a lizard at the airport. This gives another sign of him being an Illuminati.

Justin totally denied being a member of the Illuminati. But is there anything he’s hiding? Until we find out, the conspiracy remains a mystery. 

Lady Gaga

Illuminati Celebrity Theories; Lady Gaga
Source: CNET

A lot of Illuminati theories have already claimed big stars to be a part of it. No surprise why Lady Gaga in this. As we know that Lady Gaga is a supporter of LGBTQ rights who was once believed to be a transgender herself. But she denied that fact saying that people have so much rubbish to talk about you.

What makes her connection to the Illuminati? She often hides one eye in her songs and performances. And like we already discussed, one eye symbol is what Illuminati society fond of. Is she really an Illuminati? 


Illuminati Celebrity Theories; Rihanna
Source: Highsnobiety

This name meets all the criteria associated with the secret society. Her “Rated R” album’s cover holds her picture covering one eye and the fact that she uses pyramid symbols in her music videos adds more to the conspiracy. 

What’s heard from your mouth is often considered truth. Rihanna, in an interview with Hot 97 told everyone herself that she is a worshipper of the devil. 

What stronger than this evidence is needed to prove her conspiracy theory right? Although later on, she did say that she was kidding but oops!! You yourself gave your head into it. 

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The Illuminati is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. It’s sometimes scary to know about these facts. As I remember the first time I heard one of such conspiracy theories, I couldn’t sleep the whole night. Not scaring you, just sharing a general fact.

Apart from the five names I have mentioned above to be involved in Illuminati celebrity Theories, there are many more that fall in the claims. If you know about any other conspiracy, do share with us in the comment section below.

Featured Image Credits: Mythologica.ro

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