Importance of Feedback in Online Training

Importance of Feedback in Online Training

Feedback is the information provided by an online instructor or eLearning project manager to online learners or employees regarding their performance or understanding of eLearning courses. It’s a reaction to a learners’ performance that aims to engage, inform and increase knowledge.

Feedback is a very important constituent of effective learning. Feedback boosts learners’ confidence, makes them motivated to learn, and ultimately guides them to accomplish all goals in time. 

Feedback can be delivered in different ways. You can give daily, weekly or monthly feedback to learners. Timely feedback can help online learners to find out where they lack and what all strengths they have. By bringing this to their knowledge, you help them sail through ups and downs in the eLearning journey.

There are several tools like the Bridge app that make it easy for educators and trainers to offer feedback in real-time, even if training is virtual. 

We need to understand that feedback does not aim to discourage employees or learners, rather it aims to help learners to understand the unnoticed and unrecognized mistakes they tend to make.

Here are the reasons why feedback is so important in online training-

1. Motivates learners-

When you share employees’ or learners’ feedback in a constructive and meaningful manner, it’s easier to motivate them. This is so because they become quite confident in certain aspects of their performance and are more committed to addressing their weaknesses.

By igniting a sense of self-awareness, you motivate your employees to do better and excel every day. By informing them about their strengths and weakness, you create a direct impact on their skills and strengths. This is again the key to improved performance and engagement.

2. Increased engagement-

Feedback helps in opening a line of communication between employers and employees, especially regarding their performance. When such feedback is given by the online instructors themselves, employees are more open to change, are confident, and are enlightened as well. This enhances the feeling of self-worth among employees. 

An employee engagement company provides instant feedback to employees to ensure continuous and lifelong learning.

3. Career development-

Feedback plays a pivotal role in the career development of employees. Each feedback with a rose and a thorn can help employees excel on their career path. It helps employees to identify blind spots and fill in the voids carefully. 

For instance, if an employee is lagging in certain areas in the ongoing eLearning course, then he may face difficulty catching up with the upcoming courses. He may also not be able to make the best use of his skills and knowledge in the company, of which he is a part. Hence, this may hinder his career growth and close doors to get incentives and promotions in the company. But by giving constructive feedback, you give opportunities to improve and excel.

4. Increased satisfaction-

Once an employee is a part of your company and you start training him, he naturally develops expectations from the company. Merely providing online training and online assessments isn’t enough. You need to give regular feedback to your employees so that they feel they are part of a good organization that wishes to shape their careers. Such employees also have higher chances to show self-efficacy.

5. Increases self-regulation-

Feedback helps employees develop self-regulation. This means employees can regulate their training by setting small goals and achieving them step by step. 

Feedback not just guides employees to focus on their learning paths, but also helps online instructors to figure out what all changes do an eLearning course needs to improve the skills of employees effectively. In fact, you must give timely feedback to employees before they lose the context and plot completely.


Feedback plays a decisive role in eLearning. Through regular feedback, we learn faster and more effectively. It is this component that stitches the entire eLearning course together. It rekindles the spark in employees to stick to their courses and finish the pending tasks ahead of time.

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