Indianapolis Fire Department photographer and historian dies

Indianapolis Fire Department photographer

Rodger J. Birchfield was 81 years old who was an IFD photographer and historian as well. He was survived by his wife Janice, his son justice, his daughter Sasha and heather. He was about to retire and just 10 days away from retirement.

He passed some time in Camby that is his home city. He had a tree fall on his house and final repairs on the structure. Over the last several months Adam Arkins has been doing the repair over the last several months. An electrician planned to go there and his name was Arkins but unfortunately, he couldn’t get Rodger to answer the door. He was sitting in the recliner and his IFD uniform shirt and radio was his side. It was a peaceful passing. He loved the best and what was on the next run. On Sherman drive, the last incident that Rodger photographed was the warehouse that he saw on 17th December.

Rodger Birchfield was in the Indianapolis news and he retired from there and came to the photography. It was a kind of evening compliment to remember that Indianapolis star. He spent many years as a journalist with the news as it folded before October 1, 1999. He joined the IFD later after one month on 8 November 1999. 

Rodger responded to every incident that happened in the IFD service district and all other districts for 21 years. For the whole week, Rodger found photographing firefighters that work on an incident or highlighting the apparatus on the scene. He loved everything related to his life and that can be documented in every photo he takes. His knowledge of IFD and its history is invaluable for anyone to connect to his present IFD historical past. 

He is nationally renowned as the author of the only book ever written as the “Stutz Fire Engine Company”

Rodger Birchfield was awarded as the IFD public safety service commission in 2013

He was also awarded the state of Indiana state fire marshall meritorious service award.

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Featured Image Credits- IndyStar

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