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Indie VR Games

The feeling of the ultimate victory is one of the best feelings ever. Do you agree? However, one best way to experience is through gaming. Discover the thrilling adventures in Virtual Reality with the 8 Best Indie VR Games we’ve got covered for you below. Virtual Reality not only lands you in an imaginary world but also unfolds various aspects of the virtual world that are pertinent to real life. 

The Indie culture is quite upcoming, in recent times. From Indie music to Indie games, technology has come a long way in taking a shape of an all-in-one community. For those oblivious about the Indie Culture, well then here is what you should know. The word, Indie comes from “Independent” and refers to a game made by one person or a small team, especially one without financial support from a publisher.

It is not one of those big-budget games in the market; instead, the sort of games are launched on separate platforms individually. The origin of Indie games bore out from the same concepts of amateur and hobbyist programming that grew with the introduction of the personal computer. 

Time to feel the virtual euphoria and vamoose in the surreal gaming escapade with the Best Indie VR Games listed below. These games will surely blow your mind and consume you with their enthralling immersive experience. Hope you find these games engrossing and engaging and have an experience worth holding onto.

Best Indie VR Games

The Best Indie VR Games like VR X-Racer, Compound, Electronauts, and more to list below are worth trying. 

Virtual Reality offers a more comedic, narrative-driven game that allows you to explore over brightness settings with all sorts of interesting tasks to complete and get ahead in the game. 

1. VR X-Racer

Do racing games give you an adrenaline rush? If so, then VR X-Racer is one of the Best Indie VR Games you should most definitely play. VR X-Racer is among the best VR games you can play with just your headset and have an experience of real-time racing. 

Gameplay: It has amazing three-dimensional graphics which makes the gameplay a hell of a ride. It is a lot like real-life racing on a track and counts for an intense racing adventure. The sound effects of this game are astounding as you can move your headset to navigate and swish through the racing track. The best part about this game is the mind-blowing racing track followed by a breathtaking obstacle course, which you have to face while riding at a rapid speed. 


  • VR version of X-Racer has two modes(hand mode race and virtual reality mode race)
  • VR or not VR the game is meant to be played with wheels and pedals \
  • Multicolor themes
  • Superb graphics quality
  • Collect credits and purchase spaceships

This VR X-Racer is an All-in-one racing game and not a game to miss at all. This game offers you an immersive experience as it comes with great 3D visual effects. You should not miss this game at any cost.

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2. Sprint Vector 

Ever feel like moving faster than flash? Well, Sprint Vector promises to offer you that experience. You can experience speed by sitting on your couch at your place. 

Gameplay: Sprint Vector is a racing game that offers a sense of speed and mobility that is hard to find in any other game, in the VR gaming landscape. With the competitive racing mode in the game, the game also offers time trials that challenge you not just to be fast, but also to be creative as you look for new routes to conquer new records.


  • A multiplayer adrenaline platformer that merges the physical thrill of athletic competition 
  • Innovative Fluid Locomotion System allows players to comfortably run, jump, climb, and fly at extreme speeds
  • This game’s strong visual presentation is topped off by an excellent soundtrack compared to other racing VR games.

If you are competitive at racing and love speeding then Sprint Vector is the perfect game for you to try your racing skills on. 

3. Beat Saber 

Do different melodies fascinate you? If yes, then Beat Saber is no less than a soulfully and mentally satisfying game. Coming out blasting Beat Saber is by far one of the Best Indie VR Games out there, at least for those who are into music games.

Gameplay: So, this game comes with two colored lightsabers through different music levels and songs, and the only way you keep moving forward is once you complete your challenges, and by composing your soundtracks. It is a rather simple game in saying, but you will be easily won over. It is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats or hit on the small cube representations, as they are coming at you. Every beat of the tune indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is composed to perfectly fit the handmade levels. This game aims to make the players groove to the tunes and the soundtrack they create Each cube representation is strongly supported by great sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm.


  • It has a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats
  • It takes place in a surrealistic neon environment
  • Fast-paced VR experience combining breathtaking neon visuals, energizing music, hand-crafted levels, and fine-tuned action

Even if you are not someone who enjoys melodies, we assure you that you will have a great time playing this as the title of the game is in itself super entertaining.

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4. Art Plunge 

Sometimes your brain just needs a break and what better to relax than looking at something aesthetically pleasing, like a work of art or a painting? How cool it be if you could be inside it, instead of just seeing it? The game, Art Plunge is exactly one of that Indie VR Games. 

Gameplay: This virtual reality game will let you step inside five masterpieces and explore art differently. It pulls you back from your hustling life, and lets you have a moment of your own. From enjoying and appreciating Medieval Art to, literally living inside it, makes it a fun and relaxing experience altogether. Art Plunge is a gallery where you get the feeling of being inside a world-famous painting and making your existence count in it. This makes the experience a whole lot more immersive and helps you to appreciate the wonder of certain paintings, even more, especially Renaissance art. 


  • This is a short but sweet experience featuring 5 VR interpretations
  • You get to be inside the 5 famous paintings Mona Lisa, Starry Night, The Birth of Venus, The Creation of Adam, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window
  • It is playable on all platforms that support VR, like HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PC, etc

If you have an artistic eye towards almost everything then you should most certainly consider playing Art Plunge.

5. Kentucky Route Zero

Who is an American pop culture fan? To all the players, who are fond of both gaming and American Pop culture, here’s a Indie VR Games for you. 

Gameplay: KentuckyRoute Zero is a superbly offbeat tale that takes players through a microcosm of American pop culture. It weaves a tale of a road trip escapade that is worth the time. Kentucky Route Zero is a text-heavy, thought-provoking adventure game that is quite unlike any other game. It highly revolves around showcasing the best textual content on screen. It is ranked as the Best VR Indie Games to play on a PS4. There are no traditional puzzles or old-fashioned challenges, you are required to drive or complete them to move ahead in the game. The game received quite an appreciation for its visual art, narrative, characterization, atmosphere, and themes, appearing on several best-of-the-decade lists. 


  • A fairly simple point-and-click adventure game
  • There’s no traditional challenge; the game doesn’t ask you to collect objects or solve puzzles
  • Completely text-driven game

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How fun shooting can be, only Compound can make you believe that. Have you ever wondered why shooting games are not color-driven and all dark? Well, you do not have to wonder anymore because you have a game like Compound. 

Gameplay: It is a vibrant and bright game with the fun of an arcade shooter. The compound is a randomly generated rogue-lite shooter game with a style all its own. Something about its 8-bit artwork manages to feel entirely authentic while still somehow completely at home even in the medium of VR. This is a challenging game, lethal and unforgiving enemies bring a heightened sense of immersion as you’ll need to be on high alert to eliminate threats. The graphics of the obstacle course are highly convincing and amazing. 

So, if you are an arcade shooting enthusiast then you most definitely should try this game out to have a different and fun shooting experience.  The awesome gameplay makes it one of the best Indie VR Games.


  • It is a six leveled game as each level gets over the difficulty increases
  • It is a single-player game 
  • FPS with multiple locomotion options
  • Offers an array of interesting and fun weapons, each with its sense of character

7. Until You Fall

Fighting around and killing your enemies can not be more fun if you have not tried Until You Fall. Until You Fall is a Virtual Reality Sword fighting experience. 

Gameplay: It is a procedurally generated rogue-lite that’s all about hand-to-hand battle. You’ll battle your way through a string of rooms populated with enemies of increasing difficulty. Eventually, it will lead you to die and that is the design and entire formation of the game. At the end of each round, you’ll reappear in a hub space where you can spend money you’ve earned on new weapons and upgrades, making you stronger for your next bout. The game successfully fuses VR sword combat with meta-game elements in a way that no other VR title has yet managed. The one who falls eventually ends up defeating and losing the game.


  • Comes with two-handed weapons, smooth turning, and subtitles
  • this arcade-inspired VR hack-and-slash rogue-lite will force you to find and master your fighting style
  • Offers a great mid-intensity workout, especially for VR fitness beginners

It is an interesting game to fight against your enemies and is certainly a game that will keep you engaged. 

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8. Electronauts

Time to groove into your tunes by creating your very own soundtrack. For those looking to create some banging tunes in a virtual world, then Electronauts may well just be the game for you. 

Gameplay: Ths game will give you a complete DJ experience in the VR world, either on your own, or with friends, and remix over eighty tracks with each song coming with its own set of backing tracks, vocals, and intriguing instruments, providing you with plenty of possibilities to have fun. In addition, you pretty much get free rein with what you want to do with each song, whether it’s creating loops or attempting to seamlessly transition from one song to the next. Whilst there aren’t any specific objectives, Electronauts allows you to jam freely in your VR Headset. 


  • Create music with confidence 
  • Offers a virtual DJ experience
  • Single-player VR Game
  • This is a VR exclusive experience packed with 80 songs of the top 80 plus artists 

Wrapping Up

Are you all set to delve into the fun-filled immersive experience these Indie VR Games come around with? Hope this article helped you in finding what you were looking for. If you have any doubts or any queries about this article you can feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

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