Infinity Train Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast and more

“Infinity Train” is an anthology TV anime series. Owen Dennis is the creator of the anime. The pilot episode of the anime published on November 1, 2016, on Cartoon Network. The viewers got hooked on the series. The positive response it got due to which, the anime renewed for the whole series—the first season premiered on August 5, 2019. Currently, we have two seasons of the anime to binge-watch.


In July 2020, the team announced the third season. It is already in production, and it’ll premier on HBO Max. Let’s get into the details of the third season!

Release Date: “Infinity Train Season 3”

There is no information regarding the release date of the anime’s third season. It hasn’t been long since the second season premiered. It premiered in January 2020. However, the makers of the anime have said that the show might be back in August 2020 for the third season. The COVID-19 Pandemic might be the reason the show could get a delay in the release date.

Cast: “Infinity Train Season 3”

The expected cast of the previous season of the series, which might be back for this season, includes Ashley Johnson, who lends her voice to Mirror Tulip. Later in the show, Owen Dennis voices the sad personality. Jeremy Crutchley for Glad One, Ernie Hudson as Corgi King Atticus, and Robbie Daymond as Jesse Cosay.


With all the old cast, the new voice casts might include Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who lends his voice to Grace, Simon to Kyle McCarley, Isabella Abiera to Hazel, and Tuba, whose voice cast is not known.

Plot: “Infinity Train Season 3”

In the first season, the main protagonist was Tulip, who struggles with her parent’s divorce. She gets away from home and later finds herself in a train whose different compartment takes the passengers to different alternate worlds. In the second season, we see MT, who is Tulip’s reflection in another world. She tries to escape the train and return to her home.

According to the book, the leaders of the Apex in the third season will be Grace and Simon. They also get in the mysterious train. They get separated from the Apex and struggle to find their way back. Laster in the show, as they both continue to navigate through each compartment of the train, they meet Hazel and Tuba.

Therefore, this season we might see Tulip finding her way back home. And what will be the journey of Grace and Simon? We might also get to know if they’ll recruit another new character to boards the train. Overall this season is going to be so exciting than the previous seasons!

Storyline: “Infinity Train”

The story of the show revolves around a train, which travels endlessly. Each compartment of the train contains a variety of surprising and fantastic environment. This train picks up only particular passengers with unresolved issues. As passengers travel through the train, they experience many exciting adventures and get the opportunity, which helps them solve their problems. They have glowing numbers of their unresolved issue on their hand, which goes down every time they resolve their subject, and the number reaches zero, they can exit the train and return home.

Trailer: “Infinity Train Season 3”

The trailer for the third season is not available right now. However, you don’t have to worry, we will inform you as soon as it is out!

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