Inside Edge Season 3: Richa Chada Revealed in her Instagram Chat, Release Date, Plot, Story Line

Inside Edge Season 3: We represent many Indoor and Outdoor games during our lifetime. In that way, Sports occupy a vital role in our lives. Here is a beautiful web television

Inside Edge Season 3: We represent many Indoor and Outdoor games during our lifetime. In that way, Sports occupy a vital role in our lives. Here is a beautiful web television series related to sports drama. The creator of the series is Karan Anshuman, and it is for Prime video. It is the first Hindi language series that is distributed by Amazon Originals. Th10 July 2017 and a fantabulous response from the audience. Season 2 released on 6 December 2019. The origin-country of the series is India. The language of the series in Hindi & English. Both seasons contain 20 episodes. The series received a positive response from the critics—the series nominated for the 46th International Emmy awards.

Release Date: Inside Edge Season 3

After the release of Season 2, all people are waiting for the continuation of the series, i.e., season 3. No information is there on the renewal of the series. According to the speculations, the upcoming season will not release in this year. One of the Star Cast Richa Chada while speaking in Instagram chat revealed that the series would comeback this year.  The rest of the star Cast in the series did not say anything regarding the release of next season. If they release any update regarding the upcoming season, we will keep you updated!

Star Cast: Inside Edge Season 3

The Star Cast of the series not finalized. If season 3 happens by any chance, all the previous season artists will repeat. The star cast of the past season is as follows :

  1. Vivek Oberoi as Vikranth Dhawan
  2. Richa Chadda as Zarina Dhawan
  3. Tarun Virwani as Vayu Raghavan
  4. Siddarth Chaturvedi as Prashanth Kanujia
  5. Angad  Bedi as Arvind Vashisth
  6. Sayani Guptha as Rohini Raghavan
  7. Amit Sial as Devender Misra
  8. Manu Rishi Chada as Manohar all Anda

Along with the above star cast, there may require some more additions, and deletions may happen according to the Plot. Guest star cast and recurring star cast will join on the Production team decisions.

Plot: Inside Edge Season 3

The Plot of the next season would contain sports as the main ingredient. Without sports elements, the season would not start. Season 2 is about two leading roles Vayu Raghavan and Arvind Vashisth. Vayu Raghavan leads Mumbai Mavericks and Arvind Vashishth to lead the Haryana Hurricanes. The two teams will be involved in several scandals that disturb the cricket world. What will happen next?  In Season 3, we may find the Dark secrets of the Cricket world. Will, both cricket teams, cope up and what are the challenges they face during the cope up would be revealed in season 3.

Story Line: Inside Edge Season 3

The Story Line of the Series is about sports. Cricket is the primary sport that discussed in the series. It is the Story about Mumbai Mavericks.  The team faces ups and downs during the league, where power and money are the only essential things.

Meanwhile, they face challenges with Haryana hurricanes. They will also face Match-fixing problems, and will they out form the match-fixing allegations? Why did they face ownership problems? All these will form the storyline of the series.

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