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secret city season 3

Are you a fan of progressive journalism and its revolutionary stories? Then I’m sure you like watching Political thrillers like Secret City! Secret City has gained many viewers to date from its initial release! If you have watched the 2 seasons of the series then I’m sure you might be waiting for Secret City season 3! Well! We have a piece of news that all Secret City fans might want to hear!

Secret City, to date, has been renewed for 2 seasons that are already available for those interested! But the gap between both the seasons was a little too much for a series that had no plans of being canceled giving more hope to the fans eagerly waiting for season 3!

Secret City fans would be extremely disappointed to know that no news has come out yet that will indicate that the series has been renewed for a third season! So for now, there is no season 3 of Secret City and all we can do is hope for its renewal. And also, speculate whether it will be renewed or not and if yes, when?

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How far can a journalist go to seek the truth? You don’t know? Well, you should watch Secret City to unearth the hidden world of Journalism and the ugly truths that remain hidden if the true spirit of Journalism doesn’t run in professionals like Harriet!

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All About Secret City And Secret City Season 3

secret city season 3
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Secret  City is an Australian Political and Spy thriller series that premiered way back in 2016 by Foxtel’s Showcase. The series became available for a wider global audience when it premiered on Netflix in 2018 and has become a talk of the town! It carries IMDb ratings of 7.4/10 and 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. The series has earned a wider fanbase and curious watchers are wondering when season 3 will come out!

As of September 2021, no news has come that would indicate that Secret City has been renewed for season 3! It still remains uncertain whether the series will get renewed at all or not! But one thing is sure, we shouldn’t lose hope yet! Why? Well, the series has not been officially called off, which is a sign in itself that the creators are seriously considering the renewal of Secret City season 3!

Moreover, it took almost three years for Foxtel and Matchbook pictures to release the second season of Secret City, so if we do the math here, then it can surely tell us when season 3 of Secret Season will come out (if it ever does). According to calculations, the Secret City Season 3 may come out in 2022 (2016=>2019=>2022).

Secret City Plot

secret city plot
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Secret City is based on Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis’s best sellers, “The Shadow Game, The Marmalade Files, and The Mandarin Code”. This is the story of a political journalist, Harriet Dunkley who stumbles upon the hidden truths of the seemingly perfect city of Canberra!

The tensions between China and the USA are on their new high while the Australian city of Canberra is keeping facades! The city is full of conspiracies and power struggles and Harriet unearths such hidden truths that place her and her career on the path of destruction! 

Harriet uncovers “the Secret City” in Canberra where all the shady business is going on endangering the lives of millions of Australians! The conspiracies, schemes, and military programs that even the head of the nation isn’t aware of!

The Secret City season 2 brings yet another bang to the original storyline. It is full of espionage and tech warfare with the help of drones that depicts how technology is changing everything around us! Harriet is yet again left baffled with all the new truths and schemes that come to light in season 2!

Secret City Cast

secret city cast
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Secret City has a main and recurring cast that makes appearances many times during the two seasons. The role of Harriet is played by Anna Torv, the main lead of the series and if there is a season 3 of the series, I’m sure we will see her again. Here’s a list of some of the major roles and who they are played by in the Secret City!

  • Anna Torv as Harriet Dunkley
  • Jacki Weaver as Catriona Bailey
  • Marcus Graham as Andrew (Griff) Griffiths
  • Sacha Horler as Ludie Sypek
  • Justin Smith as William Vaughn
  • Alan Dale as Martin Toohey
  • Eugenia Yuan as Weng Meigui
  • Aleks Mikic as Thomas Maher
  • Daniel Wyllie as Malcolm Paxton
  • Daniel Wyllie as Malcolm Paxton
  • Mekhi Phifer as Brent Moreton

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Secret City Episodes

secret city episodes
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Secret City has a total of 12 episodes divided into 2 seasons. The running time of each episode is approximately 49-52 minutes. Looking at the list of episodes below, one thing becomes certain! That is, if season 3 of the SEcret City ever comes out, it will surely have a total of 6 episodes! 

Secret City Season 1 (2016)

Episodes Episode titleDate of Release
1A Donation to the StruggleJune 5, 2016
2The WatchersJune 5, 2016
3Beware the JabberwockJune 12, 2016
4Falling HardJune 19, 2016
5Ghosts in the MachineJune 26, 2016
6The Light on the HillJuly 3, 2016

Secret City Season 2 (2019)

Episode Episode titleDate of Release
1Run Little RabbitMarch 4, 2019
2The War ZoneMarch 4, 2019
3Pale HorseMarch 4, 2019
4Broken BirdMarch 4, 2019
5From Whom The Bell TollsMarch 4, 2019
6Two Cheers For DemocracyMarch 4, 2019

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Secret City Season 3 Release Date

secret city season 3 release date
Source: Foxtel

As of now, no news has come out regarding the renewal of the Secret City season 3 and thus, nothing can be surely said about the release date of the same. Release dates are announced once the filming wraps up, and we know that this isn’t the case for the Secret City as no news has come out yet!

We can speculate that Season 3 of the Secret City might grace our screens in 2022, based on the earlier release dates. But that’s all speculation as it may, or may not be true!

All we need to do now is wait patiently till we get any further news indicating Secret City season 3! Till then, look at other political thriller series and movies like Secret City that will give you an adrenaline rush! If you like Secret City, then you will surely like Pine Gap, The Code, Mystery Road, Janet King to name a few!


Fans are eagerly waiting for the renewal of Secret City when there is no news of it yet! Yeah, you heard that right! There is no news regarding when Secret City season 3 will come out and hence all we need to do is wait patiently till further news comes out! Till then, stay tuned to know more updates on the Secret City!


Will there be Secret City season 3?

As of September 2021, it is still unknown whether Secret City will get renewed for season 3 or not! No announcements regarding the same have come out so far and all we can do right now is wait patiently!

How many seasons of Secret City are on Netflix?

To date, there are 2 seasons of Secret City available on Netflix for global audiences. Season 1 of Secret City became available on Netflix in 2018 and season 2 in 2019.

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