Is Supernatural Season 16 Back? | CW’s Astonishing Announcement!

supernatural season 16

Supernatural had a way longer journey than any other TV series and from 2005-2019, the show actually became a family to the fans. The family which they are obviously reluctant to part ways from. The Supernatural series has a total of 15 episodes and the fans still haven’t had enough of Sam and Dean, and are asking questions like- “will there be a Supernatural season 16?”

This American dark fantasy series first premiered on The WB in September 2015 and has been renewed for a total of 15 seasons! Season 15 of Supernatural premiered in October 2019 on The CW.

So are you one of those wondering and eagerly waiting for Supernatural season 16? Well, you would be disappointed to know that- “THIS WAS IT!” The Supernatural series has officially ended and season 15 that aired in 2019 was the last and final season of the series!

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Supernatural has finally come to an end after fourteen years and that wasn’t CW’s fault so don’t go hating the network! It was actually the decision of our dear Sam and Dean who wanted to retire and spend some quality time with their families!

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Supernatural And All About Supernatural Season 16

supernatural season 16
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Supernatural is an American horror and fantasy fiction series that graced our TV screens in September 2005! The series was jointly produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision, and Warner Bros. Television! Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke who was fascinated by urban legends from a very young age.

Eric, at first, wanted Supernatural to have only three seasons but then it went on for 5 and now we know today, that it is, in fact, America’s first longest airing fantasy series with a total of 15 seasons and 327 episodes! There are many interesting facts associated with this series which was meant to be a movie (as Eric wished himself), like the initial idea of it being a road trip series! Even the idea of the main leads being brothers was also Eric’s last pitch of winning the Network’s approval!

So will there be a new season of Supernatural? A possible season 16? The answer is NO! Supernatural season 16 is out of the picture as the series has already concluded in 2019. Although we all were under the impression that CW’s statement referring to the actor’s wishes and viewer rating would make the series continue for as long as possible, those hopes were shattered! Who knew Jared and Jensen were already thinking of giving it all a rest!

Will There Be A Season 16 Of Supernatural?

Supernatural already had its finale in season 15, meaning no season 16 for us! Believe it or not, this fourteen year long has finally ended leaving the hopes of many fans in the dust! Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the main leads of Supernatural, playing the role of brothers, actually wanted to retire from the show, spending some time with their family!

Hence, CW decided on canceling the show and season 15 was made the last and the final season. 

Misha, Jared, and Jensen took the task upon themselves of announcing that season 15 would be the last season of Supernatural and fans literally balled their eyes out! It was a big shock for those who were happily waiting for the release of season 15. Well, what can I say? All good things come to an end! As cliche as it seems, it is actually TRUE!

Is There A Supernatural Renewal?

Supernatural was renewed for a total of 15 seasons and then it came to an end! The first season of Supernatural aired on The WB network on 13 September 2005. 

The series was first renewed for a total of 5 seasons after which the showrunner, Eric, departed from the series and made space for some new faces. Subsequently, the series went on until 15 seasons with a number of producers and creators and became one big family!

The finale episode of Supernatural aired in November 2020 and that was it. The show is not renewed for a new season and has ended at a total of 15!

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Is Supernatural Season 16 Confirmed?

supernatural season 16 confirmed
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Any such news that says Supernatural season 16 is confirmed is fake and hence you should abstain from believing such baseless rumors! 

The main leads had informed long ago that season 15 was going to be their last, so as much as you want to believe your favorite show is back on screen, it isn’t the case! If you do not want to bid adieu to Supernatural, you can simply rewatch the show! Or simply, watch shows like Supernatural! Here’s a list of shows that are similar to Supernatural-

  • Grimm
  • The Dresden Files
  • The X-Files
  • Fringe
  • Person of Interest
  • Wynonna Earp
  • Crazyhead

Supernatural Season 16 Release Date

As the show has already ended, there’s nothing like a release date! Supernatural stopped airing after season 15 so expecting for Supernatural season 16 release date is simply a “JOKE!”

The show went on for 327 episodes spanning over 15 seasons! And moreover, the series finale has already happened! So there’s basically nothing left in Supernatural now if CW ever thinks of renewing it again. 

Also, the creators would have to start afresh in season 16 and seriously, I’m not sure if they will do that after sticking to the same cast and characters for 14 years! Don’t understand why I’m saying this? Well, I’m sure you haven’t watched the series finale yet!

Supernatural Season 15: Series Finale (Spoiler Alert!!)

supernatural season 16 release date
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Sam and Dean have fought lots of monsters in their world and came back to life many times! But do you know what happens in the series finale? Our dear Dean dies while he’s on his hunt and makes Sam promise to not bring him back to life!

If this was it, we still would have been a little hopeful for a major miracle to happen but things do not go as we want right? So Dean dies, Sam lives on until older age, births a son and tada, dies! Both the brother reunite in heaven and hug each other and that’s how it all ended!

So now you know why I was so against the idea of season 16 as everything has finally come to an end! So what would season 16 even have for us? The son of Sam and his story? Apologies but I can’t watch the show without the favorite pair of brothers? I mean will a fourteen-year-long Supernatural fan accept that? Certainly not me! 

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The supernatural series has already come to an end and it would be better for fans to accept that cold-bitter truth! It was a rather long journey of 15 seasons and 327 episodes but it, at last, ended in 2019. But we shouldn’t be disheartened as we can always rewatch the series as it is available on Netflix!


Will there be season 16 of Supernatural?

As the leads of The Supernatural have stepped back from the show to spend some quality time with their family, so there’s no hope for season 16 so far. Also, the show already had a conclusive ending in the season 15 finale episode! So as of now, there’s no hope for The Supernatural season 16!

Is season 15 of Supernatural the last?

Season 15 was the last and the final season of the Supernatural and the series will continue no longer as the cast has already moved in with new projects.

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