Is There The Affair Season 6? | One More Chance To The Rashomon Effect??

the affair season 6

Sarah Treem took us on one hell of a ride that was oddly addictive! Yeah, I’m talking about The Affair! The show had us turning in our chairs wondering what was going to happen NEXT! The Rashomon effect that Sarah used to depict different perspectives of the same scene literally made us realize, “yeah, we do see things differently! Everyone does!” So? Is The Affair season 6 on? 

I really think the creators should have changed the title from “The Affair” to “Innumerable Affairs” as there are many scenarios depicting infidelity in relationships! But yeah, they’re right too! As it was that particular one affair that changed the lives of many! 

The Affair premiered on CBS’s Showtime in October 2015 and ran for a total of five seasons! We don’t know if the show will have a season 6 or not. Based on the statements of the network, the possible season 6 seems highly unlikely! The network had already made it crisp clear that season 5 was going to be the last and the final season of the affair! This news came out even before The Affair season 5 was premiered! But let’s see if this is how it all ends! Let’s delve into the emotional world of Infidelities and confrontations with The Affair series today!

The Affair has officially come to an end but the various nuances of this show are still confusing! I mean I had to watch season 2 and season 3 again because of how confusing it was? The time jump is too much! So let’s recapitulate The Affair today and get rid of all our lingering doubts!!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Affair Season 6

the affair season 6
Source: Dan’s Papers

The Affair is an American psychological drama series that first premiered on October 12, 2014. This was a Showtime original show created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi that ran for a total of 5 seasons with a total of 53 episodes! Yeah, only 5 seasons! There’s no The Affair season 6 as the series has already been concluded in the series finale!

The Affair takes a very different and rather fascinating (sometimes confusing) route to explain the storyline of the series. Sarah calls it “The Rashomon of relationship dramas” as it takes into consideration the different perspectives of the main characters. Every episode of the show is divided into two parts where the characters describe the incidents from their point of view!

This approach to a relationship drama is rather unique as we all know that everybody has a different approach to seeing and deciphering things! I think that’s the reason why the audiences were so awed with this rather emotional series! 

The Affair received 7.9/10 viewer ratings on IMDb and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics had lots of nice things to say about the show and that’s evident from its popularity!

The series had us hooked but also a bit confused! There were a lot of time jumps between seasons that made us question our memory of the previous season! I wonder if that happened with you too? Because for me personally, I was still confused about Noah and Alison’s marriage (Even after the series finale!!!!).

So let’s just recap our knowledge of The Affair till season 5 and check if my description matches yours! 

The Affair Recap And Season Finale (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

the affair recap
Source: Rhode Island Monthly

The Affair is a bumpy ride of two families that get entangled with a major turn of events! By the major turn of events here, I mean the Extramarital affair! Yeah, the series is about infidelity and the aftermath of it! So who are the adulterous couple- “Alison and Noah”, the main leads!

Everything’s good on the surface but beneath it is the agony, pain, and hidden anguish! Noah, a struggling novelist, is frustrated that he’s financially dependent on his father-in-law, and Alison, a waitress at a Diner is recovering from the death of her four-year-old son. 

Noah’s marital life was going seemingly well despite this one frustration he had with his father-in-law but we still question – “was that one thing enough to give up every little thing?” Well, what we can only wonder about! Although Alison was already having some problems with her marital life, that was also not a reason enough to resort to adultery when in fact we know how it all ended!

So this is what happened, Noah ran into Alison in her Diner once and one thing led to another and they eventually found themselves in an inexplicable rendezvous! And as things progress, everything takes an ugly turn with their respective partners discovering their secret affair and deciding to part ways in season 2!!

Owing to the Rashomon effect, the series is narrated through the POV’s of different characters, season 1 is seen through the lens of Noah and Alison, and while other seasons include the POV’s of their spouse, Helen, and Cole too. Some occasional narratives are also offered by Juliette (Noah’s love interest in season 3) and Vik (Helen’s second husband). Season 5 is narrated by Noah, his kids (he has four of them), and Joanie (daughter of Cole and Alison).

Confusing right? So many love interests, ex-husbands, lovers, affairs, and so on and so forth. The drama never ends truly! So coming back to the original storyline, Noah and Alison did find solace in each other’s arms but we do know that it was temporary, and let’s not deny the fact that we still questioned and doubted Noah a lot of times during the show! Let’s be honest here, Noah wasn’t good for Alison, in fact, neither of them was good for each other! 

Noah was about to cheat on Alison while they got married (somewhere between season 2 and 3, courtesy of the time jumps!) and the fact that he still loved his ex-wife Helen! Oh, you haven’t seen season 5? Yeah, they got together for a hook-up once during their daughter Whitney’s wedding! There’s too much drama and how can I forget Alison’s death!

The whole of season 5 is based on adult Joanie, Alison’s daughter, investigating the death of her mother and who killed her! Well, she finally gets to know the murderer and I won’t reveal all the spoilers here. Season 5 can be confusing too and will leave you wondering, “Noah didn’t age even though Joanie grew up to be a beautiful lady” Well thanks to Treem who left us confused, yet again! So, basically, season 5 is set in two different time frames, a present one and a future one! 

Season 5 ends up with Joanie finding her mother’s killer, Noah sitting by Helen’s grave with flowers and that’s it. A closure! If you were expecting to see Cole or even Alison again, you’re in for massive disappointment as they did not make appearances in season 5!

So what conclusion did you draw from the finale ending? I hope it goes like “Never cheat on your partner as you are only going to regret it!”. Noah loved Helen and it was pretty evident that Cole loved Alison too and the same goes for her. So save yourselves from momentary pleasures and the ensuing disappointments ahead!!

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How Many Seasons Of The Affair Are There?

the affair seasons
Source: Variety

The Affair got a final nod from Showtime in 2013 and the following year, its first season premiered! The Network renewed The Affair for a 10 episode season 2 which was later changed to 12 and later, the show was renewed for 5 seasons which last aired on November 25, 2019. 

The Affair had a total of 5 seasons with 53 episodes! The running time of each episode is approximately 50-90 minutes. Here’s a complete list of seasons per episode of The Affair.

SeasonsEpisodesFirst Aired
110October 12, 2014
212October 4, 2015
310November 20, 2016
410June 17, 2018
511August 25, 2019

The Affair Cast 

the affair cast
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Many splendid faces can be seen in The Affair like Ruth Wilson, Dominic West, Maura Tierney, etc. However, some issues regarding the cast and crew appeared in the later seasons. 

The show struggled to maintain a steady cast in the later seasons! Ruth Wilson (played the role of Alison) stepped out of the show after season 4 and did not make any reappearances later on in season 5. Joshua Jackson too (who played the role of Cole), did not make any reappearances in The affair Season 5. These were two of the main leads of the show and fans dealt a huge blow not seeing them reappear on the show. 

Other than that, The Affair had a main and a recurring cast which can be seen in almost all seasons. Here’s a list of the cast of The Affair and the roles they played in it. 

  • Dominic West as Noah Solloway
  • Ruth Wilson as Alison Bailey
  • Maura Tierney as Helen Butler
  • Joshua Jackson as Cole Lockhart
  • Julia Goldani Telles as Whitney Solloway
  • Jake Siciliano as Martin Solloway
  • Jadon Sand as Trevor Solloway
  • Leya Catlett as Stacey Solloway
  • Josh Stamberg as Max Cadman
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno as Luisa Leon
  • Omar Metwally as Vik Ullah
  • Irène Jacob as Juliette Le Gall
  • Sanaa Lathan as Janelle Wilson
  • Anna Paquin as Joanie Lockhart
  • Victor Williams as Detective Jeffries
  • John Doman as Bruce Butler
  • Kathleen Chalfant as Margaret Butler
  • Mare Winningham as Cherry Lockhart 
  • Colin Donnelly as Scott Lockhart

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Is The Affair Cancelled?

is the affair canceled
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For those of you wondering if the show was canceled, should drop this line of thought! The Affair saw a natural conclusive end and hence it was bound to end! There was no hasty or abrupt ending! Everything went on smoothly as it was already planned by the creator, Sarah Treem!

Gary Levine, the president of Programming at Showtime reportedly said and I quote- 

"We love the intimacy, the nuance, and the emotional honesty of ‘the affair’s subjective examination of both infidelity and fidelity. Sarah Treem has always envisioned this as a five-season series. we will be fascinated to see where she takes her talented cast and all of us next year in its climactic season”

This in itself makes it pretty evident that the show was originally planned for 5 seasons and saw a natural ending! 

The Affair Season 6 Release Date

The Affair season 5 had its final episode on November 25, 2019. This 11 episode season 5 gave a conclusive ending to the series and hence, the series has officially ended. So this means that there is no season 6 of The Affair now!

The show has been officially called off and all the cast members have been released from their contracts. After a total of 53 episodes, this emotional and dramatic series has finally ended, and if you’re too sad to say goodbye, you can just re-watch it again!’

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The Affair season 5 premiered on Showtime in August 2019 and served as the last and conclusive end of the series. The show revolves around an extramarital affair between Noah Solloway and Alison Bailey and how it changes their lives and those connected with them. This series is an emotional ride giving you various perspectives on the concepts of fidelity and infidelity! The show has seen a conclusive ending and hence, there is no The Affair season 6!


Will there be season 6 of The Affair?

The Affair ended with season 5 and hence, there is no season 6. The show saw a conclusive ending and has been discontinued now with all cast members released from their contracts.

Why did Alison leave The Affair?

The Hollywood Reporter covering Ruth Wilson (played Alison) reported that the actor was uncomfortable on the show and also had issues with the amount of nudity that was involved while filming the scenes!

Do Noah and Alison end up together?

Yeah, Noah and Alison did end up marrying and even divorcing in the show. It happens somewhere between season 2 and season 3. As there are many time jumps in the show, there is no scene showing they actually put rings on each other, but Noah did call Alison his wife many times during the investigation.

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