Is Using an Essay Service Cheating?

Is Using an Essay Service Cheating

In modern universities, essay writing is a good way to check students’ knowledge and analysis skills. Essays are used as homework during the studying process. Students also need to write an essay at the end of each term to show their knowledge of the subject. An essay is a simple assignment that can be written fast. Yet, the assignment needs to be of high quality and contain great research. For this reason, it can be difficult for some students to write an essay themselves. In some cases, you may have little time for writing the paper because of your exams. That is why you may need help from an online writing service.

DoMyEssay – essay service that offers essay writing help with a wide range of subjects. The company hires professional experts to write your homework. So, you may consider the option to pay a writer to create a high-quality essay. But is ordering homework in an essay service cheating?

Online writing services provide help for students who have issues with writing. In some cases, you may also get an explanation for your homework. That is why such services are not considered cheating, but rather hw help. Such services as DoMyEssay work completely legally. Addressing the company is legal, and your personal data is completely secure. There is no need to worry that your professor will learn that you have ordered the essay. The company does not gather and share your private information with any parties. When the writer takes your order, they do not get your data and see only your client number. They do not include your personal data on the title page and only leave fields for it.

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Essay Writing on digitization and its benefits

Another advantage of writing services is that they never use previous papers on the same topic. Each essay is created from scratch with 100% uniqueness. For this reason, your paper is like you write it yourself. In case your professor has doubts about the uniqueness, you can pay for an originality report. An originality report is a paper with plagiarized sentences highlighted. It proves the originality of any paper, so you can be sure you get the highest mark.

Online services also help students when they have little time before the deadline. You may need to prepare for important exams and not have enough time. At the same time, essays are created only for the assessment of your skills. So, you may charge a professional writer with your essay, and this won’t be considered cheating.

Why Contact an Online Writing Service?

A writing service like is a great option to get a high-quality paper. The company has a lot of advantages for students. Let’s look at what benefits you may have if you order your homework.

1. 100% Original Paper

In a custom writing service, you always get a 100% unique essay. You can be sure that there will be any issues regarding plagiarism when you hand in the paper. Each writer creates the essay from scratch and presents their ideas. After the paper is ready, the editors check it using plagiarism checking tools. The most popular plagiarism checking services are Copyscape, PlagScan, and Some universities may require using Turnitin to check the paper. The services show which sentences contain plagiarism and the plag percentage. If you order the paper in writing service, it will contain zero plagiarism.

2. Well-Structured Essay

An important point in an essay is its structure. It is crucial to follow the structure stated by your professor in the instructions. At the same time, there is a typical structure that an essay should follow. If you need, you can also add extra requirements. In your essay, you need to include three sections. They are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The experts from provide a clear structure of the paper. It allows understanding the material well. They also present a strong thesis supported with arguments and reliable sources. They understand the rules of academic writing. They also know what sources are necessary for your essay.

3. Good Grammar

The writers in the company have great writing skills and high language. They create your essay without grammatical or spelling errors. Each writer understands the difference between English language kinds. So, they can do assignments in each of them. After the paper is ready, the editors check it for grammatical mistakes. They also apply Grammarly as the service that checks grammar. If there are some issues, the editors correct the errors and send a high-quality paper to you. They also check the word count to follow all the instructions from your professor.

4. Meeting The Deadline

When you order a paper from an online writing service, you can be sure to get it in time. So, ordering your essay is a great option to meet your deadline. The company is dedicated to offering services of the highest quality. That is why timely delivery is a crucial point here. No matter how urgent your homework is, the writers will follow the deadline. So, you can get the paper ready in one night. Customer support is available instantly, so you can order the homework fast. If there are several hours to do the assignment, several writers will be charged with its parts.

5. Free Corrections

The writers are dedicated to creating the best paper for the clients. At the same time, there are cases when they misunderstand the instructions. For this reason, it is important to provide as many details as you can. If the writer has not followed the initial instructions, they will correct the paper for free. Yet, if you need some new sections in your essay, you should pay more for them. The experts write your essay long before the deadline. That is why they always have time for corrections if needed.

So, if you need help with writing your essay, do not hesitate to contact a writing service. Ordering your essay is a great option to get a high mark without any cheating.

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