Israel to ban people entering from 3 countries due to new UK strain

Israel to Ban people entering from 3 countries due to new UK starin

Since there is news about the New Strain of Coronavirus spreading tremendously everywhere in the UK, people are not taking it seriously. There is no such confirmation about the effects and the consequences of this new strain yet. But research is going on at pace.

Recent news highlights the Israel government’s ban on people’s entry from 3 countries due to this new strain found in the UK. This step was taken in order to limit the spread of this newly found strain that already has affected many people in the UK showing some adverse effects.

Coronavirus Commissioner Nachman Ash interacted with Walla News on Sunday morning and stated that We are having great concern about the Covid-19 situation. He further added that “We are constantly looking for the progress in the effectiveness of the vaccine on the new mutation. Research is going on the cell binding with the virus.”

“Coronavirus mutations are very common and the new mutations found in the UK is getting on tip of the iceberg ignoring many other major issues”, these are the words of Prof. Jacob Moran-Gilad, a medical specialist in clinical microbiology and public health from Ben-Gurion University’s School of Public Health, and a member of Israel’s Pandemic Management Team while in discussion with The Jerusalem Post in their recent interview on Sunday.

Moran-Gilan in his recent interview said that the numbers presented about the cases on Saturday due to the new strain were just a projection that was presented on the basis of recent cases in some specific areas. It is not yet verified that how infectious is the strain. 

While another interview came from Moran-Gilad with Post, stated that the new mutations are the same as the earlier covid-19 strain. He further added that till now there are more than 1000 known mutations of the earlier novel coronavirus, coming from Wuhan but not all were important or significant.

Prof. Moran-Gilad in his interview said that both the earlier virus variant and the new Danish variant that is coming up in mass-culling of minks in the country bought changes in the virus spike protein.

This spike protein has a lot to do with the effects of the virus. Mutations related to spike proteins act as the deciding factor whether that person is infected or not. The mutation might affect the respiratory system mixing with the cells in the body. These were the words of Prof. Moran-Gilan. He sounded pessimistic as he ended up saying, he can’t think of more negative than this for the people of the UK.

Doctors in England are highly worried about this fact as it is not confirmed yet that whether their search about this mutation is right or not, Prof.Moran-Gilan added.

The effects of the new strain will be tested after a positive decrease in the rising cases of coronavirus. The final results will make us reach a conclusion. 

He said that the spike protein is the main source for diagnosing, testing, screening, and genome sequencing for the noble coronavirus which will lead to rising of new cases. As with every lab testing, apply their tests in different areas so that virus can be detected, so this mutation too will get diagnosed.

A process like this takes time to be resolved. Especially with the discovery of this new mutation, which is lowering the effectiveness of the vaccine. Seeing the recovery rate it can be noticed that the vaccination and its results will take time.

Although there are so many new mutations found every now and then but all of them are not that significant said, Moran-Gilad. The process is taking time to show its effectiveness . It’s wrong to think that you wake up in a morning and find out that nothing has changed. It will change for sure. Just patience required. And since the new mutation has not shown any harm to the vaccine, so no need to worry until everything is confirmed.

You all should be aware that our immune system continuously produces a lot of antibodies throughout. Even if the new mutation happens to enter our body,still there are chances that our body can fight against it leading to some dramatic effects.

When it comes to patient sample testing or genetic sequencing, The British leads the rate. That’s the reason they are the first to know anything. All this is the tip of the iceberg, letting us ignore other major issues in Britain. There are a lot of other mutations too that are still not diagnosed because of a lack of survey and resources.

We can’t just rely on the news coming from Britain, as coronavirus is a universal issue and not Britain’s issue alone said, Prof. Moran-Gilad.

The Israel government, on seeing the ongoing situation made it clear that no foreigners will be allowed to enter the country. While from December 26, The countrymen returning from any other country will have to follow the 14 day quarantine procedure. After completing this quarantine period ,the passengers will again be tested after nine days. And if they test negative after that,the quarantine period will be limited to 10 days only.

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