ITV respite in Spain’s Andalucia as Veiasa hires 300 more staff to handle COVID-19 backlog – Olive Press News Spain

THE company in charge of Andalucia’s ITV inspections, Veiasa, has taken on hundreds of new workers to help reduce waiting times for expired vehicle tests.

As announced by the Ministry of Transport and representatives of Veiasa, the group has secured adequate funding from the central government to employ 270 new workers across Andalucia.

The roles will be split into 237 inspector roles, 25 administrative positions and eight technicians.

The bolstered workforce will allow testing centers to open more slots per day to try and streamline the inspection process to help ease waiting times for car users that have been left without a valid ITV.

The new employees have dramatically reduced the delays for anyone needing to renew their ITV, from 104 days to just 25 days on average.

As part of the rollout, motorists will also begin receiving text messages to advise if their current appointment can be brought forward.

In total over 220,000 message shave been sent so far with more being announced in the coming weeks.

Self employed workers and companies that rely on cars to carry out their jobs have also been given a special concession to speed up the inspection process.

Testing stations were given a daily quota that they had to honor to corporate vehicles such as taxis and company cars in order to keep them legally on the road.

Since the closure of ITV testing centers at the start of the pandemic, the stations have yet to catch up with the backlog of motorists waiting for a test.

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Staff shortages and travel restrictions have left centers with waits previously of up to six months for new tests, leaving thousands of vehicles without an up to date sticker.

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