FreeLancer Mark Hirst Cleared Of All The Charges Of Threatening

Mark Hirst

Former Editor in chief of Sputnik News UK, RIA Novelist, and firmer broadcast journalist Mark Hirst was cleared of the allegations of threatening the female witnesses who were called during the trial of the former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond.

Before moving to the main highlight of the day let us have a quick recap on Alex salmon’s case. The former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond was accused of sexually assaulting the women. 

Mark Hirst is a supporter of Alex Salmond, released a short 2 minutes video on his personal blog. In the video, he was charged with threatening the women who were called as witnesses during Alex Salmond’s trial.

Hirst said, there are big ministers of the SNP in the case who have made a conspiracy to demoralize the former first minister’s name.

Although the former first minister of Scotland has now been set free of all the charges now. The freelancer Mark Hirst told in a Youtube video that the police came to his home and abused him and took him to the police station in a rude manner.

He told that he was in the police station without the trial by the court. He also mentioned his freedom of speech and expression has been violated. He is a freelancer and wants an independent country where everyone has the freedom to speak and write.

The Youtube video he released after the incident has been given below, have a look at it

The blogger Mark Hirst is clear with all the allegations of threatening the witnesses in the former first minister Alex Salmon’s sexual assault case. But this incident can be seen as a direct threat to the national integrity and freedom of expression in Scotland. 

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