JJ Lin attempts making dumplings with Stefanie Sun

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Singapore — Singer JJ Lin may excel in the recording studio and on stage, but in the kitchen it’s a different story. That’s when he’s advised to stick to singing. Well, we can’t be perfect in all that we do, right? Full marks to the singer, though, for trying.

JJ Lin flew home to Singapore from Taiwan for Lunar New Year and on Thursday (Feb 18), the Mandopop singer posted a video of himself making dumplings from scratch with fellow singer Stefanie Sun on his YouTube channel.

JJ Lin said that this was the second time in his life that he was unleashing his inner dumpling chef —and he quipped that this time, there was no pressure from his father.

Back in October 2019, the 39-year-old filmed his previous attempt at making dumplings, but things did not work out the way he intended as he struggled with folding the wrinkles of the goubuli baozi, a traditional steamed bun from China’s Tianjin.

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JJ Lin was asked to stick to singing when he was making dumplings. Picture: YouTube

According to a report by 8days.sg on Feb 19, JJ Lin’s father who was there at that time roasted him, saying that he should stick to singing and let others do the dumpling-making.

Have the singer’s dumpling-wrapping skills improved after a year and a half? JJ Lin had just started working on the first one when Sun said to him in Mandarin that he should go and sing. Which is just what his father said. It seems that JJ Lin has a long way to go then.

Sun seemed to be doing a much better job. She hilariously made disapproving comments about JJ Lin like a hard-to-please mother-in-law.  “Can you see we’re very, very disastrous?” she exclaimed in English at one point.

Finally, the duo fried the dumplings and they sat down to try their own handiwork. Luckily, despite the rocky start for JJ, the pair said that the dumplings tasted pretty good.

Sun said that the dumplings were juicy and crispy and the duo joked about starting their own restaurant. Although JJ may need more work when it comes to dumpling-making, the fans were supportive and left many encouraging comments.

“It’s the taste that matters, not the shape. I’m here for you!” wrote one fan, while another said that they would like to order “10 servings”.

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