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List of J&K Endemic species of Animals, Birds and Plants (Jammu and Kashmir)

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This post we will give list of J&K Endemic species of animals, birds and plants.But first we discuss about what are endemic species. Endemic species are plants and animals that exist only in one geographical region.Species can be endemic to large or small areas of the earth. In the previous post we mentioned J&K endangered species and now let us discuss the Endemic one.

Endemism is the ecological state of a species being unique to a defined geographic location, such as an island,nation,country or other defined zone, or habitat type; organisms that are indigenous to a place are not endemic to it if they are also found elsewhere.

Species can be endemic to:

  1. A particular continent.
  2. Some part of continent.
  3.  To a single island.
  4.  To a country.
  5.  To a habitat type.

Here is the list of J&K endemic species of animals,plants and birds.

J&K Endemic Species of Animals

J&K Endemic Species of Animals

S.NO Species Region
1. Hangul Kashmir
2. Musk Deer Jammu,Kashmir and Ladakh
3. Markhor Kashmir and Jammu
4. Ibex Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh
5. Serow Kashmir and Ladakh
6. Snow Leopard Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh
7. Spotted Deer Jammu
8. Goral Jammu
9. Barking Deer Jammu
10. Black Bear Kashmir and Jammu
11. Shapu Ladakh
12. Nayan Ladakh
13. Chiru Ladakh
14. Pallas Cat Ladakh
15. Tibetan Argali Ladakh

J&K Endemic Species of Birds

J&K Endemic Species of Birds

There are about 262 species of birds reported from Kashmir valley, 2254 from Ladakh and 183 from Jammu region.Jammu Kashmir state is quite rich in subtropical,temperate and alpine avifauna.Here is the list of J&K endemic species of birds.

S.NO          Species of Birds
1. Starlings
2. Pintail
3. Wigeon
4. Black Necked Crane
5. Teal
6. Golden Eagle
7. Blue Rock Pigeon
8. Common Hoopoe
9. Kashmir Roller
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J&k Endemic of Plants (Flora)

The floras of Himalayan Kashmir comprise of 3054 species.About 880 species are found in Ladakh and 506 species in Jammu.These only include angiosperms,gymnosperms and pteridophytes.Here is the list of J&K endemic species of plants.

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S.NO                    Species                 Region
1. Aconitum Chasmanthum (Meetha telia) Gurez,Zanskar,Baltal
2. Arnebia benthamii (Ratanjot) Sonamarg, Kishtwar,Duksum
3. Atropa Acuminate (Biraal) Poonch,Gulmarg,Kukernag
4. Vitex Negundo Jammu
5. Rheum Emodi (Churko) Sarthal,Paddar,Gurez,Bhadarwah
6 Saffron (Kesar) Pampore and Kishtwar
7. Potentilla sps Kashmir
8. Iris Hookeriana (tejma) Kashmir , Ladakh and Pahalgam
9. Jurinea Dolomiaca Pir Panchal, Sarthal, Margam Top, Rajdhan pass

This is all from my side about J&K endemic species of animals,plants and birds.If you like this post don’t forget to share it.

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