Kansas City Renaissance Festival 2021 Dates Announced

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Kansas City Renaissance Festival is to be celebrated from 4 September 2021 to 17 October 2021. The festival is celebrated since the 16th century in Kansas and a different excitement can be seen in the residents of the cities when the festival approaches.

The whole city is turned into a fair and people wearing the ancient traditional dresses can be seen on the roads. You need to buy tickets to enjoy food or games at the festivals. Right now we don’t have any discount on the tickets for the renaissance fair in 2021 but as September approaches the tickets with the discounts will be available here on the site.

The Renaissance Festival is celebrated every year since the 16th century from the time of Queen Elizabeth I, but the festival became popular in the 1940s in America after the Second World war. The Renaissance Festival is celebrated to remind and remember the ancient history of the city with the people roaming in the streets in the king’s robe and having traditional foods in the restaurants.

The Kansa City Renaissance Festival 2019 Discounts Were

Buying tickets online will help you save $11 per ticket. Buying more tickets more than 10 at a time will avail you more discount than usual. Contact: (913)721-2110 for more offers.

  • The adult tickets would cost $19.95
  • Tickets for Kids would cost $11.50

Discount tickets can also be purchased from the participating locations in the festival.

Gate Admission fees

The gate admission fees are different for people of different age groups.

  • The gate ticket for Adults is $22.95
  • The ticket would cost $13.95 for the kids(5-12)
  • The gate admission ticket for senior citizens and students would cost them $20.25
  • The kids under 4 can enjoy the festival for free.
  • This time dogs are also allowed in the KC Ren Fest and you just have to pay $10 for their gate admission.

Groupon Offer

Groupon is offering about 20 percent off on one-day gate admission. If you buy the tickets for four people you will just have to pay $59.50. If you buy tickets for two adults and two kids you can save up to $3.40 buying online and can save up to $14.30 if you buy them on gates.

But before buying the tickets at discount you must read this note 

You can only use these tickets till 13 October that is you cannot use this ticket on Columbus day that is on 14 October

The family offer on four people can only be availed if there are one adult and three kids or two adults and two kids in the family.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival Contests

The festival offers a number of contests and games for kids and adults. These are

Fairy House Competition- The participants of the competition receive two free gate admission tickets. You just need to fees for the competition form and submit $10 as the registration fees, just once in the first three weekends.

Wondrous Warriors Mural Competition- The competition is free to enter and each participant would receive four free gate admission tickets.

Photo Contest- There will be a photo contest as well for photography lovers. The details of the contest are yet to be announced.

Festival Location and Parking

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is located 15 minutes west of downtown Kansas City at 633 N, 130th street, Bonner Springs, KS.

The parking would be free during the entire Kansas Renaissance Festival.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival Weekend Dates and themes

1st Weekend- 31 August – 2 September

Theme- Swashbucklers and Sirens

2nd Weekend- 7 September – 8 September

Theme- Shamrocks and Shenanigans

3rd Weekend- 14 September – 15 September

Theme- Barbarians at the gate- Fur and Fury

4th weekend- 21 September – 22 September

Theme- Celtic Games

5th weekend- 28 September – 29 September

Theme- Wine and Romantic Rendezvous

6th weekend- 5 October – 6 October

Theme- Whimsical wanderlust

7th weekend- 12 October – 13 October

Theme- Oktoberfest

Discovery Day – October 14


The final day when the Kansas City Renaissance Festival will be ending is called the discovery day that was celebrated on 14 October 2019. Right now, we don’t have any discount deals on the Kansas City Renaissance Festival to be celebrated in 2021. Remain in touch with deasilex for more updates on the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Featured Image Source: Change.org

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