“Kill la kill Season 2”: The show have finally reached its fate now! Read to know the details!

Known more famously as Kiru ra Kiru in Japanese, kill la kill is an anime series that engages with two girls named Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kirryun, who are studying in Hannouji Academy senior school.


The series is produced by Tigger while is penned by Kazuki Nakashima. Hiroyuki Imashi does the direction of this anime series. The work is appreciated by the fans very much while they are further demanding for the new season on the screens soon.

The beginning of this show had been very memorable as the premiere date of the show, and the show adapted manga series written by the same author Nakashima and illustrated by Ryō Akizuki, is the same which is on the 4th of October, 2013. The series spread like a forest fire among the people in Japan and so the show. The anime ended its journey on the 28th of March 2014 with its final episode streamed. Taking the note of fans’ demand and craze, the special episodes were revealed 6 months later on 3rd September lately.


After the 24 episodes journey of the first season from October 2013 to March 2014, the fans were already pleased to their finest. Meanwhile, with special episodes later, they got the bonus for their enthusiasm. So what’s coming next? Season renewal?


Nothing clear out yet. The COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost every production house and industry. So it’s surely acceptable if the delay in the announcement of the dates is taken. But will it come out? We can hope for the declaration about it soon. As of now, nothing is much clear from the creators. Maybe the reason might be anything else, either shortage of funds or lack of further plot but the producers and creators officially announce no thread to date.


As stated earlier, the story involves two high school student girls named Ryuuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuuin, respectively. The school is situated in Tokyo, and its name is Hannouji Academy which is not normal, like any other school we believe to see. It is under a rule of some danger students or more precisely, a group of students with Satsuki Kiryuuin with a lead of this group.

On the other hand, Ryuuko Matoi’s story can be seen at the beginning where the murders have killed her father, and to take revenge from them she follows him throughout but only left up with one clue, that is of the half portion which is missing of the so-called object, the Scissor Blade. On her journey to follow the lead she has got about the murderer, she soon reaches this High school called Hannouji Academy. To talk more about this school in an elaborate way, it has some special instincts.

The superhuman powers can be used here by the students with the compulsion of Goku Uniforms for each of them which also seems to a source of their special superpowers. The specification of this uniform quality is, it is made of distinct substances called to be as Life Fibres. However, to find the victim of her father’s death, Ryuuko feels that challenging Satsuki and the other 4 elites can help her more in her quest to search the victim.

But as always expected, the story takes the other direction where Ryuuko finds her plan to be ceasing to function as she is defeated by the simple student wearing that special Goku Uniform. Despite completing the other half of that Scissor Blade and fighting stiffly, she couldn’t hold the attack and got injured badly in the fight. She runs to her house to recoup her life and to get her self healed. Substantially, she gets a different and special piece of the dress called Senketsu, where her blood gets fused to this dress which is also made from Life fibres.

This results in the gaining of superpowers by Ryuuko, and she feels much more energetic than before. So to take revenge for her defeat at the Honnouji Academy, she pulls up her Scissor Blade and pursuits towards the Academy. This time she thinks that she can finally defeat Satsuki and the other 4 Elites, which can bring her closer to the culprit of her father’s murderer. But the plot in the story twists again, and this time the earth is under a threat of getting destroyed. To save the planet Earth, she has to overcome all the hurdles and complications in her way coming in between.


The series has gained much popularity among not only the Japanese fans but also the fans around the world. So to meet the demands of foreign fans, it has been dubbed in the English language accurately, and all its 24 episodes are available on Crunchyroll. Hence one can stream this amazing adventurous series from Crunchyroll.

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