KKN Exports Is Creating an Industry Trend Beyond Greenwashing

Areca Leaf Plates From KKN Exports

Considering the plight of the planet, industries should focus more on using products that are eco-friendly. Despite everyone is aware of the fact that our planet is not in a steady condition still everyone continues to harm it in one way or another. 

The multiple failures in the socio-economic society and in our environment result in the failure in our commerce. It is difficult and challenging at the same time in terms of product design and sourcing of the material. 

Many Companies have this awful habit of focusing on their products and neglecting the environment. On the contrary, KKN Exports the leading manufacturer of areca leaf plates has been socially responsible. They have moved towards a sustainable dinnerware solution for future generations.

How KKN Exports Contribute Above Greenwashing?

KKN Exports is creating an industry trend beyond greenwashing

Due to the increase in the use of eco-friendly products, Areca leaf plates are gaining more and more popularity. People are understanding the need of the hour to use these products as the audience is not misled by the concept of greenwashing. We understand the importance of using products that are natural and organic. You can buy products like round plates, rectangular plates, and square plates from the KKN Exports.

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All the products from KKN Exports are 100% natural with no chemicals, wax or dyes while keeping in mind the safety of the user. They only require water and steam for shaping in the production process. Areca leaf plates can be used for serving any kind of dish. 

KKN Exports contributes to an eco-friendly environment and are above greenwashing because of the following factors:

1. Production Process

When we are thinking of making an eco-friendly environment and avoiding greenwashing then we should prefer to opt for these plates. Areca leaf plates do not cause any harm to nature. The fallen leaves of a palm tree are collected and then they are turned into a plate. All these are made from the natural process.

2. Natural and Chemical Free

All these plates are 100% natural and safe to use as they are made from shredded leaves or the fallen leaves. No dyes, glue or chemicals are used in the manufacturing of these plates. Only water and steam is used to clean, shape, and bend the fallen leaves in order to come up with the final product with the help of a hydraulic machine. The entire process is completely free from using wax, chemicals or dyes making it free from all the extra coatings. 

3. Pricing

While talking about the pricing of these plates, we can say that it’s a great value for money. As compared to other expensive plates, Areca leaf plates stand out as these are easy on-pocket MRP. 

4. Do not Alter the taste 

While taking care of the environment and avoiding greenwashing, these areca leaf plates also make sure to not alter the taste of your food. All these plates and bowls are manufactured in a way that will not hamper the served food. You can use this non-toxic dinnerware for any kind of event. 

5. Benefits

KKN Exports Is Creating an Industry Trend Beyond Greenwashing

Areca leaf plates have many health benefits and health is an essential asset of a human known to them since ancient times. It is a matter of fact that whenever you eat in an areca leaf plate it cures eye disorders called glaucoma and also takes care of acidity. Isn’t it amazing?

Wait! It’s not enough.

While other plates do not have any other health benefits. On the contrary, other alternatives like plastic plates can be harmful to health.

6. Drying ability

Unlike the other plastic plates or bamboo plates, areca leaf plates take less time to dry up in case they get wet for any reason. Areca leaf plates can be easily dried up within half an hour while other plates like bamboo plates require more than 2 hours to get dried up.

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7. Biodegradable

All these plates are organic, natural and biodegradable. They biodegrade naturally after 3 to 6 weeks. Unlike the other plates or the plastic plates, these plates can be decomposed easily. All you need to do is dug a hole in your backyard and dump them. The process enriches the soil and decreases the hassle of cleaning and washing. 

8. Odorless

Areca leaf plates are commercially viable and economic to use. These are lightweight and durable to use. There is no chance of leaking. While talking about the odour of the leaves these plates are totally hygienic. 

Providing misleading information to make products seem environmentally sound is what greenwashing is all about. It is an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that the company’s products are environmentally friendly. 

KKN Exports Is Creating an Industry Trend Beyond Greenwashing

Beyond Greenwashing

We are sure to face a growing Earth Emergency due to multiple crises that are matching environmental, social, and economic tipping points. Our actions and decisions will have a great impact on life on Earth for millennia or possibly forever. 

It is always good to go green but it is easier said than done. From a lack of knowledge about what sustainability is, it is true and often carried out through a wide range of marketing and PR efforts. 

Neglecting the free natural resources we have available for us we still continue to burn fossil fuels and move towards our own doom. The growing population has increased levels of material consumption to meet rising demands. 

KKN Exports have always been taking care of the environment and focussing more on a more sustainable environment.

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Final Verdict

Finally, if you want to have something different and you are looking for eco-friendly products then these natural and organic areca leaf plates and bowls are always the best options and are good to go. You can go environment-friendly with these areca leaf plates. It is the only way to save our mother earth. It is the only correct way to change and educate and inform ourselves about the different changes. 

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