“Leila Season 2”: Check out Release date, Characters, Plot

Leila is Indias first dystopian TV drama which is harshly compared to Hulu’s critically acclaimed THE HANDMAID’S TALE. The series includes the state of Aryavarta, which is seen to be a better and risen State than others present in India. Which occurs to be highly technologically advanced and can stand up to people with their needs but pressures highly in return to the people for their needs to be achieved.

Shalini, a common woman who lives in that state of Aryavarta, challenges the powerful officials and those in the administration to bring back her daughter. The government officials steal the latter. For this, she has to do lots of struggle and overpass the hurdles and even at some points, have to put her daughter’s life and her life in danger.


There’s nothing in the discussion about this series—no interviews, threads, announcements, plots. No idea about how good the work is going in the background or the result is even already begun or yet to. It can be declared any time unexpectedly with the trailer priorly. Hence there is no sign from Netflix till now but hoped to be renewed for season 2.

Hence it may take a long way for the release of this dystopian Indian drama continuation to be occurring. There are no pictures, videos, clips of either sets or casts to share with the highly desperate fans waiting for this to happen. Maybe it can be premiered in the upcoming 2021 or also drag up to 2023 due to the awaiting script to be completed by the scriptwriters or authors.

Storyline, plot, and a recap of Leila season 1 by far:

Author Prayag Akbar writes the main novel, and the series by far is following its elements with a little expansion on new ideas included at various events in its first fraction. The year of the story seems to be 2047, and the state is Aryavarta, which is walled off from the other countries and stands to be a very innovative city at that period. Where the rest of Indian parts are affected by the war, famine, and diseases, inside Aryavarta the citizens are living under the orders of the ruling executives.

The story revolves around the life of a woman named Shalini (played by Huma Qureshi), who gets married to the man who is out of her community l, a Muslim, and is named Riz ( played by Rahul Khanna). The purpose of the separation of her daughter is also their inter-community marriage.

Her daughter is named Leila (played by Lisha Manage), gets separated by her parents Shalini and Riz due to the forceful actions of the guards, who also kill her father, Riz. They later bring Shalini to the state of Aryavarta and submit her to the state services entirely. Shalini, however, is determined to find her daughter both inside and outside of the Aryavarta by surviving under various types of consequences emerging in her routes.


Premiered on 14 June 2019, the series contains six episodes in total. However, it has not gained much appreciation from critics and fans and has bagged 4.7 IMDB ratings and proved to be worth 80℅ Rotten Tomatoes scoring. All episodes are available on Netflix.


He was directed by Deepa Mehta, Shankar Raman, and Pawan Kumar. Whereas written by the author Prayag Akbar, who clas that this novel based series ‘Leila’ is similar to Margaret Atwood’s book, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, which has been adapted by Hulu and his story is revised by Netflix. He further added that Shalini’s search for Leila contains one of the most urgent concerns of the present Indian society.

Gendered violence is the base concrete for his writing, whereas Atwood explores a gendered dystopia. By this, he tries to explain some instincts that differ his creation from Margaret Atwood’s fiction. He further says that Leila has very deep tangles to the Indian caste system, which is still confused and disturbed from centuries in behind. Where the people get to realize which caste or religion they belong to at every step they take in society. And the superiority and jealousy of the majority over the minority and vice versa continue.


Telling mainly, like other contents of the series there isn’t any list of star cast still finalized by far. The sudden release of the trailer will only give full stops to the viewer’s question. Although, the one who has seen the 1st element will undoubtedly believe the role of Huma Qureshi is yet to be completed fully.

Whereas the role of Rahul Khanna ends with his death in the series itself. Also not to forget about the part of Lisha Manage which is still on hold.

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