The Definite List of College Dorm Essentials

List of College Dorm Essentials

If you’re here right now, you’re probably trying to figure out what you need to buy for your dorm room. Let me assure you, you’re at the right place. I’ve made a comprehensive list of college dorm essentials so that you don’t forget anything important.

For those who are finding it a daunting task to pack and move to a new place, keeping those freshmen in mind and making their task easier, I’ve come up with this list of college dorm essentials.

Even if we are planning and packing for days, there are some or other things, we always tend to forget. I remember forgetting my toothbrush. Ahh!! Still haunts. In case you don’t wish to repeat the same have a look at the list of college dorm essentials which includes mattress pads, table lamp, blanket, pinboard, file sorter, mini-fridge, etc.

Well, these were just a few items that I mentioned. You need to do a lot of homework before leaving. So without wasting time, let’s see what you packed and what you skipped.

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The Definite List of College Dorm Essentials – For Comfortable Living

List of College Dorm Essentials; The Definite List of College Dorm Essentials - For Comfortable Living
Source: SavvyCollegeGirl

Whether you are the student leaving for the college dorm or the parent of the one, keep reading for the definite list of college dorm essentials.

Full-Size Bedding: Although dorms provide their own bedding and mattress, you can’t skip the sheets and pillowcases for your mattress. Confirm the bed size and accordingly purchase comfy mattress pads and fitted sheets and pillowcases.

Pillows: You definitely can’t miss out on your favorite pillow. A pillow set is a must.

A Lap Disk for your bed: I do my homework on my bed all the time and I really need this. If you too can relate then I suggest you get this one.

Blanket: You need a pair of blankets for your dorm bed. Whether you’re doing homework in the bed or watching a movie with your friends over or you get cold at your desk you need that extra blanket that you can carry around the room.

A Clip-on Lamp: In terms of lighting you need a clip-on lamp to get at the top of your bed. It’s really important for bedtime or if you wish to read a book without disturbing your roommates, it’s a must.

A Clip-on Fan: You never know what the air conditioning situation is gonna be like. So it’s super important that you have a fan in your room. A Clip-on fan takes no extra space and goes at the end of your bed.

Pin Board: To pin-up your daily essential item lists or to paste your notes and photos you definitely need a pinboard. Don’t go for a big one. Even a small one is enough for single-person use.

Rug: You may need a small rug for your dorm room.

Organization for your Desk

List of College Dorm Essentials; Organization for your Desk
Source: Dorm Co

Having things to organize your school stuff is so important in college. These items make your life much more organized and cleaner.

All in one desk organizer: This is so cool and necessary to save you from the mess. It contains a magazine cage, a pencil cup and it has divided trays where you can keep your paper clips, your water bottle, and any extra item that you want to put.

File Sorter: You may feel it’s not that necessary to have a file sorter but as a student, you must have this. This not only helps you keep your papers, mark sheets, and other important documents safe but give you a one-stop destination to search for all these items whenever you are in a hurry and the best part, it fits below your bed, so no need to worry about space.

A Jewelry Box: Girls can’t skip this one!! To keep your jewelry and other little personal stuff you should have this. Also, you can put your makeup items in this box, to keep them organized and safe.

Vanity Mirror: A vanity mirror is a good choice to have as it fits in very little space. Also, it’s an everyday essential.

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Electronic Essentials

List of College Dorm Essentials; Electronic Essentials
Source: CollegeXpress

Extension Cords: There are not enough plugs in your dorm room for all the electronic items that you have. Not just one extension cord, you should have two. You need one for your desk area where you can plug in your phone, computer and lamp. And you may need another one for your mini-fridge or microwave.

Mini Fridge/ Microwave: Having a microwave is totally your own call. But a mini-fridge is what you definitely need. For keeping all the drinks and food nice and cold and ready to go. If you find it costly, you can buy it later by splitting the cost with your roommate. That’s a better idea.

Plug-In Air Freshener: Do you know you are not allowed to have candles in your dorm room? Now that you know, buy a plug-in air freshener to keep your room fresh and sweet-smelling.

Bathroom Essentials

List of College Dorm Essentials; Bathroom Essentials
Source: Listonic

BathRobe: A robe can be useful if you have communal bathrooms.

Spare Towels: Many people usually take one or two sets of towels with them But having a spare one with you always helps. You can use the spare one anytime you don’t feel like doing your laundry, replacing the old one. Also, keep some hand towels with you.

Soaps: Gey your own hand soaps with you. Buy a whole pack that lasts longer because this is an everyday essential.

Toilet Paper: If you got your own bathroom, you are lucky enough. You have to supply your own toilet paper so if you live in UT, Queek, but or South Campus you have to bring your own toilet paper. 

Cleaning Tools: Since you have your own bathroom, you have to keep your own cleaning supplies like a toilet brush, Clorox wipes, Toilet bowl cleaner, etc to keep your bathroom clean.

Kitchen Essentials

List of College Dorm Essentials; Kitchen Essentials
Source: Casper Star- Tribune

Here is a list of kitchen essentials that you’ll need in your dorm room.

Reusable Cups and Plates: If you are sharing a room with super foodie friends then having utensils and reusable crockery is a good idea. You can share them with your roommates.

Paper Towels/ Napkins: You should always carry napkins/paper towels with you.

Food Storage Containers: To store the eatables that your grandma gave you while leaving for college, you need food containers.

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Closet Organization Items

List of College Dorm Essentials; Closet Organization Items
Source: Pinterest

Perhaps the most important section is closet organization. Just in case you overpack for college and bring all of your clothes which you don’t need but nothing will stop you. But anyway, we need to be prepared to hold all these over-packed clothes. So keeping the first things first here is a list of items you’ll need for your closet:

Hanging Shelf Organizers: To hang your daily use stuff so that you can get them on the go easily. Buy a long hanging shelf, as it can hold more stuff.

A Shoe Rack: A little rack for the bottom of your closet is good to have for keeping your shoes and boots and slippers.

Storage Baskets: To keep your innerwear, your socks, your handkerchieves, and other small clothing items, storage racks are good to have. 

Health Essential

List of College Dorm Essentials; Health Essentials
Source: My inspiration corner

This section is a must. In a hotch-potch don’t forget to pack your health essentials. Here’s a must-need list of medications and other medical items.

Prescribed Medications: If you are taking any medications, do ensure to visit your doctor before leaving so that you have enough stock for your medicines.

First-Aid Kit: Must keep a first aid kit with you so that you don’t have to rush to the campus health center for every small scratch and headache.

Vitamins: Keep vitamin supplements with you for filling in the nutritional gaps.

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I hope this post helped you guys in cross-checking your list of college dorm essentials. Apart from these don’t forget to carry your basic daily use items like pens, sheets, scissors, shampoo, shaving gel, dryer, hairbrush, chargers, etc.

Use this checklist and buy all the important stuff for your dorm room. And don’t forget to keep your masks and sanitizers with you. Reach out for any query in the comment section.

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