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longest-lasting temporary tattoos

People want to get their skin inked but do not opt for tattoos because of the pain involved in the process. Some just go ahead and get a temporary one instead! BUT! BUT! BUT! all they do is complain about how it started “fading out!” That’s a major drawback of temporary tattoos in the first place! They are temporary for a reason! But don’t worry! You can make them stay longer! How? Well, you need to keep reading to find out!

People all over the world get temporary tattoos for multiple reasons, some of them are that they are easily replaceable, do not take a long time to be drawn, and then the most important reason, there’s no pain involved!

But then a time comes when people get too attached to their temporary tattoos and don’t want to be parted from them! Thus, starts the research on how to make our temporary tattoos last longer and get a temporary tattoo that lasts longer in the first place!

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Thus to make sure you’re not disappointed when your tattoo starts fading out, we’ll present you some of the temporary tattoos that are as good as permanent!

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What Are Temporary Tattoos?

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Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are not etched into our skin. They just sit on the top layer of our skin and that’s the reason why they are quick to fade out! How long these tattoos last depends on the products used while tattooing and the texture of our skin and the after-care we provide them.

Some of the temporary tattoos can fade out in a single day while some of them are claimed to have lasted six months and longer! But besides all the other mentioned ways/reasons that make a temporary tattoo last longer, it additionally also depends on the technique used. For example, a henna tattoo can last up to a month (if taken care of), while the patch tattoos will only last a day or two!

Are Temporary Tattoos And Semi-permanent Tattoos Different?

longest lasting temporary tattoos
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Well, the only thing you need to note down here is that YES! They are different but like close cousins! Let me elaborate, they both are temporary as they won’t last long! But the difference is, unlike temporary tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos actually penetrate into our skin! The temporary tattoos just sit on the top layer of our skin, meaning, you’re just putting the product and washing it off! It’s not getting bonded with the inner layers of your skin!

The Longest-lasting Temporary Tattoos

The longest a temporary tattoo can last is a couple of weeks and the shortest obviously is a couple of days! But before reading some of the long-lasting tattoos, you need to keep one thing in mind. What is that? It’s “THEY’RE TEMPORARY” and thus cannot compete with the permanent ones on that scale. Thus simply, do not get your hopes up too much! Now let’s jump to know which tattoos will last longer!

Henna Tattoos

longest-lasting temporary tattoos
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Some people don’t consider henna as a tattoo, but if compared with how other temporary tattoos work, we can consider it as one! Henna is a plant-based powdery formula which when mixed with water and applied to your skin, starts showing results. At first, the color will be light orangish or brown, but after a few hours, the color will start to darken. The darkest a henna can get is to the shade of dark brown! And not black which some products may claim.

It’s advisable to do patch testing before applying henna as some people are very sensitive to it. This kind of tattoo can last up to two weeks or maybe even a month depending on how good you’re taking care of it and at which part of your is it applied!

Inkbox Tattoos

inkbox tattoos
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Inkbox tattoos are somewhat similar to henna but not exactly. While henna might give off an orangish, brownish or reddish color, Inkbox tattoos will leave bluish or dark bluish/black shades! They’re very easy to apply and you can make any design of your choice, even at home! They also can last up to 1-2 weeks depending on how good you take care of them!

Chinese Ink

chinese ink tattoo
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Chinese Ink tattoos are believed to last six months or more but they aren’t widely recommended! The technique is extremely sketchy and the professional doing the work must be really a gem which is hard to find! The surface of your skin is cut and ink is injected into it which makes the tattoo last longer. But here is a major takeaway from it, how do you know how much skin needs to be cut? Obviously, we don’t but the professional who is trained at this surely does! Thus it’s advisable that you get a professional who is skilled at his job!

As these all are temporary tattoos, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much! But aren’t they cool in their own way? You can always change without any commitment to your old ones! Let’s check what some, cool badass temporary tattoos for men are!

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7 Best Inkbox Male Temporary Tattoos

Inkbox provides a huge collection of tattoos to choose from! You can get any tattoo that will make you cool and talk of the party! Let’s check some of these here!

  • Gykon
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

If you or your friend is an ancient history fan, then you can get a Gykon tattoo. This tattoo is based on the marble statue “Farnese Hercules”. The idea of this tattoo comes from Hercules, the son of Zeus and regarded as the most powerful among the Greek heroes. I’m sure you will also resemble no less than a hero wearing this tattoo!

  • Our Might
Inkbox Tattoo
Source: Inkbox

This tattoo is all about pride and power! The dragon and tiger in the tattoo make you fascinated and question yourself, who is most powerful among the two? This tattoo depicts pure strength and you should really consider having this on your arms!

  • Maluhia
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

This is another masterpiece you can get on your arm! A rose from the barrel of a gun! How interesting, but do you know what it depicts? It depicts friendship and peace!

  • Skobo
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

This skull will make you and people who will see it, question life! What is life and what does it even mean to die? Well, that’s me wondering, what do you interpret this one as?

  • Dinero
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

Well well well! This song is even a hot topic on Instagram these days! Why not color it in your arm! I’m sure cheering your success with this tattoo will surely make your haters cry!

  • Something Special
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

Do you want to know how I’ll describe this tattoo? EMPOWERING! How? Because my interpretation says, it is you befriending your demons here! So why not empower yourself with getting this tattoo?

  • Albrecht
inkbox tattoo
Source: Inkbox

No words are required here! This tattoo says it all! This is an amazing work of art and you’ll simply regret not getting this!

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longest-lasting temorary tattoo
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Tattoos aren’t only for beauty, these inked masterpieces- “communicate!” they present you to the whole world to decipher! But obviously, if you’re getting a temporary one, then it’s problematic as it won’t stay long! But does it matter? I think the numbered days are the most beautiful and thus you should enjoy your temporary tattoos as long as they last!


What are some of the Best fake tattoos?

There’s an amazing collection of tattoos at Inkbox which you can choose from. From nerdy to peaceful to natural, you can get any kind of temporary tattoo here! For males, some of the best fake tattoos have been listed above!

What are the Temporary tattoos that look real?

There are many temporary tattoos that will make you wonder if it’s real or just a tattoo! There are 3-D tattoos from which you can choose and plenty of them are available on Amazon too. But my personal recommendation would be going for inbox ones because they look more real and authentic!

What is a type of temporary tattoo that looks permanent?

Well, a temporary tattoo will look permanent only when it stays as one! Thus, if your tattoo can last up to two weeks or more, then you can just naively call it a permanent one when it’s not!

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