The Low-Down on Holidaying Before Peak Travel Season

The Low-Down on Holidaying Before Peak Travel Season

The UK is a country for whom holidaying seems part of its national identity; the average UK traveler takes just shy of 4 holidays per year, and expenditure on international holiday runs into the billions. But what many travellers don’t know is quite how powerful travelling before peak season can be. Here we’ll look at the benefits of off-peak travel, and the basics for working out where to go.

The Benefits of Travelling Off-Peak

Off-peak travel confers various benefits to the would-be holidaymaker, not in the least of which is the price. With temperature being a major dealbreaker for many, off-seasons for certain destinations tend to coincide with colder days – but with a downturn in weather comes a downturn in price, as airlines and accommodation alike do their best to bring in the guests. By carefully timing your trip for the off-season, you can shave a significant amount of money off the cost of your trip.

Another upside can be found in the relative unpopularity of off-peak travel. With less tourists in the same destination as you, you can make the most of visiting attractions and landmarks which might otherwise be difficult to see and enjoy for the sheer volume of visitors. In recent years, the benefits of travelling amongst less people have gained new meaning, as the novel coronavirus represents danger to larger crowds. With coronavirus still very much present, off-peak travel presents itself as a much safer option for an enjoyable holiday.

Off-Peak Destination Ideas

As off-peak seasons for destinations tend to relate to the climate in those areas, the dates on which you intend to go on holiday can greatly affect which places would be cheaper to visit. If your main holiday is taking place during the UK’s winter, between November and March, you can be sure to find other destinations in Europe will be cheaper to visit than in the Summer – think Paris, Berlin, or even Rome. If it’s a summer holiday trip you’re after, India and East Asia are far more affordable to visit between June and September.

How to Arrange Your Off-Peak Trip

Off-peak travel, much like with domestic commuting, can present some difficulties with timetabling – so pay close attention to which flights you can take, and arrange transport afterwards ahead of time. For example, if you are intending on catching an off-peak trip to a resort city on the Costa Blanca, make sure to book your Alicante airport transfer in advance, so as not to get left on the tarmac. It would also be wise to remember that many businesses close up for the off-season, preferring instead to only open when there is a guarantee of regular custom. With this in mind, you won’t be too disappointed on finding the odd closed amenity.

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