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Sword And Shield - Marnie

The seventh generation of the Pokemon series has got a lot of surprises in it. From the Marshadow Pokemon to the new Anime character Marnie. This generation is full of dark pokemon and masters. Well, here is an article that will tell you about the Character Marnie and her role in the Pokemon Game “Sword and Shield”.

Well, we will talk about the Sword and Shield first. It is the Pokemon Series game, in which you act as a pokemon trainer and you have to win the Ultimate Pokemon league. Now, you will find Marnie as a character in the game. She will help you many times in the game and you have to battle with her many times as well. The game is set up with a plot. We won’t be talking about the plot of the game here. Instead, we will be focusing on the character Marnie in Pokemon Sword and Shields.

In the article, you will come to know how Marnie looks, her way of dressing up, all the encounters in the Pokemon Sword and shield with Marnie, and finally a section that every Pokemon Marnie fan should read.

Further in the article, we have explained everything mentioned above in detail. We hope you will find it interesting.

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Marnie – Pokemon Sword And Shield

Let us begin with the article about the seventh generation Pokemon Character “Marnie” in the Pokemon game “Sword and Shield”. We will start with Physical Appearance first.

Physical Appearance

Sword And Shield - Marnie
Source: Pokemon Wiki – Fandom

Marnie is a slim young girl, pale-colored skin, black hair, and emerald green eyes. Talking about her hair first, she has a unique style of hairstyle. She has hair shaved partially from aside, half bangs on the right side of the head cover her eyes. She ties her back hairs resembling horns and the messy tails between the horns tied with the red-colored ribbons.

That was all about her looks. Now, we move to her clothes. Marnie wears a black jacket over a pink-colored mini dress. Her boots are black and pink that matches her dress. Talking particularly about the boots, they are pointed and raised upwards from the front and carry a spiked hill. 

Well, we talked about the dress here now, it’s time for the accessories. For accessories, she carries a red-colored bag resembling her ribbons. She also wore a black-colored choker around her neck with spikes and holes on it. For her ears, she wears red diamond-shaped earrings.

Important locations Where You will Encounter Marnie In The Game 

You will find Marnie In the Game Sword and Shield in the following locations 

  • Pokemon League – Wyndon
  • Galarian Star Tournament – Wyndon
  • Spikemuth
  • Route 9
  • Ballonlea 
  • Motostoke

Marnie Appearance In The Game

Sword And Shield - Marnie
Source: Serebii

You will encounter Marnie in the game Sword & Shield many times. We have made a list of all the encounters and the ways that will lead you to Marnie. You can download the game “Sword And Shield” for free from various websites.


Your first meeting with Marnie will be at the Motostoke when you go to register yourself for the Gym challenge. Team Yell will trouble you on your way in. After you defeat the team Yell, Marnie will come to you and apologize for their deeds. 


Later when you return to Motostoke to challenge Kabu’s Gym, you will find Marnie at the Budew Drop Inn. She will ask you for a battle, after you defeat her she will give you a card for Kabu’s League.


You will find Marnie again in the Ballonlea gym. She will talk to you and you will come to know that Morpeko likes you. Marnie then gives him her league card and leaves.

Route 9

The next encounter with Marnie will be at Spikemuth. You will realize that all the gates to the city are closed. Marnie will come to you and tell you that she knows the shortcut to enter the city as she was born there. But, you have to defeat her first. After you defeat her she will take you inside the city and leave.

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When you get into Spikemuth you realize that it was Team Yell that was not allowing the trainers to get in so that Marnie could easily win the Gym league with less competition. You will have a match with Marnie and defeat her.

Interesting Facts About The Character Marnie In Sword and Shield

Here are some of the Interesting facts about the Pokemon Character Marnie that fans need to know.

Her Appearances in Anime

Sword And Shield - Marnie in anime
Source: Hardcore Gamer

Marnie has appeared in the back roles in Anime movies. She appeared many times in the Pokemon: Twilight Wings Anime. Although her roles are minimal, she got a powerful role in the last episode of the Anime, Pokemon: Twilight Wings Anime. The name of the episode was “The Gathering of stars” where she received an invitation from Leon to participate in the Galarian Star Tournament.

Her Appearances In Manga

Manga is a type of comic that carries the Anime in the written format. Talking about the Manga, Marnie appeared for the first time in front of the Galar Mine. The way inside the mine was blocked through a boulder. She managed to get in and her pokemon along with the Hop’s pokemon managed to break the boulder into pieces.

Her Pokemons

Sword And Shield - Marnie and her pokemon
Source: DeviantArt

Her best friend is her favorite Pokemon, Morpeko. She majorly has the dark type team of pokemon that she keeps in her dusk ball. She has five pokemon in her ball and hasn’t got the sixth one yet.

She Had A Unique Reason To Be The Champion

Every person in the Pokemon series has his unique reasons to become the champion. But the reason Marnie has is least selfish. She wants to be the League champion because she wants to bring fame to her Hometown. She thinks having a Pokemon League Champion in the town would serve the purpose.

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This was all about the character Marnie from the Game, Sword and Shield. We have done great research on the character and found out that the creators are planning to cast Marnie as a Lead character in one of the Anime. But, that is all a matter of time. If you wish to know anything else about Marnie from Sword and Shield then do ask us in the comments section.

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