Everything About Marshadow Pokemon: Stats, Moves, Skills, Evolution

Marshadow Pokemon

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” is what the tagline of the Pokemon Series says. But, you can’t catch them all. The makers put forward a great challenge for Ash Ketchum and the name of the Challenge is The Marshadow Pokemon. A Pocket Monster that is different from all. Here is an article that will tell you everything about Marshadow including his moves, stats, and evolution. 

Marshadow Pokemon is a seventh-generation pokemon that was introduced to the Pokemon Series in 2017. The Pocket Monster Marshadow has the special abilities to hide in the shadow of the enemies and learn their abilities. A pokemon that can fight being invisible and knows the mental state of the opponent is the new concept in the Pokemon world. Well, here is everything you wish to know about the Marshadow Pokemon.

In This article, you will come to know everything about the Marshadow Pokemon. We have mentioned the Physical Appearance, Physical Stats, Pokedex Entries, Base Stats, Moves, and Evolution.

Further in the article, we have explained in detail every factor that you must know about the Marshadow Pokemon.

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Marshadow Pokemon

To start with the article we would like to tell you that Pokemon, Marshadow does not evolve. But, it is still dangerous. Now, continue reading.

Marshadow Pokemon – Physical Appearance

Marshadow Pokemon
Source: Pikpng

Marshadow is known to be the Humanoid Pokemon. Talking about the Physical Appearance of the pokemon, it is made up of the Smoky Gray Shadows. Starting from the head area, the head part resembles wearing headgear such as a helmet. On the headgear, you can see two horns-like structures which are said to be the ears of the Marshadow. In between the two ears you can see a strange horn.

Moving to the features like eyes. The Pokemon’s eyes are oval in shape and yellow in color. Both the arms have a small bump on the wrist. A smoky collar can be seen around the neck portions and both feet trail the shadows.

When angry the Marshodow Pokemon starts using its exclusive Z-Move which makes it the Zenith Marshadow. You can easily make out when the Marshadow is angry, its spirit starts burning. Not only the spirit, the area around the neck, eyes, and the horns on his head start burning in the green and yellow flames.

Not many have seen the Marshadow because of his special ability to hide in the shadow of others. If we talk about the behavior of the Marshadow Pokemon then you can call him one of the shy pokemon who does not like to appear physically in front of humans. But, the ability to hide in the human’s shadow is not all. While being in the shadow of the humans and the other pokemon he can learn their special abilities and tactics. Hence, making him stronger than the person. The Marshadow is a pokemon who has mastered the martial arts by copying.

If you have seen the Marshadow in the Anime then you must be aware of the fact that pokemon possess a unique capability of causing nightmares. He is the only pokemon who has learned the special Spectral Thief Move and exclusive moves like Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike and the Z Move.

Marshadow Pokemon – Appearances In Anime

Marshadow Pokemon Anime
Source: twitter

Marshadow first majorly appeared in the Japanese Anime Movie I Choose You!. The movie was released on 15 July 2017 in Japan and everyone witnessed a new Pokemon, Marshadow in the Pocket Monsters world. In the Movie, Ho-Oh chose the Marshadow to be the guide for the ones chosen as the Rainbow Hero. It was in the movie that the world came to know about the power of this Pokemon. You can watch this cartoon movie on the websites to watch cartoons for free.

Talking about the minor debuts of the Pokemon, Marshadow has debuted for the first time in Anime, The Dex Can’t Help It!

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Marshadow Pokemon – Pokedex Entries

Marshadow Pokemon - Pokedex Entries
Source: Player.one

Pokedex Entries are the encyclopedias that hold the special abilities and power of the Specific Pokemon. Here are Marshadow’s Pokedex Entries.

SUN – In the sunlight when the possibility of the shadows appearing is the most. Marshadow uses the scenario to hide in the shadows and stay away from humans.

MOON – It is during the moonlight that strengthens the Marshadow’s power to lurk into the shadow of others and learn their abilities.

ULTRA SUN – It is during the Ultra Sun that the pokemon imitates the host he has been taking the shield and becomes more powerful than him.

ULTRA MOON – During the Ultra Moon the Marshadow Pokemon slips into the shadow of the humans and the other pokemon. This time of the Ultra moon helps the Pokemon to understand the feelings of the host and copy their abilities.

SWORD – This pokemon has mastered the skills of sword fighting by getting into the shadow of the sword trainers.

Shield – Marshadow uses his ability to hide in the shadows as his shield from the enemies.

Marshadow Pokemon – Stats

Marshadow Pokemon
Source: TheGamer

Height – 0 m, 70 cm

Weight – 22.2 kg

Catch Rate -1.2 %

Growth Rate – Slow

Egg Groups – Undiscovered

Hatch Steps – 30855

Abilities – Technician

EVs – 1 Speed, 2 Attack

Marshadow Pokemon – Base Stats

Special Attack90
Special Defence90

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This was all about the Marshadow Pokemon that you must know. We have mentioned every single detail from its physical appearance to its special abilities. If you think we have skipped any of the info or you want to add to it. Do write to us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you.

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